Data Services Newsletter

Volume 6 : No 2 : June 2004

Joanna Muench - Software Engineer

Photo of Joanna Muench

Joanna joins the DMC Software Group to work on the SCEC Community Modeling Environment project (taking over the reins of that project from Linus Kamb). She is developing an application to retrieve and analyze observed and synthetic seismograms.

Joanna has 6 years software development experience, focusing on the display and analysis of data. She’s worked on projects ranging from Internet advertising to ovarian cancer. She received a Ph.D. from the University of Washington School of Oceanography where she studied the dynamics of the Pacific equatorial deep jets. Joanna is currently pursing a degree in computer science through the UW Professional Master’s Program. When not coding or studying, Joanna enjoys skiing, running and climbing in the Cascade mountains with her husband, Craig Lee.

by Joanna Muench (IRIS Data Management Center)

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