Data Services Newsletter

Volume 16 : No 1 : Spring 2014

New Networks at the DMC

Young Conjugate Margins Lab in the Gulf of Aden (XW)

XW Network Map

Transantarctic Mountains Northern Network (ZJ)

ZJ Network Map

Northwestern University Seismic Network (NW)

NW Network Map

Seismic Imaging of Fractures at Krafta, Iceland (XY)

XY Network Map

Locating North Texas Earthquakes (ZW)

ZW Network Map

Study of Extension and Magmatism in Malawi and Tanzania (YQ)

YQ Network Map

Glacioseismic Monitoring of Rumblings in Jakobshavn Glacier (7E)

7E Network Map

Regional Alberta Seismic Observatory for Earthquake Studies Network (RV)

RV Network Map

Sweetwater Array (XB)

XB Network Map

by Rick Benson (IRIS Data Management Center)

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