Data Services Newsletter

Volume 13 : No 1 : Spring 2011

Data Access Navigator

New graphic interface for data access

At the IRIS DMC we are trying to make it easier for users to find data and related information.

The Data Access Navigator is a simple web interface for users of different skill levels to access data from the DMC.

Data Access Navigator Screenshot
Figure 1: Data Access Navigator Screenshot

Try out the Data Access Navigator

  • Public Access – information for the general public, IRIS Education and Public Outreach, and data providers.
  • Researchers – from basic to advanced users.

Icons in the center of the interface provide direct links to frequently used web pages: Seismic Monitor, IRIS Earthquake Browser, Software, and Data Products.

  • Help – One new feature is the “Help Center” where you can find links to manuals, tutorials and mailing lists for getting your questions answered.

by Tim Knight (IRIS Data Management Center)

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