Data Services Newsletter

Volume 19 : No 3 : Winter 2017

AutoDRM Retirement at the IRIS DMC

For the last 15 years, IRIS DMC has provided access to the BUD real time data system using an IMS-standard batch request mechanism called AutoDRM. This is a legacy service that has seen little in the way of activity in the past year and, due to technical difficulties sustaining its operation, we have decided it is time to retire AutoDRM in favor of other technologies that serve a majority of our users.

As of January 1, 2018, IRIS DMC will begin the proceedings for dismantling the AutoDRM system, so we ask that users seek alternate approaches to requesting data from IRIS DMC. We outline a number of different approaches on our website, some examples of which are provided below. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we transition away from a system that no longer meets our future design goals.
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  • [reference] SeedLink streaming service:

by Rob Casey and Rick Benson (IRIS Data Management Center)

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