Data Services Newsletter

Volume 15 : No 2 : Fall 2013

The Regional Exchange of Earthquake Data (REED) Project

The REED project exists within IRIS Data Services (DS) to help increase the amount of data flowing into the IRIS Data Management Center (DMC) from International Sources and thereby made available to researchers and monitoring agencies around the globe. Many seismic networks around the world are very willing to share their data with the global community but sometimes lack pieces of equipment or parts of telemetry systems to enable this. The REED program exists to assist seismic networks that are willing to share data with IRIS to overcome the technical hurdles to do so.

In general, IRIS DS prefers to support one time costs rather than items that require on-going commitments. Ideally the local network can also share in the costs with in-country funding sources. In this manner, the finite funding can be used to open up data from other parts of the world. Typical REED support runs between a few hundreds of dollars up to $10,000 depending on available funds. In the past several years REED funds have been used to support activities in Central Asia, Africa, SW Pacific, SE Asia and Hawaii (see table and Figure 1 below).

Specific items that have been supported in the past include the following items to give other networks examples of the types of equipment and services the REED project has supported.

Year Country Item
2009 Kyrgyzstan Edge Routers
1 Yr Internet Data Tariffs
1 Yr Cellular Data Tariffs
2009 Tajikistan Installation of fiber cable
1 yr of satellite transmission costs
2011 S. Africa Fiber Cable
2011 Vanuatu VLF transmission equipment
L4C3D Sensor
2011 Tajikistan Satellite ground station modifications
2012 Thailand Satellite Base Station
2012 Kyrgystan Additional edge routers
2012 Uganda Telemetry equipment
2012 Mozambique Modem
2012 Zimbabwe Server
2012 Kazakhstan SUN Server
2012 Kyrgystan SUN Server
2012 Tajikistan Field Training
2013 Malawi Computer for metadata generation
2013 Nigeria Satellite Dish and Modem
Satellite Tariff for 1 year
2012-13 Hawaii Telemetry tariffs for infrasound data

Note: Table correct as of September 2013

If your network thinks it might be able to leverage REED funding to assist in sharing network data with the global community please contact Tim Ahern, the IRIS Director of Data Services at

Figure 1 - REED Projects 2013
Figure 1: This figure shows the 12 different countries that have received REED support since 2009 (A). They include 3 countries in Central Asia (see inset C), 6 countries in Africa (see inset B), 1 country in SE Asia (see inset C), 1 country in the SW Pacific and 1 country in the central Pacific. Maps courtesy of Google.

by Tim Ahern (IRIS Data Management Center)

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