Manuals: ewexport_plugin


ewexport_plugin [options] <-s address> <-p port> 


Option Default value Description
-u None Print this usage message
-v None Be more verbose, mutiple flags can be used
-s address None Address of export server to connect to
-p port None Port to connect to
-Ar rate 1200 Rate at which to send hearbeats to server
-At text alive Text for heartbeat to server
-Sr rate 600 Rate at which to expect heartbeats from server
-St text alive Text which is expected in heartbeats from server
-m maxmsg 40960 Maximum message size that can be received
-t timeout 800000 Socket timeout in milliseconds, default
-Hl #/#/# 0/0/30 Specify the logo to use for heartbeats
#/#/# is the
<inst id>/<mod id>/<heartbeat type>
-Tt type 200 Specify the message type for TRACE_BUF messages




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