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How do I use rdseed?


Detailed instructions for using rdseed are available in the online rdseed manual.

The manual will always contain the most up-to-date information. This page may be out-of-date.


rdseed is a general purpose SEED reader, primarily used to convert SEED data to other formats.

Output formats include:

  • SAC (binary and ASCII)
  • AH
  • CSS
  • MiniSEED
  • SEED
  • SEG-Y
  • (new) ASCII columnar format

rdseed is a command line program driven in either question/answer mode or by using command line options.

Key rdseed options

Option Definition
-f Specify the input SEED volume
-d Dump/write data
-o Output format, 1-5 (default is SAC)
-g Specify alternate SEED headers
-R Write response information as RESP
-p Write sensor response as SAC P&Zs
-S Write a station summary: “rdseed.stations”
-c Print a Table of Contents summary
-s Print SEED volume as indexed ASCII



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