Data Services Newsletter

Volume 11 : No 1 : Spring 2009

irisdmc-help Mailing List Created for Users of the IRIS DMC

A new Mailman List has been established to provide support to the thousands of users of the IRIS Data Management Center. Following the approach used by the effective sac-help list, the irisdmc-help list is intended to provide a place for users to send questions related to the use of the IRIS DMC tools and services.

The irisdmc-help list is designed as a forum for experienced IRIS DMC users to assist less experienced users of the scientific community by providing answers to posted questions. The DMC staff will monitor the list – and respond to questions as necessary – but the goal of the irisdmc-help list is to encourage the user community to share their experiences and approaches using the various tools and services available at the IRIS DMC.

Please sign up for the irisdmc-help list at:

You can participate by both by asking and answering questions.

by Tim Knight (IRIS Data Management Center)

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