Data Services Newsletter

Volume 16 : No 1 : Spring 2014

New Data at the DMC

December 2013 – April 2014

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Network Start Year End Year Name Category Restricted
XW 2009 2011 Young Conjugate Margins Lab in the Gulf of Aden - Y
ZJ 2012 2016 Transantarctic Mountains Northern Network PASSCAL P
NW 2013 2500 Northwestern University Seismic Network - N
XY 2004 2004 Seismic Imaging of Fractures at Krafta, Iceland PASSCAL N
ZW 2013 2014 Locating North Texas Earthquakes PASSCAL N
YQ 2013 2016 Study of Extension and Magmatism in Malawi and Tanzania PASSCAL Y
7E 2010 2011 Glacioseismic Monitoring of Rumblings in jakobshavn Glacier PASSCAL N
RV 2013 2500 Regional Alberta Seismic Observatory for Earthquake Studies Network - N
XB 2014 2014 Sweetwater Array PASSCAL N

Assembled Data

Report Number Start Year End Year Nickname Name Type Restricted Notes
14-010 1999 1999 DeathValleyNP Texas Springs syncline USGS N Data will not be restricted. USGS Open-File Report: 2000-106
14-003 2002 2002 EVERGREEN-SanJose Evergreen Basin seismic experiment USGS N Data will not be restricted. Data sent ftp from USGS.DaveWorley
14-006 2004 2004 GarnerValley USGS, NEES@UTAustin collaborative experiment, Garner Valley, CA USGS N Data will not be restricted
14-009 2006 2006 CrowleyRidge Crowley Ridge seismic reflection profile USGS N Data will not be restricted
14-008 2006 2006 Lepanto 2006 Seismic Reflection Transect-Lepanto, AR USGS N -
14-011 2008 2008 REELFOOT Arkansas long-term deformation experiment USGS N Data will not be restricted
14-007 2009 2009 RENO Truckee Meadows Basin Seismic Reflection Imaging Experiment USGS N Data will not be restricted upon arrival
14-004 2011 2011 ClearCreek Seismic reflection study of the geometry and kinematics of the Clear Creek fault PASSCAL N Data will not be restricted upon arrival.
14-001 2011 2011 SIERRAVALLEY Sierra Valley CA reflection USGS N Data will not be restricted Received ftp 1/09/2014 from Dave Worley, USGS, Golden
14-002 2013 2013 EBSE East Bay Seismic Experiment PASSCAL U Start:8/1/13 End:8/30/13 Data will be restricted. Release date: 8/17/15 NO data at dmc 1/30/2014
14-005 2014 2014 ENAM Eastern North America Community Seismic Experiment OBSIP U Data will not be restricted. Miniseed net X3. Data is not at dmc as of Feb. 4, 2014
14-012 2014 2014 NMT_ERTJ325 New Mexico Tech, ERTH 325 class, Spring 2014 PASSCAL U Data will not be restricted

by Rick Benson (IRIS Data Management Center)

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