Software Downloads – slink2ew v. 2.7 – Revision history

version 2.7 (2015.5.1)

  • Use slp_dtime() instead of gettimeofday() in MaxRate logic handling to increase portability.

version 2.6 (2013.12.16)

  • Update libslink to version 2.4b.
  • Remove logic that tested SeedLink packet types and instead forward all received packets, converting any records with a positive sample count and non-zero sample rate to TRACEBUFs.

version 2.5 (2013.8.29)

  • Fix parsing of MaxRate option, thanks P. Lombard.

still version 2.4 (2013.7.10)

  • Only lookup the TYPE_MSEED value when the WriteMSEED option is used to be more backwards compatible, suggested by Paul F.
  • Remove embedded NULL (\0) in ring status messages, avoid compiler warnings.

version 2.4 (2013.7.6)

  • Fix parsing of StateFile option, recognize ‘#’ as start of comment.
  • Add ‘WriteMSEED’ parameter file option to allow forwarding the received miniSEED records directly to the transport ring as TYPE_MSEED messages instead of creating TYPE_TRACEBUF2 messages.
  • Use libmseed for parsing miniSEED records instead of the limited routines included with libslink. This allows support for more encoding types (e.g. 32-bit and 64-bit floats).
  • Remove support for creating tracebuf1 messages, the ‘ForceTraceBuf1’ option is no longer recognized.
  • Replace nanosleep() with portable slp_usleep() included in libslink and remove WINNT declarations.

Release version 2.3 (2012.5.31)

  • Update libslink to version 2.4.
  • Incorporate patch from Jacob Crummey which adds a new SLRecSize option to specify the SEED record size expected from the server. A 512-byte record is the default for SeedLink, this option is only for supporting specialized SeedLink servers that generate alternate record lengths such as 256 or 128 bytes.

Release version 2.2 (2012.5.8)

  • Allow StateFile parameter to be specified with an optional file name to explicitly be used for the state file instead of generating a file name and putting it into the EW_PARAMS dir.

Release version 2.1.1 (2011.06.08)

  • Made able to compile on Windows, tested there too – Paul Friberg/Stefan Lisowski

Release version 2.1 (2010.12.1)

  • Add instId parameter to override the Installation ID included in TraceBuf packets. By default this is determined for the local installation defined by EW_INSTALLATION.

Release version 2010.10.8

  • Update to libslink 2.3.
  • Add MaxRate parameter to limit rate in bytes/second, thanks to Victor Kress for initial implementation.
  • Fix check for _WINNT instead of _INTEL when creating the state file name, thanks Eric Haug.

Release version 2.0 (2008.3.18)

  • Update to libslink 2.2 including fixes for compiling for Win32.

Release version 2.0pre (2008.3.5)

  • Update to libslink 2.1 including support for wildcard network and station codes with SeedLink servers that support this extension.
  • Check for parse/unpack errors in mseed2ewring(), log message and continue operation, thanks to Matteo Quintiliani.

Release version 1.4.1 (2006.4.3)

  • Add a compile time check for TRACEBUF2 messages when running the GetType() function for that type. This should suppress a message from the EW libraries that the type doesn’t exist but otherwise has no operational effect.

Release version 1.4 (2006.3.7)

  • Fix parsing of Stream definition (NET_STA) for single character network codes.

Release version 1.3 (2006.1.27)

  • Update to libslink 1.6 including minor bug fixes.

Release version 1.2.2 (2005.7.14)

  • Fix the forcetracebuf logic so the correct message type is used when the trace buf type is forced.

Release version 1.2.1 (2005.4.15)

  • Fix some uninitialized variables and compiler warnings.

Release version 1.2 (2005.4.14)

  • Implement a progressive throttling mechanism on the main loop to fix data collection with high data rates. The previous throttling was too aggressive and would not allow the TCP buffers to be cleared fast enough.

Release version 1.1 (2005.4.13)

  • Add comments to the documentation about maximum expected TRACEBUF message size.
  • Update to libslink 1.5.

Release version 1.1pre3 (2005.4.12)

  • Fix comparison of non-NULL terminated string in mseed2ewring. Thanks Jim Luetgert.

Release version 1.1pre2 (2005.4.8)

  • Add capability to create TRACEBUF2 messages on systems that support them. TRACEBUF2 messages include location codes.
  • Add ForceTraceBuf1 config option to force the creation of TRACEBUF messages on systems that support TRACEBUF2.

Release version 1.1pre1 (2005.4.7)

  • Update to libslink 1.5pre2.

Release version 1.0 (2004.1.21)

  • Add StateFileInt option.
  • Update to libslink 1.0.

Release version 0.9.6 (2003.8.13)

  • Remove some unnecessary variables and #include <time.h>.
  • Cleanup NT makefile.

Release version 0.9.5 (2003.8.12)

  • Cleanup and (hopefully) simplify the module configuration code, removing the need for the interlaced parameter structures. Most of the parameters were moved to global variables.
  • Changed the StateFile configuration parameter to a boolean flag, the filename is slink<mod id>.state and placed in the parameter directory indicated with the EW_PARAMS environment variable. Less flexible but easier for the user.
  • Use the current logging scheme, writing a log file during init no matter what the logging level.
  • Rename parameters: MyModId -> MyModuleId, OutRing -> RingName
  • Update to libslink 0.9.

Release version 0.9.1 (mid-2003)

  • Initial version based on liss2ew sources.
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