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Volume 14 : No 3 : Winter 2012

Global ShakeMovie synthetic seismograms available at the DMC

The IRIS DMC now archives and distributes 1D and 3D synthetic seismograms from the Global ShakeMovie project at Princeton University, which are generated for all quick Centroid-Moment-Tensors (CMTs) reported by the Global CMT Project in near real-time for approximately 3000 stations. 1D synthetic seismograms are calculated for the Preliminary Reference Earth Model (PREM) based on normal mode summation. 3D synthetic seismograms are calculated for S362ANI and Crust2.0 based on the spectral-element method using the software package SPECFEM3D_GLOBE.

The synthetics are available via all DMC request methods by simply using the network code SY, channel codes LX? (1D) or MX? (3D), and location codes S1 (1D) or S3 (3D). See the table below:

Dimension Netcode Location ID Channel code

Original network codes are replaced with SY. Station codes are the same as with the observed data. The shakemovie project has calculated synthetics for almost 3000 events to date going back to 2004 and is continuing the backfill to ultimately have 1D and 3D synthetics for all earthquakes in the Global CMT catalog. For more details including resolutions, station lists, and notes on overlapping data from multiple events, visit the shakemovie synthetics detail page. For reference citation and more details on how the synthetic seismograms are calculated see Tromp et. al., 2010 1.

Example shakemovie from the Queen Charlotte Islands region, Canada
Figure 2: Example shakemovie screenshot and focal mechanism from the October 28th, 2012 Mw 7.7 earthquake in the Queen Charlotte Islands region, Canada.

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  1. Tromp. J., Komatitsch, D., Hjorleifsdottir, V., Liu, Q., Zhu, H., Peter, D., Bozdag, E., McRitchie, D., Friberg, P., Trabant, C., Hutko, A., 2010. Near real-time simulations of global CMT earthquakes, Geophys. J. Int., 183.

by Alex Hutko (IRIS Data Management Center)

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