Data Services Newsletter

Volume 9 : No 2 : June 2007

New Networks at the DMC

Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico de Costa Rica

Data from one station near Heredia, Costa Rica, began arriving at the IRIS DMC on March 13, 2007, through ftp, and the FDSN Network code is OV. Details can be found at Preparations to get these data through an EarthWorm feed are underway. Map.

Network OV
Figure 1: Network map of OV

U.S. National Ocean Bottom Seismometer Instrument Pool

Data from the OBSIP experiments are becoming available through the IRIS DMC, designated as the primary archive for offshore seismic data collected by facilities supporting this NSF science. For more information about OBSIP, refer to Antelope Orb technology is being utilized to get data from these facilities independently, in miniSEED format. Examples of new data in SEED format are referenced in what is called a virtual network under the Virtual Network Name _OBSIP at (don’t ignore the underscore) These short-term experiments are managed like IRIS-PASSCAL experiments, utilizing temporary network codes, and currently include data starting in 2003. Map.

Network _OBSIP
Figure 2: Network map of _OBSIP

University of Leicester Experiment Stations

Data from the seismic temporary deployments operated out of the Geophysical Equipment Facility and the Natural Environment Research Council in the UK are available at the IRIS DMC utilizing the Virtual Network code of _SEIS-UK. For more information about this SEIS-UK program, refer to These utilize temporary network codes as well, and these are not necessarily “new” data to the DMC, but are more easily referenced and aggregated using this virtual network name. Further information about these holdings at the DMC can be viewed at There are currently 21 data sets in SEED format and start in 2001. Map.

Network _SEIS-UK
Figure 3: Network map of _SEIS-UK

by Rick Benson (IRIS Data Management Center)

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