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Active Message Threads for May 2019

Leticia Duca
2019-05-17 11:13:12 - 2019-05-21 09:37:53
Dear, I have downloaded data from many events. I need to rotate and remove instrument response of all of them. 1) Some of the events have the components called BH1 and BH2 (or BH2 and BH3) instead of BHE and BHN. To rotate, I need to know which one is BHE and which one BHN. For that, I watched the header information looking for CMPAZ=90 - CMPINC=90 for East component BHE, and CMPAZ=0 - CMPINC=90 for North component BHN. The problem was that in some cases the numbers of the CMPAZ were not t... [more]
Good morning, I am Andrea Cannata, professor of geophysics at University of Catania (Italy). Sorry to bother you. I'd like to perform polarization analysis on seismic data (components BHZ, BHN, BHE) recorded in Antarctica by the following stations: Network Station AI BELA AI ESPZ AI SMAI AI ORCD AU MAW G DRV GE SNAA GT VNDA IU CASY IU PMSA IU ... [more]
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