Data Services Newsletter

Volume 23 : No 1 : Spring 2021

New Data: First Quarter 2021

This article highlights the availability of new sensor data from networks that have submitted data to IRIS Data Services during the previous 3 months. Note that the actual data from these may not have been collected during 2021, just that they became archived for the first time during this quarter, and not necessarily open. Newly collected data can remain restricted as defined by the data restriction policy. “:”

2B (2019-2022): North Island of New Zealand: Eruption or Catastrophe: Learning to Implement Preparedness for future Supervolcano Eruptions*

2N (2020-2020): Washington: Rainier 2020

4P (2020-2021): Washington, DC: Carnegie Washington Backyard Network

5K (2019-2020): Antarctica: Kamb Ice Stream Outlet Channel

5L (2018): Hawaii: Kilauea Volcano Temporary Deployment, Spring / Summer 2018

5P (2013-2033): Utah: Structural health monitoring of rock arches and towers

6O (2016-2025): Ohio: The Ohio State University School of Earth Sciences FanQuakes

7O (2018-2023): New England Seismic Transect

8A (2018-2022): Gofar_Transfrom_Fault

8N (2018): Yellowstone: Steamboat Geyser Nodal Experiment 2018

9A (2017): California: Dense seismic three-component nodal array at the Bud Wellman Ranch

9D (2016): California: Dense seismic three-component nodal array at the Ramona Reservation

9N (2019): Wyoming: Steamboat Geyser Nodal Experiment 2019

BV (1912-): Bolivian Seismic Network

TZ (2016-): Tanzania: Ol Doinyo Lengai, TZ Volcano Monitoring

Y4 (2020): Chile: Villarrica_2020

YA (2020): California: Southern San Andreas Fault Zone

YD (2019): South China Sea: Pratas Island Temporary Deployment
YD2019: South China Sea Pratas Island

YH (2020-2020): Vermont: Calibration of a distributed acoustic sensing platform for measuring snow depths
YH2020: Vermont

by Rick Benson (IRIS-DMC)

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