Data Services Newsletter

Volume 1 : No 1 : November 1999

SeismiQuery: a new web tool

In 1998, the DMC moved to an Oracle database to keep track of data – both meta and waveform. SeismiQuery was created so users could interface with the database via the web and without having to learn SQL. SeismiQuery is made up of several “pre-written” queries that allow users to set parameters for database searches and to select output options (screen view and/or email). We have recently added to the station, channel and event queries a “Make Map” option – a GMT-based mapping utility. Options set by the user include zoom, lat-lon box, map title, large or small view, cities, fault lines, color or black and white maps, gif or postscript file, etc.. Try making a map of your own by running a station, channel or event query in SeismiQuery.

Example of a station map
Figure 1: Example of a station map.

Example of an event map
Figure 2: Example of an event map.

by Deborah Barnes (IRIS Data Management Center)

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