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NetworkDescriptionStart YearEnd YearStationsReportsDOI
AGeneric Asian Strong Motion Network 197025000N
A1Southern African Co-located Academic Network 201425000N
A7Angola National Seismic Network 201825000N
AAAnchorage Strong Motion Network 199525000N
ABNational Seismic Network of Azerbaijan 200325000N
ACAlbanian Seismological Network :: Network Map200225009N
ADACROSS Strong Motion Network :: Network Map201525001N
AEArizona Broadband Seismic Network :: Network Map2009250013N
AFAfrica Array :: Network Map2004250051N
AGArkansas Seismic Network :: Network Map200925009N
AHArkhangelsk Seismic Network 200225000N
AIAntarctic Seismographic Argentinean Italian Network (ASAIN) :: Network Map199225006N
AKAlaska Regional Network :: Network Map19902500129N
ALAlaskan Long Period Array :: Network Map1966197919N
AMRaspberry Shake :: Network Map201225001N
ANAltay-Sayan Regional Seismic Network 196325000N
AOArkansas Seismic Observatory :: Network Map201125001N
APAPS Free Field Array :: Network Map201520451N
AQCentral Queensland Seismic Network 200325000N
ARNorthern Arizona Network :: Network Map2000250019N
ASModified High Gain Long Period Observatory :: Network Map197619936N
ATNational Tsunami Warning System :: Network Map1999250014N
AUGeoscience Australia :: Network Map19942500166N
AVAlaska Volcano Observatory :: Network Map19712500241N
AWAWI Network Antarctica 200625000N
AXAruba Seismic Network :: Network Map201225001N
AYHaitian Seismic Network :: Network Map201025008N
AZANZA Regional Network :: Network Map1982250094N
B2Itaipu Binacional 201725000N
BAUniBAS 200525000N
BBBrunei Darussalam National Seismic Network 201325000N
BCRed Sismica del Noroeste de Mexico :: Network Map1980250040N
BDBakun Dam Micro-Seismic Monitoring Network 200725000N
BEBelgian Seismic Network :: Network Map199825003N
BFBlack Forest Observatory :: Network Map197919951N
BGBerkeley Geysers Network 198925000N
BHBay Area Urban Hazards 199125000N
BIUniversity of Dhaka Seismographic Network-Bangladesh :: Network Map200825001N
BKBerkeley Digital Seismograph Network :: Network Map19802500100N
BLBrazilian Lithospheric Seismic Project (BLSP) :: Network Map19882500103N
BNUK-Net, Blacknest Array :: Network Map190025002N
BOBosai-Ken Network 199025000N
BPBerkeley Parkfield High Resolution Seismic Network 198725000N
BRUniversity of Brasilia Seismic Network 199525000N
BSNational Seismic Network of Bulgaria 198025000N
BTRed Sismológica de la Sabana de Bogotá 201325000N
BUBoise State University Seismic Network 199425000N
BWBayernNetz 200125000N
BXBotswana Seismological Network 200125000N
BYBaikal Digital Seismograph Network 201225000N
CChilean National Seismic Network :: Network Map1991250055
C0Colorado Geological Survey Seismic Network :: Network Map201625001N
C1Red Sismologica Nacional :: Network Map2012250077N
C2Canadian National Geomagnetic Network 201725000N
C3Central and East European Earthquake Research Network 201425000N
C4CERN Seismic Network 201725000N
C7Red Sísmica Canaria 201625000N
CACatalan Seismic Network :: Network Map1999250024N
CBChina National Seismic Network :: Network Map2000250020N
CCCascade Chain Volcano Monitoring :: Network Map2004250047N
CDChina Digital Seismograph Network :: Network Map1986200111N
CECalifornia Strong Motion Instrumentation Program 190025000N
CFRed Acelerografica Nacional de la Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE) 200725000N
CGCoso Microearthquake Network 199025000N
CHSwitzerland Seismological Network :: Network Map1986250010N
CICaltech Regional Seismic Network :: Network Map19262500530N
CJCommunity Seismic Network 201025000N
CKCAREMON Central Asian Cross-border network :: Network Map200925002N
CLCorinth Riff Laboratory 200025000N
CMRed Sismologica Nacional de Colombia :: Network Map1993250022N
CNCanadian National Seismograph Network :: Network Map19802500341
COSouth Carolina Seismic Network :: Network Map1987250014N
CPCIVISA Seismo-Volcanic Monitoring Network-Azores Islands 200925000N
CQCyprus Broadband Seismological Network 201325000N
CRCroatian Seismograph Network 200125000N
CSCaucusus Array :: Network Map199019946N
CTCalifornia Transect Network :: Network Map199519953N
CUCaribbean Network (USGS) :: Network Map200625009N
CVVigil Network, Cape Verde Islands 199925000N
CWServicio Sismologico Nacional de Cuba (SSNC) :: Network Map1998250021N
CXPlate Boundary Observatory Network Northern Chile 200625000N
CYCayman Islands :: Network Map200625004N
CZCzech Regional Seismic Network :: Network Map1973250018N
D0Kamchatka Network of Seismic Stations 196125000N
D1IPE_EDU 201425000N
DENanometrics Research Network :: Network Map201325002N
DHDOHAD 200725000N
DKDanish Seismological Network :: Network Map1976259917N
DMPublic Seismic Network-Dominica 200025000N
DNDubai Seismological Network 200625000N
DODense Oceanfloor Network System for Earthquakes & Tsunamis 201025000N
DRCentro Nacional de Sismologia (CNS) :: Network Map1998250011N
DSCGS National Broadband Seismic Network 201525000N
DWDigital World-Wide Standardized Seismograph Network :: Network Map1980199418N
DZREALSAS 199025000N
ERete Enea 197225000N
EAIRIS Education and Research Network 200825000N
EBEbre Observatory-Roquetes-Torosa (Spain) 200925000N
ECEcuador Seismic Network :: Network Map2002250022N
EDEdusismo;French Edu Seis Network 199925000N
EEEstonian Seismic Network 199825000N
EGEUROSEISTEST Strong Motion Network 199325000N
EHEthiopian Seismic Station Network 201225000N
EIIrish National Seismic Network (INSN) :: Network Map200725006N
EKRed Vasca de Sismicidad 201925000N
EMElectromagnetic Studies of the Continents :: Network Map199625001598N
ENCalEnergy Subnetwork :: Network Map200725008N
EOEON-ROSE 201825000N
EPUTEP Seismic Network :: Network Map200925008N
EQNevada Educational Seismic Network 200325000N
ERMount Erebus Volcano Observatory Seismic Network :: Network Map1981250012N
ESSpanish Digital Seismic Network :: Network Map200025004N
ETCERI Southern Appalachian seismic Network :: Network Map1982250034N
EUGeneric European Network 197025000N
EVEdison Collalto Seismometric Network :: Network Map201125001N
EWShakeAlert- Earthquake Early Waning System 201625000N
EXEXTREMA Network 190025000N
FAUCLA Seismic Network :: Network Map2003250010N
FBSeismic Network of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina 201125000N
FCGeneric African Strong Motion Network 197025000N
FGFallon Microearthquake Network 200425000N
FMFormosa Array 201725000N
FNNorthern Finland Seismological Network 200525000N
FRRESIF and other Broad-band and accelerometric permanent networks in metropolitan France :: Network Map199525001N
FVFriuli Veneto Short Period Network 197725000N
GGEOSCOPE :: Network Map1982250052N
G3Servicio Sismologico IN3, UMG 201825000N
GAGARNET Seismic Network 190025000N
GBGreat Britain Seismograph Network :: Network Map1970250029N
GCUCLA Geonet Network 201225000N
GDGlobal Positioning System (GPS) Displacement Measurements :: Network Map1976250058N
GEGEOFON :: Network Map19912500142N
GFGONAF :: Network Map200625006N
GGGreenland Ice Sheet Monitoring Network :: Network Map201225001N
GHGhana Digital Seismic Network :: Network Map201025006N
GIRed Sismologica Nacional- Guatemala :: Network Map2001250010N
GLVolcanologic Seismologic Observatory Network of Guadeloupe -OVSG :: Network Map1950250024N
GMUS Geological Survey Networks :: Network Map2016250015N
GNGarni Dense Array 198825000N
GONational Seismic Network of Georgia :: Network Map1988250013N
GPGPS Data Products for Solid Earth Science 199525000N
GRGerman Regional Seismic Network or Graefenberg Array :: Network Map199025001N
GSUS Geological Survey Networks :: Network Map19802500510N
GTGlobal Telemetered Seismograph Network (USAF/USGS) :: Network Map1993250019
GURegional Seismic Network of North Western Italy 198025000N
GYGeyokcha, Turkmenistan Seismic Array :: Network Map1993199486N
H2Hawaii 2 Observatory :: Network Map199920031N
HAHellenic Seismological Network 200825000N
HCSeismological Network of Crete 200625000N
HEFinnish National Seismic Network (HEL) 198025000N
HFSwedish Seismic Array Network 196925000N
HGHigh-Gain Long-Period Network :: Network Map1972197910N
HIITSAK strong motion network 198125000N
HKHong Kong Seismographic Network :: Network Map200925001N
HLNational Observatory of Athens Digital Broadband Network :: Network Map199725004N
HMGeoRisk Seismic Network 199525000N
HNHungarian National Infrasound Network 201725000N
HPUniv of Patras Greece 200525000N
HSHessischer Erdbebendienst (HED) 201225000N
HTAristotle University of Thessaloniki Seismological Network :: Network Map198125006N
HUHungarian Seismological Network :: Network Map2003250020N
HVHawaiian Volcano Observatory Network :: Network Map1980250094
HWHanford Washington Seismic Network :: Network Map198025004N
I1Iranian Strong Motion Network 197325000N
I2Iranian National Broadband Seismic Network 199425000N
IAInaTEWS Indonesia Tsunami Early Warning System 200525000N
IBIberArray 200725000N
ICNew China Digital Seismograph Network :: Network Map1992250030N
IDProject IDA Gravimeter Network (UCSD/IGPP) :: Network Map1975250024N
IEINL Seismic Monitoring Program :: Network Map1971250017N
IGSouthern Spain Broadband Seismic Network 199725000N
IHRed Sismica Dominicana del INDRHI 200225000N
IIGlobal Seismograph Network (GSN - IRIS/IDA) :: Network Map1986250055N
IJIstanbul University Seismic Network 201325000N
IKIISERK Seismic Network 201125000N
ILIranian Long Period Array :: Network Map196619797N
IMInternational Miscellaneous Stations :: Network Map19652500287N
INNational Seismic Network of India :: Network Map200025003N
IOInternational OGS Network :: Network Map201425001N
IPInstituto Superior Tecnico Broadband Seismic Network :: Network Map200225002N
IQInquique Local Network 200920090N
IRInternational Registry 196025000N
ISIsrael National Seismic Network 198225000N
ITItalian Strong Montion Network 200325000N
IUGlobal Seismograph Network (GSN - IRIS/USGS) :: Network Map19882500269N
IVItalian National Seismic Network 198825000N
IWIntermountain West Seismic Network :: Network Map2003250017N
IXISNET- Irpinia Seismic Network 200525000N
IYRete Sismica Unical 198125000N
IZItalian Experimental Seismic Network 201125000N
JARed Sismica y Acelerometrica de Jalisco 201125000N
JIJorhat India Seismic Network 201025000N
JMJamaica Seismograph Network :: Network Map1985250018N
JPJapan Meteorological Agency Seismic Network :: Network Map1994250024N
JSJordan Seismic Network 201120110N
K5Bhutan Seismic Network :: Network Map201725003N
KAKarthala Volcano Monitoring Network 200625000N
KBKarlsruhe BroadBand Array 200325000N
KCCentral Asian Seismic Network of CAIAG :: Network Map200825001N
KDDecentralized onsite earthquake early warning network Bishkek Kyrgyzstan 201225000N
KEUniverity of Nairobi, Kenya 201725000N
KGKorean Seismic Network- KIGAM :: Network Map199725001N
KIKandilli Observatory Strong Motion Network 201325000N
KKObafemi Awolowo Univ. Digital Seimograph Network 200725000N
KMKansas Seismic Monitoring Network 201525000N
KNKyrgyz Seismic Telemetry Network :: Network Map1991250014N
KOKandilli Observatory Digital Broadband Seismic Network :: Network Map2001250011N
KPKorea Polar Seismic Network :: Network Map201325002N
KRKyrgyz Digital Network :: Network Map2007250022N
KSKorea National Seismograph Network- KMA :: Network Map200625005N
KUKing Saud University Network 199325000N
KVKivu Seismological Network 201225000N
KWKuwait National Seismic Network :: Network Map199725001N
KXKinemetrics Experimental Network 201825000N
KYKentucky Seismic and Strong Motion Network :: Network Map1984250014N
KZKazakhstan Network :: Network Map19942500129N
LALos Angeles Basin Seismic Network 190025000N
LBLeo Brady Network :: Network Map199425005N
LCLSC (Laboratorio Subterraneo Canfranc) 201125000N
LDLamont-Doherty Cooperative Seismographic Network :: Network Map1970250078N
LELandeserdbebendiest Baden -Wuerttemberg 200925000N
LILaser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Experiment (LIGO) :: Network Map200025002N
LKLunitek Seismic Network 201725000N
LLLLNL NTS Network 198025000N
LMMichigan State University Seismic Network 201625000N
LNLos Alamos Seismic Network (LASN) 197325000N
LOObservatorio Sismologico Politécnico Loyola :: Network Map201225006N
LPLa Paz, Baja California Sur, Seismic Network 199820200N
LRGeophysical Research Arrays of Lebanon 198025000N
LSLASA 196419780N
LTTimor Leste Seismic Network 201625000N
LULuxembourg Seismic Network 201325000N
LVSeismic Data in North West of UK 201425000N
LXUniversity of LISbon SEISmic Network :: Network Map199725005N
LZZambia Seismic Network 198025000N
MGeneric American Strong Motion Network 197025000N
M1MOravia NETwork 200725000N
MAMacedonian Seismological Network 196625000N
MBMontana Regional Seismic Network :: Network Map1996250043N
MCMontserrat CALIPSO Borehole Network :: Network Map200825005N
MDMoldova Digital Seismic Network 200725000N
MEMontenegrian Seismic Network 200825000N
MFLaboratorio de Ingeniería Sísmica 198925000N
MGSeismic Network of the NorthEastern Mexico :: Network Map200325001N
MHMobile Earthquake Recording in Marine Areas by Independent Divers 200325000N
MINorthern Mariana Islands Seismograph Network :: Network Map2000250019N
MLMalta Seismic Network 201425000N
MMMyanmar National Seismic Network :: Network Map201625009N
MNMEDNET Project :: Network Map1988250029N
MOMorocco Seismic Network 198725000N
MPIraqi Seismic Observatory 201425000N
MQMartinique Seismic and Volcano Observatory Network :: Network Map1978250014N
MRMauritius Seismic Network :: Network Map200025001N
MSIRIS/Singapore, Singapore National Network (GSN) :: Network Map199625006N
MTObservatory for Multidisciplinary monitoring of Instability of Versant 200625000N
MUMiami University Seismic Network :: Network Map200525005N
MVMontserrat Volcano Observatory 199625000N
MWMalawi National Seismic Network 201325000N
MXMexican National Seismic Network :: Network Map1970250019N
MYMalaysian National Seismic Network :: Network Map2003250014N
N4Central and EAstern US Network :: Network Map20132500175N
NANetherlands Antilles Seismic Network :: Network Map200625003N
NBNortheastern Brazil UFRN :: Network Map200625005N
NCUSGS Northern California Regional Network :: Network Map19672500460N
NDNew CaleDonia Broadband Seismic Network :: Network Map201025008N
NENew England Seismic Network :: Network Map1994250026N
NFNorth Fork Valley Seismic Network 200625000N
NH Geological Survey of North Rhine - Westphalia 201525000N
NINorth-East Italy Broadband Network :: Network Map2002250010N
NJNigerian National Network of Seismographi Stations (NNNSS) :: Network Map200925005N
NLNetherlands Seismic and Acoustic Network :: Network Map199325001N
NMCooperative New Madrid Seismic Network :: Network Map19802500162N
NNWestern Great Basin/Eastern Sierra Nevada :: Network Map19712500183N
NONORSAR :: Network Map1971250012N
NPUnited States National Strong-Motion Network :: Network Map19812500964N
NQNetQuakes :: Network Map2009250061N
NRNARS Array :: Network Map1983250016N
NSNorwegian National Seismic Network 200625000N
NTUSGS Geomagnetism Program 190125000N
NUNicaraguan Seismic Network :: Network Map1975250015N
NVNeptune Canada :: Network Map2009250010N
NWNorthwestern University Seismic Network :: Network Map201325001N
NX Nanometrics Research Network :: Network Map2013250030N
NYYukon Northwest Seismic Network(YNSN) :: Network Map201325007N
NZNew Zealand National Seismograph Network :: Network Map1988250011N
O2Oklahoma Consolidated Temporary Seismic Networks :: Network Map2018250011N
OAAusArray Transportable Array 201725000N
OBOsservatorio Sismico "A.Bina" 201125000N
OEAustrian Seismic Network :: Network Map198725003N
OGSismalp 198925000N
OHOhio Seismic Network :: Network Map199925008N
OKOklahoma Seismic Network :: Network Map1978250037N
OLCornegliano Laudense Seismic Network 201625000N
OMEarthquake Monitoring Program of Oman 200125000N
ONRSIS-Rede Sismografica do Sul e Sudeste Observatorio Nacional, Brazil :: Network Map2010250020N
OOOcean Observatories Initiative :: Network Map2014250013N
OQOklahoma Structural and Site Effects Network :: Network Map201725002N
OSSeismological Observatory, Brasilia Brazil 190025000N
OTOTRIONS 201325000N
OVObservatorio Vulcanolgico y Sismolgico de Costa Rica :: Network Map1984250093N
OXNorth-East Italy Seismic Network :: Network Map2016250010N
OZSRC eqServer :: Network Map197625001N
PAChiriNet :: Network Map200025001N
PBPlate Boundary Observatory Borehole Seismic Network :: Network Map20042500121N
PCPanama Canal Network 200425000N
PDPolish Seismic Monitoring Network 200725000N
PEPenn State Network :: Network Map2004250037N
PFVolcanologic Network of Piton de Fournaise-OVPF :: Network Map1979250045N
PGPG & E, Diablo Canyon 198725000N
PHPuna Geothermal Network 200625000N
PIPasscal Pier Test Data :: Network Map2018201821N
PIPASSCAL Pier Test Data :: Network Map2017201721N
PIPASSCAL Pier Test Data :: Network Map2016201621N
PIPASSCAL Pier Test Data :: Network Map2015201521N
PIPASSCAL Pier Test Data :: Network Map2014201421N
PIPASSCAL Pier Test Data 2013 :: Network Map2013201322N
PIPASSCAL Pier Test Data :: Network Map2006201231N
PKMicro Seismic Monitoring System of Northern Areas of Pakistan 200525000N
PLPolish Seismological Network :: Network Map199025008N
PMPortuguese National Seismic Network :: Network Map200625005N
PNPEPP-Indiana :: Network Map1998250074N
POPortable Observatories for Lithospheric Analysis and Research Investigating Seismicity :: Network Map20002500201N
PPPrinceton Earth Physics Program :: Network Map199925001N
PRPuerto Rico Seismic Network :: Network Map2000250047N
PSPacific21 :: Network Map198925009N
PTPacific Tsunami Warning Seismic System :: Network Map1965250019N
PVPhilippine Seismic Network 200025000N
PWPacific Northwest Geodetic Array 199625000N
PXParkfield Experiment Array 190025000N
PYPinon Flats Observatory Array :: Network Map2014250013N
PZPrince Islands Real-time Earthquake Monitoring System 200625000N
QAQatar Seismic Network 201425000N
QCQuake-Catcher Network :: Network Map2008250034N
RAFrench Accelerometrique Network (Reseau Accelerometrique Permanent) 199525000N
RBRed Sismologica de Banda Ancha :: Network Map2002250015N
RCBYU-Idaho Network :: Network Map200125001N
RDCEA/DASE Seismic Network 196225000N
REUS Bureau of Reclamation Seismic Networks :: Network Map1985250069N
RFFriuli Venezia Giulia Accelerommetric Network 199325000N
RGUpper-Rhine Graben Geothermal Network 200225000N
RINational Seismic Network of Argentina 197225000N
RJRede Sísmica e Geomagnética do Rio de Janeiro 201225000N
RKNASA READI Kinematic GPS 201625000N
RMRegional Integrated Multi Hazard Early Warning System :: Network Map200825004N
RNRuhrNet 200725000N
RORomanian Seismic Network :: Network Map1994250013N
RPUniversidad de Panama Network 200225000N
RRReti accelerometriche centri storici italiani 201725000N
RSRegional Seismic Test Network :: Network Map198219865N
RTKamchatka Tsunami Warning Sesimic Network 201025000N
RVRegional Alberta Observatory for Earthquake Studies Network :: Network Map2013250022N
RYYakutain Branch of Russian Seismic Network 201225000N
SSeismographs in Schools Projects :: Network Map2011250050N
SASaudi Arabia Broadband Seismic Network 199425000N
SBUC Santa Barbara Engineering Seismology Network :: Network Map1989250023N
SCNew Mexico Tech Seismic Network :: Network Map1999250031N
SDSchlumberger 201820200N
SESoutheastern Appalachian Cooperative Seismic Network :: Network Map199925005N
SFSan Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth :: Network Map2002250042
SGSuperconducting Gravimeter Global Geodynamics Project :: Network Map199725004N
SHShumagin-East Aleutian Network :: Network Map1981199128N
SIProvince S¿dtirol (alto adige) Italy 200625000N
SJSerbian Seismological Network 190625000N
SLSlovenia Seismic Network :: Network Map1994250025N
SMIcelandic Strong Motion Network 198425000N
SNSouthern Great Basin Network :: Network Map19952500227N
SOScripps Orbit and Permanent Array Center 201625000N
SPSouth Carolina Earth Physics Project :: Network Map2000200425N
SRSeismic Research Observatory :: Network Map1974199313N
SSSINGLE STATION :: Network Map197025006N
STTrentino Seismic Network 198125000N
SUSandia Seismo-Acoustic Network 201225000N
SVServicio Nacional de Estudios Territoriales (SNET), El Salvador :: Network Map2004250010N
SWSolomon Islands Seismology & Volcanology Network 201825000N
SXSXNET Saxon Seismic Network 200125000N
SYSynthetic Seismograms :: Network Map190025005225N
SZRIMES 200920160N
T1IPE_ETE 199125000N
T4Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University Earthquake Research Center 201625000N
TAUSArray Transportable Array (NSF EarthScope Project) :: Network Map200325001892N
TB MRC Earth and Marine Sciences Network 201625000N
TCRed Sismologica Nacional :: Network Map20002500108N
TDTransAlta Monitoring Network :: Network Map2013250027N
TEEGAT Dams Seismic Monitoring System 201525000N
TGRoyal Irrigation Department 201525000N
THThueringer Seismisches Netz (TSN) 200925000N
TICentro Sismologico de America Central (CASC) 199225000N
TJTajikistan National Seismic Network :: Network Map200525008N
TKNational Strong-Motion Network of Turkey (TR-NSMN) 197325000N
TLArmutlu Local Seismic Network 200625000N
TMThai Seismic Monitoring Network :: Network Map2006250018N
TNEastern Tennessee Seismic Network 199825000N
TOTectonic Observatory :: Network Map20042500340
TREastern Caribbean Seismograph Network :: Network Map1965250046N
TSTERRAscope (Southern California Seismic Network) :: Network Map1988250023N
TTSeismic Network of Tunisia :: Network Map200825003N
TUNational Seismic Network of Turkey (DDA) 199025000N
TVINGV experiments network 200825000N
TWBroadband Array in Taiwan for Seismology :: Network Map1994250024N
TXTexas Seismological Network :: Network Map2016250057N
TZ Ol Doinyo Lengai, TZ Volcano Monitoring 201725000N
UACaribbean Andesite Lava Island Precision Seismo-geodetic Observatory 200025000N
UBUniversity of Zimbabwe 201725000N
UCColima Seismic Network 198925000N
UESeismological Network of United Arab Emirates 201225000N
UGUnocal Geothermal Northern California Network 198925000N
UHUH Infrasound Network :: Network Map2004250020N
UINorth Idaho Seismic Network 200425000N
UKUK Schools Seismic Network :: Network Map200525004N
ULUSGS Low Frequency Geophysical Data Network 198325000N
UMUniversity of Montana - Missoula :: Network Map2017250010N
UNUganda National Seismological Network 201325000N
UOUniversity of Oregon Regional Network :: Network Map1990250042N
UPUniversity of Uppsala Network 199925000N
URUKArray 201525000N
USUnited States National Seismic Network :: Network Map1990250084N
UUUniversity of Utah Regional Network :: Network Map19742500327N
UWPacific Northwest Seismic Network :: Network Map19632500614
UYObservatorio Geofisico de Uruguay 201325000N
UZUzbekistan digital seismic network 200625000N
VCRed Nacional de Vigilancia Volcánica Chile 201525000N
VERed Sismologica Nacional con Apertura Continental :: Network Map2000250043N
VG Seismic Network of the Indonesian Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation 201025000N
VIIcelandic National Digital Seismograph Network 199625000N
VLVale SA Network 201725000N
VTTaiwan Volcano Observatory 200925000N
VUVanuatu Seismic Network :: Network Map201025005N
WAWest Central Argentina Network :: Network Map195825001N
WBWest Bohemia Local Seismic Network 199125000N
WCCuracao Seismic Network :: Network Map200625001N
WIWest Indies French Seismic Network :: Network Map2008250014N
WKWake Island Hydrophone Array 197925000N
WMWestern Mediterranean Seismic Network :: Network Map200925004N
WRCalifornia Division of Water Resources 190025000N
WSSeismic Network of Repuplika Srpska 201125000N
WUThe Southern Ontario Seismic Network :: Network Map1991250025N
WYYellowstone Wyoming Seismic Network :: Network Map1983250042N

Temporary Network List (1096)  :: Click column title to sort :: Jump to permanent networks or virtual networks or assembled data
NetworkDescriptionStart YearEnd YearStationsReportsDOI
1ALos Angeles Basin Seismic Experiment PH5 201820180N
1ASri Lanka temporary broadband network 201620170N
1AMining-induced seismicity network at mine Prosper-Haniel, Bottrop 201420150N
1AWaste Isolation Pilot Plant Noise Analysis :: Network Map201320136N
1AArlita 200920120N
1ANCISP6 :: Network Map2007200860
1BCholame Nodal Array 2018 (PH5) 201820180N
1BKnipovich Ridge Passive Seismic Experiment 201620170N
1BSweetwater Array :: Network Map201420142268N
1BAssured Arctic Awareness :: Network Map201320134
1BGulf of Alaska Active Source Experiment :: Network Map2010201114
1BUGANDA 200620080N
1CGalilee Seismic Experiment: crustal and sedimentary structure and seismic hazard PH5 18-013 201820180N
1CKeweenaw fault imaging and fractured rock characterization projects 201720170N
1CArray in Wittewierum, Netherlands 201620160N
1CAntithesis 2 201520150N
1CSeismic Characterization of Menengai Crater, Kenya :: Network Map2011201423N
1CUrban Seismology 2 200920100N
1CStudy of the Crustal Structure of Northern Vietnam 200820080N
1D UKANET: UK Antarctic Network :: Network Map2016201814N
1DMSH Node Array :: Network Map20142014898N
1DWhillans/UCSC :: Network Map201020116N
1DErebus Tomography and Source Studies 200820090N
1DSABOnet + Task Force in the Izmit and Düzce earthquakes epicentral area 199720000N
1ECrustal magma plumbing of the Santorini volcanic system :: Network Map2015201689
1EELLITE :: Network Map201020129N
1FRESOLVE Champ Captant 201820180N
1FWorkshops on Volcanoes 2016, Santiaguito, Guatemala :: Network Map201520166
1FTAIGER 2008 SP Piggyback :: Network Map2008200836N
1GScanArray core 201220170N
1GSeismic Imaging of the Ordos Plateau 201020110N
1HCentral Otago Seismic Array 201220200N
1JLong Valley Caldera Full Wavform Tomography 199620160N
1MMI-DAM - MultI-parameter monitoring and real-time risk assessment of hydroelectric DAMs in the Kyrgy 201820200N
1QAQT 201620170N
1UUturuncu volcano, Bolivia 201820200N
2ASorsdal_Glacier_17-18 :: Network Map2017201911N
2ALarge -n Seismic Survey in Oklahoma 201620160N
2ACOGEAR Temporary Deployments, Valais, Switzerland 200720140N
2AGravity Lineations, Intraplate Melting, Petrologic and Seismic Expedition :: Network Map2001200218N
2BPryor:Cornell University :: Network Map2016201712N
2BEast Staithes 201320140N
2BOBSIP: Bering Sea Active Source Experiment :: Network Map2010201117
2BPUDEL Network, Argentina, 2007-2009 200720090N
2BCooperative monitoring of volcanic tremor at Villarrica Volcano, Chile :: Network Map200420052N
2CCOntrol SEISmicity and Manage Induced earthQuakes 201820220N
2CTasman Acceleration Study 2016 :: Network Map201620177N
2CColibrea 201420150N
2CNew England Damage Experiment Phase II 201320130N
2CGeophysical Study of Ice Stream Stick Slip :: Network Map2010201149N
2DDESTRESS – Demonstration of soft stimulation treatments of geothermal reservoirs 201820190N
2DN2 201320160N
2DAlbacore :: Network Map2010201135
2ENorway Microbarom Study 2014 201420160N
2ESeismic Coherence and Site Effect Studies at Precarious Rock Locations in Riverside, California :: Network Map2010201128N
2FCrust and lithosphere Investigation of the Easternmost expression of the Laramide Orogeny - Pilot Ex :: Network Map2017202024N
2FPFO Accelerometer Test 201420150N
2FLONGMEN 201220130N
2F OMBRA seismic network 201020110N
2FTAIGER 2009 Seismic onshore-offshore experiment 200920090N
2G Lastarria volcano experiment 201620160N
2GTesting of the effectiveness of incorporating seismic data in seismic hazard assessment within a tra :: Network Map201020151N
2HInterim Broadband Monitoring of the Mount Erebus Volcano :: Network Map201620184N
2HAFAR0911 :: Network Map2009201323N
2JJUAN: Seismological Observation of the Central-Northern Ecuadorian Subduction 201220150N
2MMISTERIOS 201520180N
2SSeismic neTwoRk/Array in norThwEstern arGentina 201620170N
2TTexas Temporary Arrays 201820190N
3ASABANCAYA experiment in Peru :: Network Map201820188N
3ACentro di microzonazione sismica (CentroMS) Network, 2016 Central 201620160N
3ACoherency of microbaroms :: Network Map201320149N
3AMaule Aftershock Deployment (UK) :: Network Map2010201222N
3AARC-Vanuatu 200820090N
3ASouthern Okalahoma Aulcaogen 3-D test 200720070N
3BIntegrated Geosciences in the Merida Andes, Venezuela PH5 15-027 201520160N
3BReflection imaging using railroad noise as seismic source 201420140N
3BDesert Peak EGS 200820130N
3CIndio Ranch PH5 18-009 201620160N
3CArizona Rapid Array Array Mobilization Program :: Network Map201420146N
3CEast Bay Seismic Experiment - PH5 14-002 201320130N
3CCollaborative Proposal:Glacier Seismicity and Its Relationship to Basal Motion :: Network Map2010201125N
3D HART Pisagua Earthquake 201420160N
3DMorocco-Muenster :: Network Map2010201315N
3E Crustal Magma Plumbing of the Santorini Volcanic System - Land Component 201520150N
3EMauritius Seismic Land Station 201220140N
3EExploring Seismic Velocity of Sediments in the Mississippi Embayment :: Network Map2010201118N
3FSIR-MIUR Project INSIEME - broadband seismic network in Val d'Agri (southern Italy) :: Network Map2016201915N
3FHUMMING WOMBAT :: Network Map201320146N
3FUSGS Debris Flow Flume seismic :: Network Map201020102N
3GTÜBITAK Marmara Research Center Earth Sciences Institution Network 200720160N
3HIndian Heaven 2017 201720170N
3HRenland 201620160N
3HOSISEC : Seismological Observation of the Ecuadorian Subduction Zone 201120130N
3HNorcia Basin (Italy) Temporary Network 200920090N
3JHIRE-II 201320150N
3TTemporal network Tungurahua 201320180N
4ASP Crater Network :: Network Map201620185N
4APollino Seismic Experiment 201220140N
4ADarfield RAMP Aftershock Deployment, NZ :: Network Map201020119N
4AEmersito Seismic Network for Site Effect Studies in L'Aquila town (Central Italy) 200920090N
4AWhillans Ice Sheet :: Network Map200820084N
4BANR-Remake Quito basin 201620180N
4BRaft River EGS 201020150N
4CGeoGirls outreach experiment at Mount St. Helens PH5 15-018 201520150N
4CNERA-JRA1-A 201120140N
4CSemipalatinsk Test Site Network 200520100N
4DSeismological Experiments on Swiss Glaciers 201220200N
4DParkfield Experiment to Record Microseismicity and Tremor 201020110N
4DSeismological Experiments on Swiss Glaciers 198520090N
4E Field Research Station broadband seismometer network 201520160N
4EMARS/Testing of cabled broadband OBS using MARS test facility :: Network Map201020111N
4FNorth Texas Earthquake Study :: Network Map2015201827N
4FTemp CNCH 201320140N
4FAskja 2007 :: Network Map2007201145N
4GEMSO-MOMAR 200720250N
4HOklahoma State University Seismic Network :: Network Map201420173N
4JAQ3 SW Queensland and NW New South Wales 201420160N
4SSTAK 201820180N
4TStations for CISR-TexNet :: Network Map201820191N
5ARattlesnake Ridge 2018 v2 (PH5) 201820180N
5ASubduction Reversal and the Ontong Java Plateau 201420160N
5AEastern North American Margin Explosives Test 201320130N
5ABasin and Range Normal Faulting :: Network Map2010201234N
5ASamoa Lithosphere Integrated Seismic Experiment :: Network Map200520095
5BTony Creek Dual Microseismic Experiment :: Network Map2016201769N
5BBrady Hot Spring EGS 201020150N
5BTaskForce L Aquila 2009 200920090N
5BHLP 3C Piggy Back RT130 200820080N
5C JuraQuake 201820190N
5CSeptember 16, 2015 Illapel Earthquake: Seismicity and Segmentation of the Nazca-South America Subudc 201520160N
5CYakutat Glacier :: Network Map200920111N
5DLuxBB 200920200N
5ECascadia Initiative :: Network Map2014201510N
5EMINAS 201120130N
5EEarthquake Swarms and Aseismic Slip in the Salton Trough: High-Resolution Imaging of the Upper Frict 201020100N
5FMagnetotelluric and seismic investigation of arc melt generation, delivery, and storage beneath Okmo :: Network Map2015201613N
5FGlacioBurst 201220140N
5FCASE-IPY 201020110N
5GCrustal Imaging of the South Georgia Basin and Suwaannee Suture - PH5 14-023 201420150N
5GSinoProbe: Northeast China Transect 201120110N
5HCentral Virginia and South Carolina seismic monitoring experiment :: Network Map2017201926N
5HCrust of the Oman Ophiolite and its Lithosphere 201320160N
5JThe Sardinia Passive Array (SPA) experiment 201420160N
6ASeismic Array Negrated Detection for a Window of Indian Continental Head 201320160N
6AWalvis Ridge Passive Source Seismic Experiment 201020120N
6ARohrbach/Vogtland seismic array 2008 200820090N
6ASeismic Experiment Active Caribbean Andesite Lava Island Precision Seismo-geodetic Observat 200720070N
6BSite Effect on Portoviejo City, Ecuador 201620160N
6BNew York Canyon EGS 201020150N
6B Northern North China Array (ChinArrayDmc) 200620090N
6CMyanmar subduction to collision imaging array 201820200N
6CSeismic Cluster Investigation in the Southern Rio Grande Rift :: Network Map201120112N
6CFerghana 200920100N
6Dreinforced optical table vibration analysis :: Network Map201820182N
6DTelica Seismic and Deformation Network :: Network Map200920167N
6EWabash Valley Seismic Zone :: Network Map2013201675N
6ENisyros network 200720110N
6FWisconsin, new Zealand, And Rpi Deployment, Deep Fault Drilling Project :: Network Map201220208N
6FBilby 200820110N
6GMARsite Project 201320160N
6GKetzin Seismic Monitoring Network 200820120N
6HDarsser Schwelle 201520170N
6Jspatial variation of ground structure in Argostoli basin (Greece) 201820180N
6JCASSAT_FR 201320160N
7AMid-Atlantic Geophysical Integrative Collaboration :: Network Map2013201629N
7AWide-Angle seismic reflection Experiment across the Central Iberian Zone; Iberia Peninsula-PH512-007 201220120N
7ACascadia- Keck :: Network Map2010201110
7ATANGSHAN - PH5 10-010 200920090N
7ALake Toba 200820080N
7ABTL 199219920N
7BActive source acquisition in the Unaweep Canyon (Western Colorado) - PH5 17-034 201720170N
7BDixie Valley EGS 201120160N
7BTIPAGE 200820100N
7BSKIPPY :: Network Map1993199637N
7CThe Mackenzie Mountains Transect: Active Deformation from Margin to Craton :: Network Map2015201840N
7C2014 NAPA Earthquake Response 201420140N
7CDORA 200920120N
7CYE 199419960N
7DCascadia Initiative Community Experiment-OBS component :: Network Map20112017259
7DYakima Landslide RAMP :: Network Map2009201016N
7DKIMBA97 :: Network Map199719977N
7EReykjanet 201320160N
7EGlacioseismic Monitoring of Rumblings in jakobshavn Glacier :: Network Map201020119N
7EPASSEQ 200620080N
7EKIMBA98 :: Network Map199819986N
7FCasey - Davis region 201520180N
7FCentral Arkansas Induced Eathquakes 2010-2011 :: Network Map2010201210N
7FQUOLL 199919990N
7GHalmahera - Indonesia 201620180N
7GPopocatepetl Tremor Experiment :: Network Map201420151N
7GYoungstown, Ohio, induced earthquakes :: Network Map201120124N
7GWA-CRATON 200020010N
7HW-Alps landslide experiments Char d Osset, Chamousset, Pont Bourquin 201020200N
7HTIGGER 200120020N
7IInSight pre and post-flight test data :: Network Map201120222
7ITASMAL 200320050N
7JInSight pre and post-flight synthetic data 201620300N
7JCorrelating seismic and visual (TLS) signals at Breidamerkurjokull, Iceland :: Network Map201120114N
7JCAPRA - Linkage 200520080N
7KPeru Coastal Seismic Data 201420170N
7KSOC- Southern Australian Craton 200720080N
7MLF98 199819980N
7NMB99 199919990N
7OAFOO 200020000N
7PTIGGER-SP 200220020N
7QSEAL 200420050N
7REVA 200520060N
7SSETA 200620070N
7TSEAL2 200720070N
7USEAL3 200720080N
8AAfricaArray - Namibia :: Network Map2015201819N
8ASeismic Transect Across the Okavango Rift Zone - PH5 13-005 201420140N
8A Tungurahua July 2013 Temporary :: Network Map201320132N
8AWest Iberia Lithosphere and Astenosphere Structure 201020120N
8AIPY: Stability of Larsen C Ice Shelf in a Warming Climate :: Network Map200820091N
8BLaptev Sea Rift Seismological Network 201620270N
8BNewberry EGS 201020150N
8BNCISP7 :: Network Map2008200964
8CLucky Strike OBS Network 200720160N
8DSwiss Seismological Service Aftershock Deployments 198020300N
8ENSF funded project on winds in complex terrain at Perdigao :: Network Map201620173N
8ESeismic monitoring at Lascar volcano aft 2014 Iquique Earthquake 201420150N
8EMammoth Mountain Broadband Experiment :: Network Map2011201311N
8FPlaya1 PH5 18-018 201720170N
8FMARGATS 201620160N
8FHikurangi Ocean Bottom Investigation of Tremor and Slow Slip,LBPR and TXBP data :: Network Map2014201510N
8FWest--Fissure- and Atacama-Fault Seismic Network, Northern Chile 200520120N
8G2016 Pedernales Earthquake Aftershock Deployment Ecuador :: Network Map2016201720N
8GMEJIPE 201320150N
8GSISVAR 200820120N
8HEast Pamir 201520170N
8HNew Mexico Coupling of Seismic PH5 13-012 201220120N
8XCentral Adriatic Seismic Experiment 201620190N
9AMakushin Volcano Plumbing 201520160N
9AEast Texas Earthquake Monitoring :: Network Map201320131N
9ADeformation and magmatic modification of a steep continental margin, west ID-east OR PH5 13-002 201220120N
9ALoihi Seismicity :: Network Map2010201112
9ACOBO 200720080N
9BCape Verde, Fogo Temporary Seismic Network 201420150N
9BTomographic Imaging of Silali and Paka Volcanoes - PH5 15-015 201220130N
9BTopoGreenland/Copenhagen - PH5 16-019 201120110N
9BKilauea Volcano Seismo-Acoustic Source and Propagation-2010 :: Network Map20102010130N
9BKilauea Volcano Seismo-acoustic Source and propagation-2008 :: Network Map200820086N
9CAleutian Array of Arrays 201420160N
9CHigh Resolution Seismological Profiling across Sierra Nevad 201020110N
9DTemporal network Sierra Negra 201820200N
9DSeismic Array of the Sevilleta :: Network Map20152015801N
9DIntegrated Geosciences in the Merida Andes, Venezuela - PH5 14-040 GIAME (Geociencia Intgral de Los 201420140N
9DIce Ocean Interaction at Nuuk Tidewater Glacier :: Network Map201020122N
9EShort term noise tests / structural / foundation monitoring at SED, ETHZ 200020300N
9FSouthern Alps microearthquake Borehole Array :: Network Map2008202017N
9GImpact of Supraglacial Lakes on Ice-Shelf Stability :: Network Map201620174N
9G Newberry Volcano EGS Demonstration MSA :: Network Map2012201516
9HSarez Pamir aftershock seismic network 201620170N
9HAn Assembled Western US Dataset for Regional Seismic Analysis 196820020N
X1Upper Geyser Basin Imaging Experiment FALL 2017 PH5 17-029 201720180N
X1Réunion Hotspot and Upper Mantle Project 201320160N
X1Byrd Lake Reflection Seismics - Cresis :: Network Map201120129N
X1Carbon Sequestration Technical Assessemnt-Pennsylvania :: Network Map2009201016N
X1Aysen Chile Aftershock Deployment :: Network Map2007200815N
X1Development and Testing of a Deep-Water, Acoustically-Linked, Moored- Buoy Seafloor Observatory :: Network Map200420051
X2Tarim Array for lithoSpheric signaTure of mantle plumE 201720190N
X2Lake Pontchantrain Wind-Wave Monitoring Deployment 201620160N
X2Sunset Seismic Experiment :: Network Map201320147N
X2Haida Gwaii OBS Experiment 201220120N
X2Seismic Wide-Angle across the RIFT PH5 11-021 201120110N
X2Seismic Analysis of the HiKurangi Experiment :: Network Map20092010100N
X2Martinique 2007 Aftershock Experiment 200720080N
X2NCISP4 :: Network Map2005200650
X3Seismic Characterization and Tracking of Flash Floods in a Post-Fire Arid Canyon System :: Network Map2018201814N
X3Momotombo 2015-2016 :: Network Map201520161N
X3MARINER: Seismic Investigation of the Rainbow Hydrothermal Field :: Network Map2013201456N
X3Jakobshaven Glacier :: Network Map200720112N
X3TAIGER active source explosion pilot test PH5 17-009 200620060N
X4Monitoring Active Faults for Tectonic Mapping Efforts in Washington State :: Network Map2016201817N
X4Gulf of Mexico Basin Opening :: Network Map2010201423N
X4ASCENT :: Network Map2007200997N
X5Lemon Creek Glacier - UTEP PH5 17-031 201720170N
X5Lefkada temporary network 201520160N
X5IGC Geothermal Test Site 201220140N
X5Hudson Bay Lithospheric Experiment :: Network Map2007201118N
X5Hole 1256D VSP 200520050N
X6Experimental Multiblast 201820180N
X6Homestake Gold Mine Three dimensional Broadband Array :: Network Map2014201625N
X6Collaborative Research: Unlocking the Seismic Signature of Rivers :: Network Map201320137N
X6Evolution and hydration of the Juan de Fuca crust and uppermost mantle :: Network Map2012201283
X6MonaSeis 201020110N
X6PUNA :: Network Map2007200944N
X7Wallowa Uplift & Origin of the columbia River Basalts :: Network Map2016201833N
X7PYRenean Observational Portable Experiment 201020140N
X7Yosemite Rockfall :: Network Map200720098N
X8Deep Structure of Three Continental Sutures in Eastern North America :: Network Map2012201738N
X8Coulman High VSP, Antarctica, 2010 PH5 12-002 201120110N
X8Studies of Earthquakes & Rapid Motions of Ice 200720100N
X9Moment tensor inversion, perforation :: Network Map2017201818N
X9Klyuchevskoy volcanic group experiment 201520160N
X9Plate Boundary Evolution and Physics at an Oceanic Transform Fault System :: Network Map2012201354N
X9Dallas Aftershock Network :: Network Map2008201120N
X9Amery Ice Shelf Loose Tooth Network :: Network Map2004200736N
XAThe Caucasus Seismic Network: The Uplift and Structure of the Greater and Lesser Caucasus :: Network Map2017202155N
XAGANSSER: Swiss BB seismic experiment in Bhutan 201320160N
XAAftershock Imaging with Dense Arrays: Oct 2012 Maine Aftershock Experiment - PH5 14-025 201220120N
XAUsing Fault-Zone Trapped Waves to Document Subsuface Rock Damage Caused by the M6.3 Earthquake in Ne :: Network Map2011201112N
XASismic Imaging of the Moroccan Atlas - PH5 10-008 201020100N
XACentral Oregon Locked Zone Array- EarthScope Flex Array :: Network Map200820097N
XATaylor Glacier Calving :: Network Map200420076N
XABhutan :: Network Map200220035N
XACharacterization of Gravity Gradient Noise at LIGO-Livingston 200020010N
XAAnatomy of an Archean Craton, South Africa :: Network Map1997199982N
XAMissouri to Massachusetts Transect :: Network Map1995199619
XANorthridge Aftershocks :: Network Map1994199486N
XANon Proliferation Experiment (Chemical Kiloton at NTS) :: Network Map1993199310N
XAJoshua Tree Aftershocks :: Network Map1992199212N
XAPinyon Flat Broadband Triggered Array :: Network Map1991199128N
XAPinyon Flat High Frequency Array :: Network Map1990199060N
XAPANDA -- San Juan, Argentina Experiment :: Network Map1987198880N
XACosta Rica Seismic Experiment 198319830N
XAGulf of California Oblique Seismic Experiment 197919790N
XAApollo Lunar Seismic :: Network Map196919774N
XBINSIGHT 201620220N
XBSweetwater Array :: Network Map20142014458N
XBPICASSO/Passive :: Network Map2009201393N
XBCosta Rica Active Source OBS Experiment :: Network Map2008200822
XBCameroon :: Network Map2005200732N
XBMagdalena Ridge Seismic Network :: Network Map200320044N
XBMarlborough New Zealand Short-Period Arrays :: Network Map2000200296N
XBSeismic Experiment in Patagonia and Antarctica :: Network Map1997199912N
XBAbitibi Experiment :: Network Map1996199628N
XBSouthwest Pacific Seismic Experiment :: Network Map1993199512N
XBLanders Aftershocks :: Network Map1992199223N
XBUC Mammoth/Long Valley network 198919900N
XBSon of BOSE Oblique Seismic Experiment 198519850N
XBViking Mission 197719820N
XCPantanal, Chaco and Paraná (PCPB) structural studies network 201620210N
XCObserving Pine Island Glacier (PIG) ice shelf deformation and fracture using a GPS & Seismic Network :: Network Map201220145N
XCPacaya Tremor 2011 :: Network Map2011201112N
XCHigh Lava Plains Broadband Seismic Experiment :: Network Map20062010118N
XCGeodynamics of the Tibetan Plateau and the Origin of Great Earthquakes in Western China 200320050N
XCNamche Barwa - Tibet Pilot Experiment :: Network Map200220028N
XCYellowstone Intermountain Seismic Array :: Network Map2000200147N
XCNamibia 199819990N
XCSouthern Alps Passive Seismic Experiment :: Network Map1995199671N
XCPuget Sound BB Array :: Network Map1994199415N
XCPANDA -- Hawaii Experiment :: Network Map1993199374N
XCTibetan Plateau Broadband Experiment :: Network Map1991199211N
XCSouthWest Indian Ridge VSP 198719870N
XCBermuda Oblique Seismic Experiment 197719770N
XDAlaska Community OBS Experiment 201820190N
XD Maupasacq 201720170N
XDIlluminating the architecture of the greater Mount St. Helens magmatic systems from slab to surface :: Network Map2014201671N
XDPassive Seismic Study of a magma Dominated rift: The Salton Trough :: Network Map2011201348N
XDPolar Equipment Development :: Network Map200720105N
XDCentral China :: Network Map2002200614N
XDBroadband Seismic Merapi II :: Network Map2001200111N
XDWoodlark - D_Entrecasteaux Rift, PNG :: Network Map1999200019N
XDIceland Hotspot :: Network Map1996199833N
XDTanzania BB Experiment :: Network Map1994199521N
XDTararua BB Array, New Zealand 199119920N
XDLow Frequency Acoustic Seismic Experiment 198919890N
XDGalopogas Oblique Seismic Experiment 197919790N
XEPacific Array - Haxby 201820190N
XEPedernales 201620170N
XEStudy of the Socorro Magma Body :: Network Map201520157N
XEActive LANFS :: Network Map2012201412N
XESierra Negra :: Network Map2009201119N
XETICO-CAVA 200820080N
XESierra Nevada EarthScope Project- EarthScope Flex Array :: Network Map2005200797N
XENamche Barwa Tibet :: Network Map2003200471N
XETorfajokull 2002 :: Network Map2002200221
XEBroadband Experiment Across Alaskan Range :: Network Map1999200137N
XEEifel Plume 199719980N
XEAskja/Bardardalur Iceland :: Network Map199619961N
XEBBand Andean Joint Exp. / Seismic Exploration of Deep Andes :: Network Map1994199523N
XEPANDA -- New Madrid Experiment :: Network Map1989199240N
XFHazard in Tanzanian Rift 201820190N
XFINFRA-ETNA :: Network Map2017201714N
XFUnderstanding Precambrian to Present Assembly of Greenland :: Network Map201420167N
XFMariana Trench :: Network Map2012201390
XFYAHTSE :: Network Map2009201130N
XFRed Seismological Experiment 200820080N
XFMapping the Riviera Subduction Zone (MARS) :: Network Map2006200751N
XFNepal-Himalaya-Tibet Seismic Transect :: Network Map20022005189N
XFLaramie Telemetered Broad-band Array :: Network Map2000200131N
XFAntarctic Microearthquake Project :: Network Map1995199627N
XFPenninsular Ranges, California :: Network Map199419949N
XFAnza Borehole Experiment :: Network Map198719926N
XGRattlesnake Ridge 2018-PH5 201820180N
XGSan Bernardino Basin (USGS) - Jan 2017 nodal deployment PH5 17-010 201720170N
XGUniversidad Tecnica de Ambato 201620160N
XGColorado River Runoff Pilot Project :: Network Map201520158N
XGBarcelonnette 2014 aftershock sequence 201420140N
XGUnderground Array 201220130N
XGArray of Arrays :: Network Map20092011188N
XGNatural & Man-Induced Seismicity in the Yanquing-Hualia Basin and the Heicheng Area, China :: Network Map2002200827N
XGEastern Turkey Seismic Experiment :: Network Map1999200129N
XGAmazon 199719980N
XGNanga Parbat Pakistan :: Network Map1995199673N
XGAnisotropy AI 199419940N
XGRocky Mountain Front :: Network Map1992199236N
XHPREST in Cuba 201820190N
XHDynamic Response of the Ross Ice Shelf to Ocean Waves and Structure and Dynamics of the Ross Sea :: Network Map2014201734
XHKilauea Array :: Network Map2012201316N
XHSeismic Survey of Greeland Icesheet Margins 201120110N
XHEastern Sierras Pampeanas :: Network Map2008201012N
XHKilauea Slow Slip Event :: Network Map2007200720N
XHCascade Tiltmeter Array 200520060N
XHCascadia Tremor - Sooke :: Network Map200420047
XHWestern Anatolia Linear Array and Regional Network :: Network Map2002200350N
XHSTART :: Network Map2001200128N
XHISSA2000 200020000N
XHTransAlp-1 199819990N
XHBolivian Experiment :: Network Map199619977N
XHColorado Plateau-Great Basin Network :: Network Map1994199513N
XIInstrumentation for Multidisciplinary Monitoring of an Alaskan Peatland :: Network Map201820199N
XILA Syncline Seismic Interferometry Experiment :: Network Map2014201440N
XISuperior Province Rifting Earthscope Experiment :: Network Map2011201382N
XIBanglaQuake :: Network Map2007201016N
XISouth Pole Analysis of Machines (SPAM) :: Network Map200620068N
XI3D Tomographic Imaging of the Chicxulub Crater :: Network Map2005200584N
XITAG Hydrothermal Mound Passive Seismic Experiment :: Network Map2003200429N
XIEthiopia/Kenya Broadband Seismic Experiment :: Network Map2000200238N
XINE China Seismic Experiment :: Network Map1998199919N
XISaudi Arabia Broadband Array :: Network Map199519979N
XIGEDEPTH 1 199419940N
XJDeployments associated with OBS deployments in Swiss Lakes 201820220N
XJImpact of subglacial discharge on turbulent plume dynamics and ocean-glacier heat and mass transfer :: Network Map201620173N
XJCRAFTI :: Network Map2013201539N
XJFuego Volcano VLP and Tilt Experiment :: Network Map2012201210N
XJGulf of Mexico Hydrates Research Consortium :: Network Map2011201115N
XJKilauea/Halemaumau Temp. Deployment :: Network Map201020108N
XJL Aquila Aftershock Experiment :: Network Map2009200920N
XJWells Aftershock Recording :: Network Map200820086N
XJTomo TEIDEVS :: Network Map20072007141N
XJSeismic Experiment in the Aisen Region of Chile :: Network Map20042006100N
XJEthiopian Afar Geophysical Lithospheric Experiment :: Network Map2002200355N
XJEastern Snake River Plain Experiment :: Network Map200020017N
XJSide Edge of Kamchatka Subduction Zone :: Network Map1998199930N
XJSierran Paradox Experiment :: Network Map1997199724N
XJAdirondack Broadband Array :: Network Map199519964N
XJArgo Abyssal Plain VSP 198819880N
XK Ivrea - AlpArray Complementary Experiment 201720190N
XKDelineating preferential flow paths from recharge for water planning and management :: Network Map2016201612N
XKSeismic Array of the Sevilleta - PH5 15-009 201520150N
XKSeismic Arrays for African Rift Initation :: Network Map2012201453N
XKPassive Seismic for Geothermal Exploration, Fairmont, Montana :: Network Map2011201129N
XKBig Horn Project Regional Array Deployment 201020100N
XKRio Grande Seismic Transect Extension :: Network Map2004200618N
XKReflections under the Scottish Highlands :: Network Map2001200324N
XKCDROM (Colorado) :: Network Map1999200051N
XKMerapi and Semeru Volcano Project :: Network Map199819987N
XKWestern Superior Teleseismic Experiment :: Network Map199719975N
XKChicxulub Impact Crater, Yucatan :: Network Map1996199621N
XKICEMELT, Anarctica 199519950N
XLMcGill Dawson-Septimus Induced Seismicity Study :: Network Map201720209N
XLHangay Dome, Mongolia :: Network Map20122016114N
XLColumbia Glacier IPY :: Network Map200820111N
XLCOnsortium for Arizona Reconnaissance Seismic Experiment :: Network Map2002200711N
XLOakland San Francisco Urban Seismic Array :: Network Map1999200174N
XLSanta Clara Valley :: Network Map1998199841N
XLDeep Probe (Archean-Proterozoic) :: Network Map1997199781N
XLNorth Korea Seismic Deployment :: Network Map199519963N
XLSouthern Seirra - Death Valley :: Network Map1994199424N
XMGeothermal Seismic Exploration and Monitoring Via Ambient Seismic Noise Interferometry :: Network Map2017201820N
XMPoroelastic Tomography at Brady Geothermal Field :: Network Map201620166N
XMARGOS - Alutu and Regional Geophysical Observation Study SEIS-UK :: Network Map2012201521N
XMBB recording at the site of great Earthquake rupture in the Alask Megathrust :: Network Map201120118
XMWestern Tibet passive array deployment 200720100N
XMALPASS :: Network Map2005200625N
XMVestmanna04 (SeiFaBa Project) :: Network Map200420049N
XMEthiopia-Afar Geoscientific Lithospheric Experiment 6TD Passive Array :: Network Map2002200391N
XMRio Grande Seismic Transect :: Network Map1999200158N
XMOcean Seismic Network Exp. :: Network Map199819983N
XMTOMOG 3D 199719970N
XMWabash Seismic Experiment :: Network Map1995199610N
XMS. Island (N. Zealand) Pilot BB Network :: Network Map199419946N
XN Gorkha Earthquake 2015 201520200N
XNDynamic Response of the Ross Ice Shelf to to Wave Induced Vibrations :: Network Map2014201415N
XNJoint Summer Field Camp BSU/CSM/Imperial College of London :: Network Map2011201310N
XNCentral Oregon Locked Zone Array :: Network Map201020104N
XNVenezuela Bolivar West :: Network Map200820097N
XNDeep Structure of the Northeastern Tibet Collison Zone - PH5 07-024 200720070N
XNTaskForce_Java 200620060N
XNCanadian Northwest Experiment :: Network Map2003200559N
XNRPI-UW Parkfield Calibration Array :: Network Map2000200261N
XNLARSE II - Passive Phase :: Network Map1998199983N
XNBiak Aftershock Survey :: Network Map1996199610N
XNTOR-0 199419950N
XOAACE: Alaska Amphibious Community seismic Experimen :: Network Map2018201926N
XOSeismic Network for Site Effect Studies in Amatrice Area (Central Italy ) 201620170N
XOOzark Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky ES Flexible Array :: Network Map20112015143N
XOWhataroa-Wanganui Passive Seismology Experiment 2010 :: Network Map2010201012N
XOINDEPTH IV :: Network Map2007200932N
XONOISY 200620060N
XOEastern Black Sea Seismic Experiment :: Network Map2005200527N
XOMARIANAS 2003-2004 :: Network Map2003200420N
XOSanta Clara Valley Experiment II :: Network Map200020017N
XOThe Origins of Mantle Anisotropy beneath Eastern North America :: Network Map199719997N
XOANCORP96-AN 199619960N
XOCINCA95 199519950N
XPSeismic Experiment for Imaging Structure beneath Connecticut :: Network Map2015201915N
XPInvestigating the pluton growth and volcanism- Central Andes :: Network Map2010201342N
XPColorado Rockies Experiment & Seismic Transects :: Network Map2008200959N
XPMANAS :: Network Map2005200740N
XPTrans Antarctic Mountain Seismic Experiment :: Network Map2000200445N
XPTaskForce Adana 1998 199819980N
XPTaupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand. Panda project :: Network Map1994199514N
XQTROODOS: Tomography and Receiver function Observations of an Ophiolite using Data Obtained from Sei 201720180N
XQRapid response to the Mw 7.9 earthquake of April 25, 2015 in Nepal :: Network Map2015201647N
XQPre-Hydrofracking Regional Assessment of Central Carolina Seismicity :: Network Map2012201412N
XQNEESR-CR:Topographic Effects in Strong Ground Motion From Physical and Numerical Modeling to Design :: Network Map2011201117N
XQPismo BeachNet 201020100N
XQMendocino Experiment (FAME)- EarthScope Flex Array :: Network Map2007200976N
XQMojave Fault-Zone Compliance :: Network Map2006200694N
XQOregon Array for Teleseismic Study :: Network Map2003200511N
XQNorth Island Geophysical Transect Passive :: Network Map2001200282N
XQGreen River Experiment 199519950N
XRTripartite-BIMA (Bangladesh-India-Myanmar Array) 201820200N
XRSeismicity near the Nemaha fault in northern Oklahoma :: Network Map2016201760N
XRBowdoin glacier, NE Greenland 201520150N
XRDeployment of a simultaneous broadband gradiometers to quantify the effects of aperture and near-sur :: Network Map2012201425N
XRSeismic Investigation of Edge Driven Convection Associated with the Rio Grand Rift- Flex Array :: Network Map2008201171N
XRStructure and Rotation of the Inner Core (ARCTIC) :: Network Map2004200716N
XRMammoth 2003 200320030N
XRFlorida to Edmonton Seismic Experiment :: Network Map2001200228N
XRINDEPTH III :: Network Map1997199962N
XRINDEPTH II :: Network Map1994199413N
XSGeophysical characterization of karst aquifers using dynamic recharge events - PH5 18-005 201820200N
XSPassive Imaging of the Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary 201620170N
XSTrinity River Lowden Ranch Array 2015 - PH5 17-020 201520150N
XSGeysers Broadband Network 201220140N
XSMaule Earthquake (Chile) Aftershock Experiment :: Network Map2010201154N
XSMEDUSA Multidisciplinary Exp for Dynamic Understanding of Subduction under the Aegean :: Network Map2006200987N
XSSan Jose Microtremor 2005 :: Network Map2005200564N
XSTungurahua 2004 200420040N
XSSource Phenomonology Experiment 200320030N
XSEmbayment Seismic Excitation Experiment :: Network Map2002200235N
XSMontana BB Array :: Network Map1999200136N
XSSangay Volcano, Ecuador :: Network Map199819982N
XSErebus, Antarctica :: Network Map199619975N
XTCifalps (China-Italy-France Alps seismic transect) - 2 201820200N
XTEASI - Eastern Alpine Seismic Investigation 201420170N
XTDeformation and Magmatic Modification of a Steep Continental Margin, Western ID-Eastern OR :: Network Map2011201387N
XTRetrieval of reflections form seismic background noise measurements-Reno :: Network Map20102010449N
XTFuego2009 :: Network Map2009200922N
XTOregon Array for Teleseismic Study II :: Network Map200620088N
XTSE Caribbean Passive Experiment :: Network Map20032005198
XTSeismic Array in Fiji and Tonga :: Network Map2001200228N
XTSIGAR (Kenya) 199920000N
XTColorado BB Array - Lodore :: Network Map1997199833N
XTMicronesia Seismic Network :: Network Map199419964N
XUUSGS NEHRP Proposal 2016-2018 - Greeley, CO :: Network Map2016201918N
XUGreeley, Colorado RAMP deployment June 2014 :: Network Map201420157N
XUJakarta Experiment 201320130N
XUCascadia Arrays For Earthscope- Flex Array :: Network Map2006201272N
XUDeception Island Passive/Active Source :: Network Map2005200516N
XU2003 Fort Payne, AL, Aftershock Network :: Network Map200320038N
XUTaskForce Alsdorf 2002 200220020N
XUTrans-Antarctic :: Network Map1999200010N
XUNew Zealand Seismic Experiment :: Network Map1996199715N
XUVSP at Hole 504 199319930N
XVFault Locations and Alaska Tectonics from Seismicity :: Network Map2014201913N
XVMadagascar and Comores Seisimic Experiment :: Network Map2011201334N
XVBighorn Arch Seismic Experiment :: Network Map2009201038N
XVBering Glacier :: Network Map200720085N
XVSouthberg, Antarctica :: Network Map2003200611N
XVTacoma Array :: Network Map200120019N
XVKilauea East Rift :: Network Map1999200030N
XVPanama Canal Experiment :: Network Map1997199815N
XWBroadband seismic experiment in NE Uganda to investigate plume-lithosphere interactions :: Network Map201720189N
XWPisagua/Iquique Crustal Tomography to Understand the Region of the Earthquake Source - OBSIP OBS Com :: Network Map2016201651
XWESG Bayou Corne :: Network Map201320143N
XWCRESIS Greeland 2012 :: Network Map201220128N
XWYoung Conjugate Margins Lab in the Gulf of Aden :: Network Map20092011110N
XWSeismic Imaging of the Mantle Beneath the Anatolian-Aegan Domain 200720080N
XWSiple Coast Antarctica, Microearthquake Project 200320060N
XWTien Shan Continental Dynamics :: Network Map1997200128N
XXPIC Test Data :: Network Map201420142N
XYStations deployed for Risk Model Switzerland 201820250N
XYThe Central Iberian Mountain Range a Key Asset to the Deformation Mechanisms of Iberia - PH5 17-016 201720170N
XYPASEIS :: Network Map2013201622N
XYExperiment to Determine Hypocenters and Focal Mechanisms of Earthquake Near Summerville, SC :: Network Map2011201216N
XYChile RAMP :: Network Map2010201067N
XYSeismic Imagining of the Mantle Beneath the Anatolian-Aegan Domain 200720090N
XYBatholith Broadband :: Network Map2005200646N
XYSeismic Imaging of Fractures at Krafta, Iceland :: Network Map2004200422
XYMongolia-Baikal Lithospheric Transect 200320030N
XYNicoya, Costa Rica :: Network Map1999200122N
XYNorthern Baja Transect :: Network Map1997199811N
XZExperiment in Fuego 201820180N
XZVolatile recycling at the Lesser Antilles Arc: Processes and consequences 201620170N
XZMeasuring ambient noise of ocean breakers :: Network Map2015201515N
XZIdaho Teton Dam :: Network Map2014201493N
XZGulf of Mexico USGS Hydrates :: Network Map2013201346N
XZSTEEP: St. Elias Erosion and Tectonics Project :: Network Map2005201222N
XZDHOFAR Seismic Experiment :: Network Map2003200413N
XZ2001 Spokane WA Microearthquake Swarm :: Network Map200120015N
XZErebus II, Anarctica :: Network Map199920008N
XZCascadia/SEED reformat :: Network Map1993199469N
Y1Rock Arches Resonance 201320170N
Y1Libris 201020120N
Y1SCANLIPS2 :: Network Map2007200914N
Y2REMAKE-PUNA 201720210N
Y2Islands of the Four Mountains 2015-16 :: Network Map2015201612N
Y2Safe-CO2 201420140N
Y2Balcombe :: Network Map201320134N
Y2Green County Observation 201220120N
Y2Western Tibet :: Network Map2007201131N
Y3Delaware 2017 Aftershock Study :: Network Map201720188N
Y3SEIS-UK instrument type noise study 201320140N
Y3Vaughan-Lewis Icefall Seismicity Project :: Network Map201220125N
Y3Cornell-USGS Virgina Aftershock iMaging exPeriment: 201120110N
Y3New Zealand OBS land stations /Northern South Island :: Network Map200920104N
Y3Mogul Aftershocks :: Network Map2008200812N
Y3Chile Ridge Subduction (Extension) :: Network Map2007200746N
Y4DanSeis infrastructure installation project Southern Scandinavia 201720190N
Y4Napa Seismic Investigation 2016 PH5 201620160N
Y4Extended Pollino Seismic Experiment, 2014-2015 201420150N
Y4Brazilian Temporary Seismographic Experiments 201320130N
Y4Eastern Mediterranean Seismic :: Network Map201020113N
Y4Mt.Erebus Volcano Observatory-Seismic Refraction Experiment 08 :: Network Map20082009114N
Y4W-ALPS 2004-2007 temporary experiment 200420070N
Y5Canadian Rockies and Alberta Network :: Network Map2006201822
Y6Yellowstone Lake Microseism 2018 (PH5) 201820180N
Y6Rift valley volcanism past present and future :: Network Map2016201746N
Y6QM-III-UK 201320150N
Y6Greenland Supraglacial Lakes :: Network Map2006201220N
Y7Acquisition of aftershock sequence of the 2016 M5.6 Sooner Lake Earthquake :: Network Map2016201820N
Y7MOCHA MT Observations of Cascadia Using a Huge Array 201320150N
Y7Deep OCean Test ARray experiment 201120120N
Y7Mt.Princeton Geothermal System :: Network Map200920109N
Y7Caribbean Andesite Lava Island Precsion Seismo geodetic Observatory :: Network Map2007200830N
Y8Monitoring Entiat Earthquakes in Chelan County, Washington :: Network Map2016201712N
Y8Passive-Source Guided Wave Study along the San Andreas Fault in San Gorgonio Pass, California :: Network Map2013201430N
Y8New Madrid Tremor :: Network Map2009201119N
Y8New England Damage Experiment 200820080N
Y9Rapid Response for Fairview Aftershock in Oklahoma :: Network Map2016201810N
Y9Guerrero Gap Experiment (Mexico) 200920140N
Y9Tocopilla 200720080N
YABack-arc rifting in New Zealand :: Network Map201720197N
YAYucca Valley Seismic Experiment PH5 16-012 201620160N
YAFuego Volcano VLP and tilt experiment Continued 201420150N
YADynamics of the Lake Kivu System :: Network Map201220138N
YAUndervolc 200920110N
YAHLP-3 200820080N
YATransylvanian Basin Attenuation and Anisotropy Deployment (TBAAD) 200620070N
YATorfajokull 2005 :: Network Map2005200532
YA2003MIT-China :: Network Map2003200425N
YABhuj Aftershock Study :: Network Map2001200110N
YACoso Passive Short Period Arrays :: Network Map19982000143N
YBDeep Fault Structure Beneath the Mojave from a High Density,Passive Seismic Profile 201820200N
YBYosemite Valley Deep Refraction Microtremor PH5 17-017 201720170N
YBEvolution of Slow-Spreading Oceanic Crust: South Atlantic :: Network Map2016201635
YBContinental Dynamics/Cent. Anatolian Tectonics:Surface to Mantle Dynamics During collison to Escape :: Network Map2013201572N
YBFaroe Islands Passive Seismic Experiment :: Network Map2011201212N
YBHaiti Earthquake Aftershock Experiment :: Network Map201020101N
YBBatholiths Controlled Source PH5 10-001 :: Network Map200920091N
YBBroadband Array at Mount St. Helens (BAMSH) :: Network Map2005200619N
YBCavola Broadband Dense Array on a Landslide (CABALA) :: Network Map20042004200N
YBRAMP Study of the Northern Dominican Republic (Puerto Plata) :: Network Map2003200312N
YBCentral Zagros 2001 transect (Zagros01) :: Network Map20002001115N
YBSouth Africa Seismic Experiment - Kimberley Telemetered Array :: Network Map1998199932N
YBBlack Thunder Mine :: Network Map199619975N
YCNorth Borneo Orogeny Seismic Survey 201820200N
YCTexas Brine Corporation Louisiana Seismic Network :: Network Map2013201711N
YCRamp Virginia :: Network Map201120127N
YCBezymianny Volcano Campaign Seismic Network (PIRE) :: Network Map2006201017N
YCRABID 200420050N
YCWallowa Mountains :: Network Map200320036N
YCChile Argentina Experiment :: Network Map2000200224N
YCOsa Penninsula, Costa Rica :: Network Map199919996N
YD Seismic Emergency for Molise-Italy by Sismiko 201820190N
YDWhillians Ice Stream Subglacial Access Research Drilling 201220170N
YDSouth Carpathian Project :: Network Map2009201165N
YDReno Basin Deployoment :: Network Map20082008106N
YDSantiaguito Dome Volcano Seismicity :: Network Map200720075N
YDCalabria-Apennine-Tyrrhenian/Subduction-Collision-Accretion Network :: Network Map2003200646N
YDKoacelli, Turkey 199920000N
YETesting TA and FA Vaults and Directly Buried Sensors (3T) :: Network Map2011201828N
YESeaJade I 201020100N
YEGarner Valley High Fidelity Characterization Array (NEES)- EarthScope Flex Array :: Network Map2008200930N
YEBench Glacier Seismic Network :: Network Map200720079N
YEUpper Geyser Basin Seismicity 200620060N
YESeattle Site Response 199920050N
YFHelheim Calving, Greenland :: Network Map201220227N
YFCarboneras Fault Experiment :: Network Map2010201124N
YFSeismic Signature of Landslides 200920090N
YFPASSEQ :: Network Map2007200819N
YFSCANLIPS :: Network Map2006200637N
YFA new survey studies the Northeastern Caribbean plate: GEOPRICO-DO Project :: Network Map200520059
YFNorthern IL. aftershock survey :: Network Map200420046N
YFYellowstone RAMP :: Network Map200320037N
YFMidsea - Mantle Investigation of the Deep Suture between Eurasia and Africa :: Network Map1999200210N
YGFate and consequences of Yakutat terrane subduction beneath eastern Alaska and the Wrangell Volcanic :: Network Map2016201836N
YGDeployment for the Southern Cook Strait Earthquake Sequence :: Network Map2013201414N
YGCollaborative Research: Imaging the Cascadia subduction zone - a ship-to-shore opportunity :: Network Map2012201240N
YGSeismic Imaging of New Transitional Crust in the Salton Trough Oblique Rift 201120110N
YGSan Andreas Virtual Earthquake Experiment Los Angeles :: Network Map2010201010N
YGGauging Rutford Ice Stream Transients :: Network Map2009200910N
YGImaging the Upper Crust at Newberry Volcano Using Large Offset Reflections 200820080N
YGCarpathian Basins Project Regional Array (CBPRA) :: Network Map2005200761N
YGSouth Bay Seismic Array :: Network Map1999200411N
YHSeismometer to Investigate Ice and Ocean Structure (SIIOS) Field Experiment :: Network Map2017201924N
YHPlay Fairway Analysis - Passive monitoring of St. Helens Shear zone for tomography and precision mic :: Network Map2016201620N
YHHikurangi Ocean Bottom Investigation of Tremor and Slow Slip :: Network Map2014201515N
YHDense Array for North Anatolia :: Network Map2012201381N
YHAfrica Array SE Tanzania Basin Experiment :: Network Map201020118N
YHLaBarge- EarthScope Flex Array :: Network Map2008200964N
YHPASO-TRES- EarthScope Flex Array :: Network Map2004200713N
YHImaging Galapagos Upwelling & Neotectonics :: Network Map1999200313N
YISeismo-acoustic Network at Stromboli Volcano, Italy :: Network Map2018201816N
YIMount St. Helens 3C Node Array-PH5 201720170N
YISt Guérin dam experiment 201520160N
YIDAFNE 201120140N
YI2009 Malawi Earthquake :: Network Map201020108N
YISIMBAAD-Etransect (Seismic Imaging of the Mantle Beneath the Anatolian-Aegan Domain) 200820090N
YIGEOPRICO2 :: Network Map200720075
YIRETREAT seismological component :: Network Map2003200651N
YIAntarctic Network of Broadband Seismometers :: Network Map199720025N
YJSeismic Hazard in Port-Au-Prince 201820190N
YJUtah Infrasound from Earthquakes :: Network Map2010201432N
YJEvaluation of ACROSS-type Source for San Andreas Fault 200820080N
YJNELSAM 2007 :: Network Map200720074N
YJChile Ridge Subduction :: Network Map2004200663N
YJEthiopia-Afar Geoscientific Lithospheric Experiment :: Network Map2001200331N
YJTurkey RAMP Deployment :: Network Map1999200033N
YKNorth Bay Seismic Experiment :: Network Map2003201825N
YKCoordinated Seismic Experiment in the Azores :: Network Map200020025N
YLResponse of Continental Hydrothermal Systems to Tectonic, Magmatic, and Climatic Forcing :: Network Map2016201813
YLParnaiba Basin WARR profile PH5 15-021 201520150N
YLSeismo acoustic experiment and initial monitoring effort at Pagan Volcano 201320140N
YLSantiaguito 2012 :: Network Map2012201210N
YLLau Basin OBS Experiment :: Network Map2009201189N
YLNorth Anatolian Fault :: Network Map2005200839N
YLSan Simeon Aftershocks :: Network Map200320048N
YLHimalayan Nepal Tibet Experiment :: Network Map2001200229N
YMAdirondacks Seismic Network 201620190N
YMPhysical controls on ocean-terminating glacier variability in central west greenland :: Network Map201320154N
YMVillarrica Volcano :: Network Map2010201244N
YMTAIwan Integrated GEodynamic Research (TAIGER) :: Network Map2006200968N
YMColumbia Glacier Passive Seismic Experiment :: Network Map2004200511N
YMDenali Fault Aftershocks RAMP :: Network Map2002200314N
YMCentral North Island Passive Seismic Exp 200020010N
YNSan Jacinto Fault Zone Experiment :: Network Map2010201967N
YNETMO: Endeavour Seismic Tomography Experiment :: Network Map2009200964N
YNReverberation :: Network Map2008200820N
YNSocorro Magma Body BB Experiment :: Network Map200520072N
YNSeismic Experiment in Patagonia and Antarctica :: Network Map199920045N
YOYukon Observatory :: Network Map201620254N
YOEastern North America Community Seismic Experiment :: Network Map20142015128
YOSakurajima Infrasound Network :: Network Map201320135N
YOFracture Decoupling Experiment 2 201220120N
YOTidewater Glacier and Ice Marginal Dynamic Behavior :: Network Map201020111N
YOVolacano Geophysics Field Course and Digital Signal Processing at Tungurahua, Ecuador :: Network Map200920097N
YOMogul west Reno 200820080N
YOBroadband Tomography Under Costa Rica and Nicaragua :: Network Map2003200649N
YOTaranaki :: Network Map20012002121N
YOTRACK 199820000N
YPMargin Afar 201720180N
YPFlow and Fracture Dynamics in an Ice Shelf Lateral Margin: Observations and modeling of the McMurdo 201620160N
YPArgostoli earthquake aftershock experiment 201420150N
YPCIFALPS 201220130N
YPNortheast China Extended Seismic Array :: Network Map20092011129N
YPNTS October 2008 200820080N
YPNISD 200420070N
YPSouthern Apennines Tomography Experiment 200120030N
YQAfar Margin Northern Profile 201720190N
YQStudy of Extension and Magmatism in Malawi and Tanzania :: Network Map2013201689
YQSoda Lake DOE :: Network Map20122012174N
YQLincoln Noise Study :: Network Map200920112N
YQNicoya Peninsula Seismic Network 200620080N
YQNorthwest Nevada Seismic Experiment- EarthScope Flex Array :: Network Map2004200529N
YQKatla 2003 :: Network Map200320036N
YQHimalaya Tectonic 200120020N
YRShale Hills Critical Zone Observatory 3D Seismic Experiment PH5 18-016 201820180N
YRArmatrice Sequence International :: Network Map2016201727N
YREritrea Seismic Project 201120120N
YRALFA08 :: Network Map2008201017N
YRDhofar Seismic Experiment II :: Network Map2005200730N
YRNorthern Lake Tahoe Magma Injection Seismic Monitoring Network 200420040N
YRPetrophysical and Seismic Properties of Faroes Basalts :: Network Map20032003175N
YRHorn of Africa (Ethiopa, Yemen) broad-band experiment :: Network Map199920025N
YSTransitions in the Banda Arc-Australia continental collision :: Network Map2014201831N
YSThe life cycle of Andean Volcanoes: Combining space-based and field studies :: Network Map2009201341N
YSAndravida (Greece) Aftershock Experiment 200820080N
YSPlume Lithosphere Undersea Melt Experiment :: Network Map2004200772N
YSGrants Pass Well :: Network Map200120031N
YTPOLENET :: Network Map2007201859N
YTHerdubreid 2006 :: Network Map2006200620N
YTParkfield Fault-Zone Trapped Wave Array- EarthScope Flex Array :: Network Map2004200543N
YTMOBAL 03 :: Network Map2003200328N
YTWest Kunlun 2001 transect (Kunlun01) :: Network Map2001200172N
YUCaribbean-Merida Andes Experiment :: Network Map2016201865N
YUDELTA LEVY Northern California :: Network Map2006201422N
YUMount Saint Helens Broadband 200420050N
YUErta Ale 200320030N
YUSeveral Greek networks 199620020N
YVZETLAB seismo-1 201820180N
YVSeismic experiments at the USGS Debris Flow Flume 201720170N
YVRUM-RHUM 201120160N
YVBering Glacier 2010 :: Network Map2010201027N
YVMultidisiplinary Observations of Subduction (MOOS) :: Network Map2006200934N
YVParkfield 2004 Aftershock Guided Waves :: Network Map2004200515N
YVNorth East Atlantic Tomography (NEAT) :: Network Map2000200313N
YWEssaim Maurienne 2017 201720180N
YW IRIS Community Wavefield Experiment in Oklahoma :: Network Map20162016397N
YWMIDGE:Minimally Invasive Direct Glacial Exploration of Biogeochemistry, Hydrology and Glaciology :: Network Map201320157N
YWNabro Urgency Array 201120120N
YWFlexarray Along Cascadia Experiment for Segmentation- EarthScope Flex Array :: Network Map2007201023N
YWTONGA06 :: Network Map200620067N
YWCascadia Tremor Array 2005 :: Network Map2005200511N
YWCape Verde Mantle Structure :: Network Map2002200410N
YWNorth China Experiment 2000-2001 200020010N
YX Raton Basin UNM Broadband Network :: Network Map201620217N
YXLhasa Block Top to Bottom--Lithospheric Evolution of Asia’s Leading Edge 201320150N
YXFlexarray 3D Passive Seismic Imaging of Core-Complex Extension in the Ruby Range Nevada :: Network Map2010201256N
YXSocorro Swarm 2009 Ramp :: Network Map200920091N
YX2008 SoSAF Ramp Test :: Network Map2008200810N
YXSamoa Lithosphere Integrated Seismic Experiment (SLISE) 200520070N
YXTides 200320040N
YX3FCorinth Tomography 200120020N
YYUTPMY :: Network Map2017202727N
YYExploring extensional tectonics beyond the Ethiopian Rift :: Network Map2013201633N
YYMendenhall Glacier Outburst Flood Seismicity and Next Generation Instrument Testing :: Network Map201220126N
YYKRAFLA-09 :: Network Map20092011114N
YYPredominant Period Measurement in Las Vegas Valley :: Network Map200820086N
YYNorway 05 :: Network Map2005200714N
YYMariana Subdction Factory Experiment :: Network Map2003200440N
YYNCISP1 :: Network Map2000200147
YZEast Pollino Experiment 201720190N
YZEstablishing Background Microseismicity at Proposed Geothermal Site at Cornell Univerity :: Network Map2015201612N
YZNicoya Seismogenic Zone :: Network Map2009201436N
YZBoina Broadband Network :: Network Map2005200712N
YZTabriz Experiment 200420040N
YZBardwell, KY Aftershock Deployment :: Network Map200320037N
Z1Hawaii Nodal RAPID 2018 (PH5) 201820180N
Z1Seismic Triggering Response for Earthquakes around Wellington NZ :: Network Map2016201724N
Z1MT Imaging of the Cascades Volcanic Arc GeoPRISMS/ES MT Experiment 201320150N
Z1Fracture Decoupling Experiment 201120110N
Z1Lau Ridge :: Network Map2009201017N
Z1Imaging the Upper Crust at Newberry Volcano Using large Offset Reflections 200820080N
Z1Northeast Tibet Plateu Seismic Experiment :: Network Map200620077N
Z2Temporary Receivers for Monitoring Bangladesh Earthquakes 201620180N
Z2Galapagos 2014 201420140N
Z2Luther OK :: Network Map201320134N
Z2NOISY :: Network Map2009201214N
Z2HLP 3C Piggy Back 200820080N
Z2HAMNET 200620070N
Z3AlpArray 201520200N
Z3Temp-Sismo12082014 201420140N
Z3Jemez Pueblo Geothermal Exploration :: Network Map201020138N
Z3Active Seismic Study of Episodic Tremor and Slip :: Network Map2009200947N
Z3Mt.Carmel 2008 AFtershock Network :: Network Map2008200814N
Z3EGELADOS network 200520070N
Z4 Seismic data of Santiguito volcano 201420190N
Z4Chilean 2010 post-seismic response :: Network Map201220139
Z4Humming Albratross 201120110N
Z4Appalachian Seismic Transect :: Network Map200920107N
Z4DESIRE 200620080N
Z5A four-dimensional view of deformation in the Eastern Alaska Range - where did the slip on the Denal 201820200N
Z5Vibration measurement at the MROI Inner Beam Combining Area technical slab, instrument optical table :: Network Map201620168N
Z5Seismicity, Structure and Dynamics of the Gorda Deformation Zone :: Network Map2013201564
Z5Rwenzori Seismic Network 200920120N
Z5HLP Active 1CA 200820080N
Z5Tien Shan 200720070N
Z5Tahiti Plume 200520060N
Z6PIRE: Life on a tectonically active delta in Bangladesh :: Network Map2011201711N
Z6Forsyth Deployment near the South Shatsky Fracture Zone :: Network Map2009201011
Z6Mantle Investigations of Norwegian Uplift Structures 200620080N
Z6Meramex 200420040N
Z7PlanB 201820180N
Z7Pisagua/Iquique Crustal Tomography to Understand the Region of the Earthquake Source - GEOMAR OBS Co 201620160N
Z7Norhern Volcanic Zone 201020140N
Z7MROI Vibration Studies :: Network Map200820091N
Z8Champ Captant Lyon 201620170N
Z8Dense Virtual Seismic Array at Pacaya :: Network Map2013201535N
Z8Deep Geothermal "Hotter and Deeper" seismic array :: Network Map2009201139N
Z8 NCISP5 :: Network Map2006200864
Z9Sources of unrest at MOmotombo and MAsaya Volcanoes in NICaragua - MOMANIC Project 201620170N
Z9Southeastern Suture of the Appalachian Margin Experiment :: Network Map2010201491N
Z9Laramide Landslides 200920090N
Z9Korean Peninsula Refraction Profile 200820080N
ZAWellington, Kansas CO2 Sequestration Monitoring :: Network Map2014201915N
ZANoMelt :: Network Map2011201349
ZARussell Glacier Catchment 2009-12 200920100N
ZAColima Volcano Deep Seismic Experiment (CODEX) :: Network Map2006200822N
ZAREFUCA 200220040N
ZATOR-TE 199620000N
ZAChicxulub CP 199519950N
ZAPISCO94 PS 199419940N
ZAKillari 199319930N
ZAErzican 199219920N
ZBRapid Aftershock Deployment for the September 2017 M=8.1 and M.7.1 Earthquakes in Mexico (RADSEM) :: Network Map2017201810N
ZBReno Sedimentary and Volcanic Basins Deep ReMi (PH5) 201620160N
ZBHARP 201020150N
ZBSumatra Segmentation and Aftershocks Deployment :: Network Map20072009133N
ZBSimeulue :: Network Map200520068N
ZBSvekalapko 199819990N
ZBPUNA97 199719970N
ZBAlaska TE 199419960N
ZCGreater Antilles Seismic Program :: Network Map2013202023N
ZCSeismic Detection of Avalanches 201020120N
ZCSinoprobe 02 200920090N
ZCMarianas 2006-2008 :: Network Map200620084N
ZCMt. St.Helens Temporary Array 2005 :: Network Map200520058N
ZCTEDESE 200120040N
ZCVogtland 200020000N
ZCGLATIS 199919990N
ZCTOR-TO 199619970N
ZCAntofagasta 199519950N
ZD4D Integrated Study Using Geology, Geophysics, Reservoir Modeling & Rock Mechanics :: Network Map2014201812N
ZDStudy of the Peruvian Flat Slab :: Network Map2010201340N
ZDSeismcity of Quebrada-Discovery-gofur- Transforms ( QDG) :: Network Map2007200952
ZDTides E 2005 :: Network Map2005200613N
ZDSEISM Seychelles 200320040N
ZDCrete-TE 199619970N
ZEQuito Metacity Network 201820180N
ZESouthern Alaska Lithosphere and Mantle Observation Network :: Network Map2015201728N
ZEMadagascar Seismic Profile 201220140N
ZEMaule Aftershock Survey-GFZ 201020110N
ZEAFAR07 :: Network Map2007200919N
ZESIKKIM 200420060N
ZEBingoel 200320030N
ZESultandagi 200220020N
ZECalixto 199919990N
ZEANCORP-TE 199619970N
ZFRiviere des Pluies 201520220N
ZFBeardmore :: Network Map2012201428N
ZFAlaska Langseth Experiment to Understand the megaThrust :: Network Map2011201142N
ZFGUMBO: Gulf of Mexico Basin Opening 201020100N
ZFAfar Consortium Network :: Network Map2007200936N
ZFTides :: Network Map2005200616N
ZFBAM Earthquake Aftershock Experiment :: Network Map2003200411N
ZFAachen 200220020N
ZFHawaii Plume 199920010N
ZFYakutia 199719980N
ZG27F2 SOW 019 201520210N
ZGSage Brush Flats Nodal Experiment :: Network Map201420141108N
ZGBringing New Tools and Techniques to Bear on Earthquake Hazard Analysis and Mitigation :: Network Map20132013144N
ZGCentral Andean Uplift and the Geodynamics of High Topography :: Network Map2010201251N
ZGWallowa TA 2006-2009- EarthScope Flex Array :: Network Map2006200930N
ZGTides B Upstream :: Network Map2004200414N
ZGTaskForce Bingoel 2003 200320030N
ZGPopcatepetl 199920000N
ZGAdana 199819980N
ZGCariaco 199719970N
ZHPOSA 201620180N
ZHImaging the Floridan Aquifer System Using Seismic Noise :: Network Map201320149N
ZHCOLZA/OSU :: Network Map201120122N
ZHBighorns Short Period :: Network Map20102010172N
ZHBritish Isles Seismic Experiment 200620090N
ZHTides B Grounding Line :: Network Map2004200414N
ZHNW Zagros Transet 200320030N
ZHDuezce 199919990N
ZIInvestigation of crustal structure of the Matador Arch, testing of short period vs long period recei 201620170N
ZIEastern North America Community Seismic Experiment, PH5-15-016 201420150N
ZICoMITAC Morocco-Bristol Network :: Network Map201120136N
ZIBighorns Passive Texan :: Network Map201020102340N
ZIBritish Isles Seismic Experiment (BISE) 200620090N
ZIPolynesian Lithosphere and Upper Mantle Experiment (PLUME) :: Network Map2001200517N
ZIIzmit 199919990N
ZJMongolia Fault Zone Studies 201820180N
ZJUTEP Source Test 2017 201720170N
ZJEstudio de suelos en Manabí (Ecuador) 201620160N
ZJTransantarctic Mountains Northern Network :: Network Map2012201515N
ZJPreparation for WISSARD in Alaska :: Network Map201120116N
ZJCentral China Broadband Experiment 200620100N
ZJHerdubreid 2005 :: Network Map200520055
ZJAlborz Transect 200320030N
ZKNode Soufriere 201720180N
ZKSeismic signature of debris flume experiments :: Network Map2016201660N
ZKVatnajokull Icequake and Tremor Array: Lite 201420140N
ZKGuerrero Coast Experiment 201220130N
ZKAfar Depression Dense Seismic Array :: Network Map2009201118N
ZKUWTremTexBS- EarthScope Flex Array :: Network Map2008200897N
ZKTOLSTOY 200320070N
ZL NZ3D FWI 201720180N
ZLTerrapin 201620160N
ZLNorthern Embayment Lithospheric Experiment :: Network Map2011201582N
ZLShatsky Rise Active Source Experiment OBSIP :: Network Map2010201028N
ZLSierras Pampeanas :: Network Map2007200945N
ZLSea of Cortez Ocean Bottom Array (SCOOBA) :: Network Map200520069
ZLDavid Glacier 2003-2004 :: Network Map200320045N
ZMSeismic Emergency for Ischia by Sismiko 201720190N
ZMColorado Runoff Experiment- Year 2 201620160N
ZMUKFLUV14 :: Network Map201420153N
ZMAGAP :: Network Map2007201330N
ZMSeismicity of the Atlantis Massif, Mid Atlantic Ridge :: Network Map200520065N
ZMUraban Seismology 200320040N
ZMSoutheast Indian Ridge, EW-0114 :: Network Map2001200224
ZNKilauea seismic and infrasound 201720180N
ZNEast Bay Seismic Investigation 2016- PH5 201620160N
ZNSite response in the Washington, DC, area :: Network Map2014201527N
ZNInvestigation of subglacial hydrologic seismic signals, Breidamerkurjokull Glacier, Iceland 201320130N
ZNPapua Peninsula-Woodlark Rift Imaging Experiment :: Network Map2010201143N
ZNMeteo Aruba/Rice Univ :: Network Map200820091N
ZNLithospheric structure of West Greenland :: Network Map200620075N
ZNEnola Arkansas Aftershock Study :: Network Map2001200312N
ZORESOLVE-Argentière 201820180N
ZOCentral Oregon Dense 3C Node Transect - PH5 17-021 201720170N
ZOHIK-Net 201420160N
ZOVaigat 201320130N
ZOErebus Small Array :: Network Map201120126N
ZOHekla Volcano, Iceland :: Network Map201020102N
ZOARC-Vanuatu Seismic Experiment (Volcanoes) 200820090N
ZOUtah 07 :: Network Map2007200729N
ZOSMOGIS :: Network Map2006200610N
ZOTransalp II 200220040N
ZPSeismic Investigation of South Central Oklahoma :: Network Map2016201816N
ZPRoss Ice Shelf Project 201520150N
ZPAfrica Array- Uganda/Tanzania :: Network Map2010201335N
ZPAfrica Array- Uganda/Tanzania :: Network Map2007200937N
ZP3D Site Amplification at Sion, Valais, Switzerland 200420060N
ZPISSA 199920010N
ZQGuagua Pichincha 201720200N
ZQTaku Glacier GEOICE Development Initiative :: Network Map201520162N
ZQImaging the Matador arch using receiver funcitons from Texan dataloggers and short period geophones :: Network Map2013201497N
ZQOklahoma RAMP :: Network Map2011201218N
ZQAfrica Array- S.Africa mine network :: Network Map200620104N
ZQCerro Blanco 200420050N
ZQ NCISP2 :: Network Map2001200341
ZRLaguna del Maule seismic imaging :: Network Map2015201840N
ZREl Tatio :: Network Map20122012100N
ZRBering Glacier 08 :: Network Map2008200822N
ZRBering Glacier Seimic Array :: Network Map200720078N
ZRPVF Test Shots 200620060N
ZRDESERT 200020040N
ZSThe SWATH 201720200N
ZSMeasuring the frequency of ocean breaker induced surface waves for determining swell direction :: Network Map201420141N
ZSSeismicity of East Coast Submarine Landslides :: Network Map2012201316
ZSStick Slip Motion of Engabreen Glacier, Norway 201020110N
ZSCReSIS Greenland Lake Drainage 2009 :: Network Map200920094N
ZSSeismological Network in Northern Tanzania 200720080N
ZSTaskForce Yogyakarta 2006 200620060N
ZSCENMOVE 200220050N
ZTREU: Imaging the Bushveld Complex, South Africa :: Network Map2015202023N
ZTWisconsin, New Zealand and Rensselaer Deployment :: Network Map2012201421N
ZTStudy of the Dynamic of Utiku Landslide (NZ) 200820100N
ZTGulf of Guinea Islands 200520070N
ZTTesting of a Deep-Water, Acoustically-Linked, Moored- Buoy Seafloor Observatory :: Network Map200320041N
ZUSeismic imaging of volcano construction, underplating and flexure along the Hawaiian-Emperor Seamoun 201820190N
ZU OROGEN-X 201520170N
ZUTrans-Haiti 201320140N
ZUGrand Canyon Controlled Flood :: Network Map201220128N
ZURepeating Glacier Quakes on Mount Rainier :: Network Map201120115N
ZUMarine Observations of Anisotropy :: Network Map2009201029N
ZUNorth Tanzania :: Network Map200820083N
ZUPASSEQ :: Network Map2006200711N
ZUTaskForce Waldkirch 2004 200420050N
ZUShear Wave Studies of Hydrate Ridge, Oregon Continental Margin :: Network Map2002200212
ZVGLADYS Maupiti 201820190N
ZVSeismic and Geomorphic Characterization of Mass Wasting Events Associated with the 2017 Brian Head F :: Network Map2017201710N
ZVSeismic Noise Survey of Western Kazakhstan :: Network Map2016201610N
ZVSouthern Lake Tanganyika experiment :: Network Map2014201513N
ZVMalargue Seismic Array :: Network Map2012201339N
ZVWellington Active Source Transect PH5 11-020 201120110N
ZVNortheast Tibet Plateau Seismic Experiment :: Network Map2008201036N
ZVMid Ocean Volcanoes & Earthquakes :: Network Map2007200716
ZVMonitoring of Augustine Volcano Eruption using Ocean Bottom Seismometers :: Network Map200620065N
ZVBOHEMA 200120050N
ZWLocating North Texas Earthquakes :: Network Map2013201885N
ZWJULS 201020120N
ZWTomo Erebus :: Network Map2007200925N
ZWTIPTEQ North 200420050N
ZXBransfield Strait 201920200N
ZXMADAM 201520180N
ZXGisborne-Mahia Seismic Tremor Array 201120140N
ZXBoulby Cliffs 200820100N
ZXCosta Rica Poco Sol :: Network Map200520073N
ZXNCISP3 :: Network Map2003200447
ZYPortable Southern California Seismic Networks :: Network Map1990202593N
ZZTexas-Geothermal Seismic Exploration and Monitoring Via Ambient Seismic Noise Interferometry :: Network Map2017201820N
ZZ USGS Puerto Rico Trench :: Network Map201520166N
ZZVirginia seismic experiment :: Network Map2013201418N
ZZCollaborative Research: Imaging the Cascadia subduction zone - a ship-to-shore opportunity :: Network Map2012201215N
ZZMAOTECTRA-1 :: Network Map2011201145N
ZZUniv. of Chicago Teaching and Outreach :: Network Map201020101N
ZZLithospheric Structure of the Puna Plateau 200720090N

Virtual Network List (62) :: Click column title to sort :: Jump to permanent networks or temporary networks or assembled data
Virtual NetworkDescriptionStart DateEnd DateStations
_AFTACAFTAC contributed stations and arrays Network Map1998/01/012599/12/3167
_ANSS-BBAdvanced National Seismic System Backbone Stations Network Map2004/01/012599/12/3195
_ANTARCTICAAntarctic Stations operating below 60 deg South Network Map1981/01/012599/12/31371
_ANUANU - Research School of Earth Sciences (RSES) Network Map1992/01/012599/12/3154
_ARCTICArctic Seismic Stations operating above 60 deg North Network Map1977/04/012599/12/31939
_ARIZONAArizona Seismic Stations Network Map2000/01/012599/12/3113
_CARIBE-EWSICG Caribe EWS Reference Network Stations Network Map1992/01/012599/12/31170
_CASChinese Academy of Sciences Network Map2000/01/012599/12/31373
_CASCADIANSF Cascadia Initiative Network Map2009/08/012599/12/31372
_CASCADIA_OBSCascadia Offshore/OBS Data Network Map2010/01/012599/12/31269
_CASCADIA-TANSF Cascadia Initiative, Earthscope TA Network Map2009/10/102599/12/3132
_CE3RNCentral Eastern Europe Earthquake Research Network Network Map2001/01/012599/12/3185
_CERI-TEMPORARYCenter for Earthquake Research and Information-TEMPNETS Network Map1998/01/012599/12/31247
_CEUSNCentral Eastern United States Network Network Map2013/09/012599/12/31406
_FDSNFDSN network stations Network Map1940/03/012599/12/31214
_FDSN-ALLAll FDSN Member Network Stations Available at IRIS DMC Network Map1990/01/012599/12/312403
_GLISNGreenland Icesheet Monitoring Network Network Map1990/01/012599/12/3135
_GNSInstitute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences, New Zealand Network Map2000/01/012599/12/3171
_GRO-CHILEGlobal Reporting Geophysical Observatories in Chile Network Map2013/01/012599/12/3110
_GSNGlobal Seismographic Network stations and arrays Network Map1988/01/012599/12/31228
_GSN-BROADBANDGlobal Seismographic Network broadband stations Network Map1988/01/012599/12/31173
_HAWAIISeismic Stations Deployed in the Hawaiian Island Chain Network Map1990/01/012599/12/31637
_ILARILAR Eilson, Alaska Array Network Map1998/01/012599/12/3120
_IMADInternational Maule Aftershock Data Network Map2010/02/272599/12/31141
_INT-NON_FDSNInternational But Non-FDSN Member Networks Network Map1990/01/012599/12/312757
_LACSNBogota Challenge Networks for 2014 Data Workshop Network Map2013/01/012599/12/31605
_NETQUAKESNetQuakes Network Stations-USGS Network Map2009/01/012599/12/31510
_NICENorth Iceland- Geological Survey of Estonia Network Map2000/01/012599/12/3186
_NVARNVAR Mina, Nevada Array Network Map2003/01/012599/12/3114
_OBSIPU.S. National Ocean Bottom Seismograph Instruments Network Map2001/01/012599/12/311912
_OBSIP_LDEOOBSIP Experiments from LDEO Network Map2001/01/012599/12/31302
_OBSIP_SIOOBSIP Experiments from SIO Network Map2001/01/012599/12/31699
_OBSIP_WHOIOBSIP Experiments from WHOI Network Map2001/01/012599/12/31917
_OGSOklahoma Geological Survey Seismic Monitoring Program Network Map2011/01/012599/12/3193
_PACNWPacific Northwest Seismic Stations Network Map1960/01/012599/12/31739
_PAS-NODESPASSCAL Vault-Fairfield Node test with reference sensor Network Map2015/02/112599/12/319
_PAS-OPENIRIS PASSCAL Unrestricted Stations Network Map1990/01/012599/12/311845
_PASSCALIRIS PASSCAL Experiment Stations Network Map1990/01/012599/12/3115961
_PAS-TESTIRIS PASSCAL Direct Burial and Install Testing stations Network Map2001/01/012599/12/3130
_PBOPlate Boundary Observatory (EarthScope) Network Map2005/01/012599/12/31121
_PDARPDAR Pinedale, Wyoming Array Network Map1998/01/012599/12/3115
_PENNPennsylvania State Geological Survey Network Map2004/04/012599/12/3141
_PICTURESPisagua/Iquique Chile Crustal Tomography Network Map2015/01/012599/12/3151
_REALTIMEStations collected and served in real time at the DMC Network Map1960/01/012599/12/313627
_SAFODSAFOD (EarthScope) Network Map2002/01/012599/12/3132
_SEIS-UKUniv. of Leicester Experiment Stations Network Map2000/01/012599/12/31789
_SISMOB-FRFrench Temporary Seismic Deployments Network Map2000/01/012599/12/31245
_STHELENS-1980Digitized analog seismic tapes, spring 1980 Mt. St. Helens Network Map1980/01/011980/12/3118
_STS-1Stations Operating STS-1 sensors Network Map1982/05/022599/12/31227
_TXARTXAR Lajitas, Texas Array Network Map2000/01/012599/12/3112
_US-ALLAll USArray (EarthScope) stations Network Map2003/08/132599/12/317633
_US-BBUSArray Backbone (EarthScope) stations Network Map2003/08/132599/12/3141
_US-BB+AUSArray Backbone stations + AFTAC array elements Network Map2003/08/132599/12/3179
_US-EARNIRIS Education and Research Network Network Map2006/01/012599/12/3135
_US-FAUSArray Flexible Array (EarthScope) stations Network Map2004/10/012599/12/314154
_US-MTAll USArray Magnetotelluric (EarthScope) stations Network Map2006/08/012599/12/311227
_US-MT-BBUSArray Magnetotelluric Backbone stations Network Map2008/01/012599/12/317
_US-MT-TAUSArray Magnetotelluric Transportable Array stations Network Map2006/08/012599/12/311257
_US-REFUSArray Reference Network stations Network Map2004/01/012599/12/31119
_US-REGIONALUS Regional Networks Network Map1980/01/012599/12/314783
_US-TAUSArray Transportable Array (EarthScope) stations Network Map2004/04/012599/12/312133
_US-TA-ADOPTEDEarthScope USArray Adopted Stations Network Map2004/04/012599/12/31120

Assembled Data Sets (586)  :: Click column title to sort :: Jump to permanent networks or virtual networks or temporary networks
Report No.NameNicknameFormatTypeStartEndDataReports
18-023 Cholame Nodal Array 2018 (PH5)cholame_2018PH5 (SEGY)Other20182018NN
18-022 Rattlesnake Ridge 2018 v2 (PH5)rs_ridge_2018v2PH5 (SEGY)Other20182018YN
18-021 Yellowstone Lake Microseism 2018 (PH5)YL-Micros-2018 (PH5)PH5 (SEGY)Other20182018NN
18-020 Hawaii Nodal RAPID 2018 (PH5)HAW-RAP-2018 (PH5)PH5 (SEGY)Other20182018NN
18-019 A Study of the Fault Geometry in the Noble HillsNoble HillsSEGYPASSCAL20172017Y
18-018 Playa1Playa1PH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20172017NN
18-017 Bransfield StraitBransfieldSEGYOBSIP20192020NN
18-016 Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory 3D Seismic Exp... Shale Hills CZO 3DPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20182018NN
18-015 Seismic imaging of volcano construction, underplatin... HI-EmperorSEGYOBSIP20182019NN
18-014 Southern Sierra Nevada Critical Zone Observatory 201... SierraNevadaCZO-2011SEGYPASSCAL20112011Y
18-013 Galilee Seismic Experiment: crustal and sedimentary ... GSEPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20182018NN
18-012 University of Wyoming Critical Zone StudyUWYO_CriticalZoneSEGYPASSCAL20102010Y
18-011 Costa RicaCostaRicaSEGYPASSCAL20072008Y
18-010 Seismic measurements of magma flux, arc composition,... MARGINSSEGYPASSCAL20052005Y
18-009 Indio RanchIndio RanchPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20162016YN
18-008 Defining Ramp Structure at Borax LakeRAMP1SEGYPASSCAL20152015Y
18-007 Napa17Napa17SEGYPASSCAL20172017NN
18-005 Geophysical characterization of karst aquifers using... FL_KarstPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20182020NN
18-004 Indian Heaven 2017IH17PH5 (SEGY)Other20172017NN
18-003 Long Valley Caldera Full Waveform TomographyLVCFWISACUSGS19962016Y
18-002 Rattlesnake Ridge 2018RattlesnakePH5 (SEGY)other20182018YN
18-001 An Assembled Western US Dataset for Regional Seismic... WesternUS-CDROMSEGYOther19682002Y
17-034 Active source acquisition in the Unaweep Canyon (Wes... UnaweepPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20172017NN
17-033 UTEP Source Test 2017UTEP Source TestPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20172017NN
17-032 Rapid Aftershock Deployment for the September 2017 M... RAPID MexicoPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20172018NN
17-031 Lemon Creek Glacier - UTEPLCGPH5 (SEGY)OTHER20172017NN
17-030 Collaborative Research: East Antarctic Outlet Glacie... BeardmoreSEGYPASSCAL20122014Y
17-029 Upper Geyser Basin Imaging Experiment FALL 2017UU-UGB-2017PH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20172018YN
17-028 SinoProbe: Northeast China TransectSinoProbePH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20112011YN
17-027 Imaging of an Active Fault in Central Wyoming: The O... OwlCreekSEGYPASSCAL20142014Y
17-026 High Resolution Imaging of the Dallas-Derby Dome int... DallasDomeSEGYPASSCAL20122012Y
17-025 Dallas Dome High Resolution Seismic LineDallasSEGYPASSCAL20152015Y
17-024 Thousand Palms OasisThousandPalmsSEGYPASSCAL20152015Y
17-023 Seismic Reflection Profile Across an Active Fault Sc... BoysenReservoirSEGYPASSCAL20162016Y
17-022 Geothermal Seismic Exploration and Monitoring Via Am... RaPiERSEGYPASSCAL20172018Y
17-021 Central Oregon Dense 3C Node TransectCascadia 2017PH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20172017YN
17-020 Trinity River Lowden Ranch Array 2015Lowden ArrayPH5 (SEGY)Other20152015YN
17-019 Mount St. Helens 3C Node ArrayMSH 2017PH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20172017YN
17-018 High Altitude Student Platform Stratospheric Acousti... HASPSACPASSCAL20152015Y
17-017 Yosemite Valley Deep Refraction MicrotremorYOSREMIPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20172017NN
17-016 The Central Iberian Mountain Range a Key Asset to th... CIMDEFPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20172017NN
17-015 East USEASTUSREFTEKOther20142014YN
17-014 Northern MississippiNorthMSREFTEKOther20112013YN
17-013 Seismic experiments at the USGS Debris Flow FlumeFlume 2.0PH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20172017YN
17-012 Source Physics Experiment 4PrimeSPE-4PrimeSACOther20152015Y
17-011 Rockrisk (2014-2016) field testsRR1416-FTASCII.SG2Other20152016Y
17-010 San Bernardino Basin (USGS) - Jan 2017 nodal deploym... SanBernardinoBasinCAPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20172017YN
17-009 TAIGER active source explosion pilot testTAIGER PilotPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20062006Y
17-008 Large -n Seismic Survey in OklahomaLASSOPH5 (SEGY)USGS20162016YN
17-007 Hansel Valley seismi reflection profileHansel ValleySEGYPASSCAL20122012Y
17-006 Seismic reflection survey on Taku GlacierTakuSeismicSEGYPASSCAL20162016Y
17-005 SMU Lajitas Seismic Station ArchiveTXARarchiveCSSSMU19941995YN
17-004 Arroyo profileARROYOSEGYPASSCAL20162016Y
17-003 Calibration of Regional seismic Stations in the Midd... Calibration-TurkeySACPASSCAL20022002Y
17-002 3-D Glacier Imaging3-D Glacier ImagingSEGYPASSCAL20072007Y
17-001 Component Technologies R+D: Joint inversion, elect.+... BSU/CSMSEGYPASSCAL20102010N
16-024 Mount Rainier Full Waveform Ambient Noise Tomography... RAINIER-ANT-FWISACUSGS20002014Y
16-023 Subsurface to outcrop: seismic imaging and interpret... KaiparowitsSEGYPASSCAL20132013Y
16-022 Investigation of crustal structure of the Matador Ar... Matador 2PH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20162017YN
16-021 East Bay Seismic ExperimentEBSI-16PH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20162016Y
16-020 TerrapinHTPPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20162016NN
16-019 TopoGreenland/CopenhagenTopoGreenlandPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20112011Y
16-018 Napa Seismic Investigation 2016 - PH5NSI-16PH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20162016Y
16-016 Seismic Reflection Profiles in the Northern Mississi... USGSVibroseisSEGYUSGS19771979Y
16-015 Wavefields Community Demonstration ExperimentWavefieldsDemoPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20162016YN
16-014 Tien ShanTienShanPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20072007Y
16-012 Yucca Valley Seismic ExperimentYucca ValleyPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20162016NN
16-010 Study of Extension and maGmatism in Malawi aNd Tanza... SEGMeNT SEGYOBSIP20152015Y
16-009 University of Oregon, Field Geophysics, Fall 2014UOFG2014SEGYPAASCAL20142014Y
16-008 University of Oregon Field Geophysics 2013UOFG2013SEGYPASSCAL20162016Y
16-007 Taku Glacier seismic reflection survey, 2015-2016TakuSEGYPASSCAL20152015Y
16-006 Reno Sedimentary and Volcanic Basins Deep ReMiRSVBDeepReMiPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20162016NN
16-005 Chile as a laboratory for understanding the impact o... Chile-SIOSEGYOBSIP20162016Y
16-004 Fall City hydrology/depth-to-basementFallsCityHydroSEGYPASSCAL20152015Y
16-003 Evolution of Slow-Spreading Oceanic Crust: South Atl... CRESTSEGYOBSIP20162016Y
16-002 Monte Vista Fault surveyMonteVistaSEGYUSGS19951995Y
16-001 Eastern North American Margin Explosives TestUTEP-ENAMPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20132013Y
15-027 Integrated Geosciences in the Merida Andes, Venezuel... GIAMEPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20152015NN
15-026 Ridgely TN 2008RDG4SEGYUSGS20082008Y
15-025 Commerce Geophysical LineamentCommerceSEGYUSGS19961997Y
15-024 Characterizing the hydrogeologic components of burie... PeruHydrologySEGYPASSCAL20152015Y
15-023 Small Chemical Blasts as Field Scale Analogues for V... ManMadeMaarsSEGYPASSCAL20142014Y
15-022 Ross Ice Shelf ProjectRossIceShelfProjectSEGYPASSCAL20152015NN
15-021 Parnaiba Basin WARR profile - YL2015PABIPPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20152015Y
15-020 South Reelfoot Lake reflection profilesSRL95SEGYUSGS19951996Y
15-019 Climax Stock Nine-Component Seismic Anisotropy Study... ClimaxAnisotropySEGYPASSCAL20112011Y
15-018 GeoGirls outreach experiment at Mount St. HelensGeoGirlsPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20152015Y
15-017 Source and Instrumentation tests in preparation for ... HigleyBasinTestsSEGYPASSCAL20072007Y
15-016 Collaborative research: A community seismic experime... ENAMCSEPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20152015Y
15-015 Tomographic Imaging of Silali and Paka VolcanoesSILALIPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20122012Y
15-014 Dynamics of subglacial erosion of soft marine sedime... BOOMTAKUAKSEGYPASSCAL20142016Y
15-013 Collaborative Research: Developing a Methodology for... SAFODCrossHoleSEGYPASSCAL20092010Y
15-012 University of Oregon Field GeophysicsUOFGSEGYPASSCAL20122012Y
15-011 Scientific drilling for human origins: Exploring the... HomininEvolSEGYPASSCAL20082008Y
15-010 Tiptonville Dome Seismic Reflection Experiment-1994... WATERFALLSEGYUSGS19941994Y
15-009 Seismic Array of the SevilletaSevArrayPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20152015Y
15-008 Crustal magma plumbing of the Santorini volcanic sys... SantoriniSEGYOBSIP20152016Y
15-007 Measuring the frequency of ocean breaker induced sur... SwellsSEGYPASSCAL20142014Y
15-006 MSH Node ArrayMSHNodesPH5 (SEGY)UNM20142014NN
15-005 Tests of shallow surface waves in 3-d, AlbuquerqueALQShallowTestsSEGYPASSCAL20032003Y
15-004 Meade, Kansas, seismic reflection experimentMEADESEGYUSGS19971997Y
15-003 Canby, OR, hi-res reflection experimentCANBYSEGYUSGS20012001Y
15-002 Active Source investigation for PALSIE at Poker Flat... PALSIESEGYPASSCAL20142014Y
15-001 USGS Mercer Island 2006 Vibroseis ExperimentMercer2006SEGYUSGS20062006Y
14-068 Source Physics Experiment 3SPE3SACUNR-DOE20122012Y
14-067 Source Physics Experiment 2SPE2SACUNR-DOE20112011Y
14-066 Santa Rosa, CA - 2008DoyleParkSEGYUSGS20082008Y
14-065 Galena, AK, seismic experiment, 2000GalenaSEGYUSGS20002000Y
14-064 Greenland Ice Seismic ExperimentGreenISESEGYPASSCAL20152015NN
14-063 Seismic imaging the Manila high-Big Lake, ArkansasBigLakeSEGYUSGS19951995Y
14-062 West Seattle 2005 Weightdrop ExperimentWestSeattle-2005SEGYUSGS20052005N
14-061 Ord Nebraska shallow reflection experimentOrdNE1996SEGYUSGS19961996Y
14-060 High-Resolution Seismic Surveys of Plate-Boundary Fa... SaltonSeaSEGYPASSCAL20082008Y
14-059 Salton Seismic Imaging Project-test shotsSSIP-testSEGYPASSCAL20092009Y
14-058 Arroyo Seco-Pasadena, CAArroyoSecoSEGYPASSCAL20072007Y
14-057 Box Canyon Seismic ExperimentBoxCanyonSEGYPASSCAL20142014Y
14-056 Chesapeake BayChesapeake04SEGYPASSCAL20042004Y
14-055 Palmdale San AndreasPalmdaleSEGYPASSCAL20092009Y
14-054 Parkfield SAFOD Investigation (2003)Parkfield03SEGYPASSCAL20032003Y
14-053 Parkfield SAFOD Investigation (2002)Parkfield02SEGYPASSCAL20022002Y
14-052 Monitoring MEQ activity during pulsed injection at g... MEQReservoirSEGYPASSCAL20012001Y
14-051 Meeman-Shelby Forest seismic profilesShelbyForestSEGYUSGS19992001Y
14-050 Eastern Santa Clara Valley Seismic InvestigationESantaClaraSEGYPASSCAL20032003Y
14-049 Southern Illinois Seismic ProfilesS.IllinoisSEGYUSGS19982003Y
14-048 Rice University 3D Shallow Target studies 2012Rice3D2102SEGYPIC20122012Y
14-047 Spokane, Washington 2012 Minivib ExperimentSpokaneSEGYUSGS20122012Y
14-046 Eastern Washington 2012 Minivib ExperimentE.WA.2012SEGYUSGS20122012Y
14-045 2009 Wind River ReflectionWISPSEGYPASSCAL20102010Y
14-044 Rice University Shallow Seismic Surveys in HoustonRICESEGYPASSCAL20112011Y
14-043 Dallas-Derby Dome Interchange AreaDDintSEGYPASSCAL20132013Y
14-042 Owl Creek 2OwlCreek2SEGYPASSCAL20132013Y
14-040 Integrated Geosciences in the Merida Andes, Venezuel... GIAMEPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20132014Y
14-039 Transformative Behavior of Energy, Water and Carbon ... VallesCalderaSEGYPASSCAL20122012Y
14-038 Seattle Uplift seismic profileSEATTLE08SEG-2USGS20082008Y
14-037 Olympia 2010OLYMPIASEGYUSGS20102010Y
14-036 Comparison of gradiometry to beam formingBeam-GradientSEGYPASSCAL20132013Y
14-035 2014 NAPA Earthquake Response/RAMPNAPARampPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20142014Y
14-034 A Deep-AUV Magnetic and Seismic Study of the Hawaiia... HawaiiJQZSEGYPASSCAL20112012Y
14-033 San Bernardino, CA vibroseis experiment - 1999SanBernardino99SEGYUSGS19991999Y
14-032 Illuminating the architecture of the greater Mount S... MtStHelensPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20142014YN
14-031 Source Phenomenology ExperimentSPEArizonaSEGYPASSCAL20042004Y
14-030 Santa Rosa, CA, seismic reflection experimentSantaRosaSEG2USGS20072007Y
14-029 Marianna, AR, high resolution seismic profiles Marianna2010SEG2USGS20102010Y
14-028 Pilot Seismic Reflection Investigation in Portland, ... PORTLANDSEG2USGS20082008Y
14-027 Central Coastal California Seismc Imaging Project CCCSIPSEGYPGE20112012Y
14-026 Seismic Investigation of Proposed Scientific Drillin... OLORGESAILIESEGYPASSCAL20112011Y
14-025 Aftershock Imaging with Dense Arrays: Oct 2012 Maine... AIDAMainePH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20122012Y
14-024 Reflection imaging using railroad noise as seismic s... BelenReflectionPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20142014Y
14-023 Crustal Imaging of the South Georgia Basin and Suwan... SUGARPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20142014Y
14-022 Central Arkansas Induced Earthquakes 2010-2011CentralArkSACCERI20102012YN
14-021 A community seismic experiment targeting the pre-, s... ENAMPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20142014YN
14-020 Coachella Valley mini-SOSIECOACHELLASEGYUSGS19911991Y
14-019 Rock Canyon, UT 2006RockCanyonSEG2USGS20062006Y
14-018 Spanish Fork, UT 2006SpanishForkSEGYUSGS20062006Y
14-017 Source Physics Experiment 1SPE1SACUNR-DOE20112011Y
14-016 South Jordan, UT minivib experiment SJordan.MiniVibeSEGYUSGS20032003Y
14-015 East Bay SeismicEastBay2002SEGYPASSCAL20022002Y
14-014 Seismic-Reflection Profiling Along the Northeastern ... CupertinoSEGYUSGS20032003Y
14-013 San Gregorio 2005SG05SEGYPASSCAL20052005Y
14-012 New Mexico Tech, ERTH 325 class, Spring 2014NMT_ERTJ325SEGYPASSCAL20142014Y
14-011 Arkansas long-term deformation experimentREELFOOTSEGYUSGS20082008Y
14-010 Texas Springs synclineDeathValleyNPSEGYUSGS19991999Y
14-009 Crowley Ridge seismic reflection profileCrowleyRidgeSEGYUSGS20062006Y
14-008 Seismic Reflection Transect-Lepanto, ARLepanto 2006SEGYUSGS20062006N
14-007 Truckee Meadows Basin Seismic Reflection Imaging Exp... RENOSEGYUSGS20092009Y
14-006 USGS, NEES@UTAustin collaborative experiment, Garner... GarnerValleySEGYUSGS20042004Y
14-005 Eastern North America Community Seismic ExperimentENAMSEGYOBSIP20142014Y
14-004 Seismic reflection study of the geometry and kinemat... ClearCreekSEGYPASSCAL20112011Y
14-003 Evergreen Basin seismic experimentEVERGREEN-SanJoseSEGYUSGS20022002Y
14-002 East Bay Seismic ExperimentEBSEPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20132013Y
14-001 Sierra Valley CA reflectionSIERRAVALLEYSEGYUSGS20112011Y
13-014 Lab for introductory seismology courseEPS166SEGYPASSCAL20122012Y
13-013 Bringing New Tools and Techniques to Bear on Earthqu... PASISEGYPASSCAL20132013Y
13-012 New Mexico Coupling of SeismicDynamicsPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20122012Y
13-011 Japan Subduction ZoneJapanSubductionSEGYPASSCAL20022002Y
13-010 Gulf of Mexico USGS HydratesHYDRATESSEGYUSGS/WHOI20132013YN
13-009 New England Damage Experiment Phase IINEDE2PH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20132013Y
13-008 Marlborough Fault Zone Study/Taupo Reflection Survey... NZ reflectionSEGYPASSCAL20052005Y
13-007 MARINER: Seismic Investigation of the Rainbow Hydrot... MARINERSEGYOBSIP20122014Y
13-006 Salton Sea Imaging ProjectSSIPSEGYPASSCAL20112011Y
13-005 Seismic Transect Across the Okavango Rift ZoneSEISORZPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20132013Y
13-004 Fracture decoupling experiment 2Decoupling12PH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20122012Y
13-003 Seismic Investigation of Faulting in the River Mount... RVM05SEGYPASSCAL20062006NN
13-002 Deformation and magmatic modification of a steep con... IDORPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20122012Y
13-001 Seismic surface waves to characterize complex system... SSWCCSSEGYPASSCAL20092010Y
12-015 Evolution and hydration of the Juan de Fuca crust an... OCEANUSSEGYOBSIP20122012Y
12-014 1997 Los Angeles Basin PSELABPSESEGYUSGS19971997Y
12-011 Geophysical Study of Ice Stream Stick Slip Dynamics... Whillans Ice Stream IISEGYPASSCAL20112012NN
12-010 Coherency of Rotational and Translations Wavefields... TRANS-ROTATIONSEGYPASSCAL20122012Y
12-009 Ambient Nose GradiometryNOISESEGYPASSCAL20112011Y
12-007 Wide Angle Seismic Reflection Experiment Across the ... ALCUDIA-WAPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20122012Y
12-006 Fracture Decoupling ExperimentFDEPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20112011Y
12-005 Humming Albatross HALPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20112011Y
12-004 Seismic Absorption and Modulus Measurements in Porou... SHALSASEGYPASSCAL20022002Y
12-003 Cornell-USGS Virgina Aftershock Imaging ExperimentCU-VAMPPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20112011Y
12-002 Coulman High VSP, Antaractica 2010CHVSP-UCSBPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20102011Y
12-001 No MeltNOMELTSEGYOBSIP20112013Y
11-025 Salton Sea Project - SIOSaltonSea-SIOsegyOBSIP20112011Y
11-024 Alaska Langseth Experiment to Understand the megaThr... ALEUTSEGYOBSIP-SIO20112011Y
11-023 GeysersGeysersSEGYPASSCAL19911991YN
11-022 EvergreenEVERGREEN-1999SEGYPASSCAL19991999Y
11-021 Seismic Wide Angle across the RIFTRIFSISPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20112011Y
11-020 Wellington Active Source TransectSAHKEPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20112011Y
11-019 Boulder Creek/BetassoBETASSOSEGYPASSCAL20112011Y
11-018 Gulf of Mexico Hydrates Research Consortium and Seaf... GOMEXICOSEGYOBSIP20112011Y
11-017 Gulf of Alaska Active Source ExperimentGOALASKA-WHOISEGYOBSIP20102011Y
11-016 Bering Sea Active Source ExperimentBERINGSEASEGYOBSIP20102011Y
11-015 Hydrological Imaging using Shallow SeismicsHISSSEGYPIC20102011Y
11-014 Surprise Valley FaultSurpriseSEGYPASSCAL20092009NN
11-013 La Plata River, SW Colorado, Old Ford Lewis ArrayOFLASEGYPASSCAL20102010Y
11-012 Seismic Imaging of New Transitional Crust in the Sal... SSIPPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20112011Y
11-011 New Mexico Tech Earth325EARTH325SEGYPASSCAL20102010Y
11-010 Laramide basement faulting in secondary basin margin... LARAMIDE-BFSEGYPASSCAL20092009Y
11-009 Pearl Hot Springs IPEARLSEGYPASSCAL/UTEP20112011Y
11-008 U-Boat Geothermal Exploration ProgramUBOATSACPASSCAL20002001Y
11-006 Sonoma 09ROCSISSEGYPASSCAL20092009Y
11-005 La Pine Newberry 10LaPINESEGYPASSCAL20102011Y
11-004 Puc09PUC09SEGYPASSCAL20092009Y
11-003 Seismic Signature of LandslidesLARAMIDETRDPASSCAL20092009Y
11-001 Gulf of Mexico Basin OpeningGUMBOPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20102010Y
10-024 Chesapeake CraterCHESAPEAKE06SEGYPASSCAL/USGS20062006Y
10-023 San Bernardino Hi Res seismic reflection;refraction ... SanBernardino3SEGYPASSCAL20032003Y
10-022 Shatsky RiseSHATSKYSEGYOBSIP20102010Y
10-021 Erebus Tomography and Source StudiesTOMO_EREBUSPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20072009Y
10-020 East PotrilloE-POTRILLOSEGYPASSCAL20082008Y
10-019 Characterization of Lake Amundsen-Scott, S.Pole: A G... POLELAKESEGYPASSCAL20062007Y
10-018 Tonopah Test Range Surface Wave StudyTTRSEGYPASSCAL20042001Y
10-017 BigHorns ActiveBighornsActivePH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20102010Y
10-016 Study of the Crustal Structure of Northern VietnamREDRIVERPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20102010Y
10-015 PASSCAL Extraordinary Mini-Vibe TestMINI-VIBEPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20102010NN
10-014 Earthquake Swarms and Aseismic Slip in the Salton Tr... ObsidianCreepPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20102010Y
10-012 Seismic Experiment Active Caribbean Andesite Lava Is... Sea CalipsoPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20072007Y
10-010 TangshanTANGSHANPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20102010Y
10-009 Sinoprobe 02Sinoprobe-2PH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20092009Y
10-008 Seismic Imaging of the Moroccan AtlasSIMAPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20102010Y
10-007 Parkfield Area Seismic Observatory-Densification of ... PASO-DOSSACUSGS20012002YN
10-006 Apollo Active Seismic Data, ASE and LSPE in segyAPOLLO.ASEandLSPE.segySEGYStanford/NASA19711972Y
10-005 Evaluation of ACROSS-type source for the SAN ANDREAS... USAcrossPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20082008Y
10-004 Antarctic Dry Valleys Seismic SurveysADVSS_MCMURDOSEGYPASSCAL20062007YN
10-003 South Puget Sound high resolution seismic surveysSOUTHPUGETSEGYUSGS20042005Y
10-002 Desert Peak - BradyBRADYSEGYPASSCAL20042004Y
10-001 Batholiths Controlled SourceBATHOLITHS-ACTIVEPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20092009Y
09-015 Mt.Erebus Volcano Observatory-Seismic Refraction Exp... MEVO-SR 08SEGYPASSCAL20082009NN
09-014 3-D Seismic Tomography Experiment at the Endeavour R... ETOMOSEGYOBSIP20092009Y
09-013 Lau Spreading Center Active Source InvestigationLSCAN-psegypsegyOBSIP20092009Y
09-012 Lau Spreading Center Active-source InvestigationLSCANSEGYOBSIP20092009Y
09-011 Granite Harbor/MacKay Sea ValleyMSVSEGYPASSCAL20072007Y
09-009 Offshore New HarborNEWHARBOR SEGYPASSCAL20082008Y
09-008 Portland Earthquake Hazards ArrayPEHASACUSGS20092500YN
09-007 Frozen RockFRESEGYPASSCAL20062006Y
09-006 HLP 3C Piggy Back-RT130HLP3C-RT130PH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20082008Y
09-005 Korean Peninusla Refraction ProfileKOREANPENINSULAPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20082008Y
09-004 Seattle Urban Hazards ArraysSEAHASACUSGS19992009Y
09-002 Lau Basin Ocean Bottom Seismograph SurveyLABATTS-1994SACOBSIP19941994YN
09-001 Deep Seismic Sounding Earthquake Seismic RecordsDSS-EQEVENTSSEGYOTHER19841990YN
08-024 Seis.Meas. of Magna Flux Arc Composition & Lower Pla... CostaRica-SIO.psegypsegyOBSIP20082008YN
08-021 Understanding the Causes of Continental Intraplate T... HLP ACTIVE 1C-APH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20082008Y
08-020 HLP3C Piggy PackHLP3CPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20082008Y
08-019 Imagining the Upper Crust at Newberry Volcano Using ... NEWVOLPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20082008Y
08-018 New England Damage ExperimentROCKDAMAGEPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20082008Y
08-017 Bay Area Earthquake Hazards ArrayBAYSJOHASACUSGS19992020Y
08-016 San Andreas Fault Observatory at DepthSAFOD_TILTUPDUS-FA20052007Y
08-015 San Jacinto GrabenSANJACSEGYUSGS19931993Y
08-014 Oceanic Transform Faulting:Forshocks,Seismic & Aseis... QDGSEGYOBSIP20082009Y
08-013 San Fernando ExperimentSANFERNSEGYUSGS19951995Y
08-012 Seis.Meas. of Magna Flux Arc Composition & Lower Pla... COSTARICA2SEGYOBSIP20082008Y
08-011 March Air Base 1996MAFBSEGYUSGS19961996Y
08-010 Florida Karst 1997FLORIDA97SEGYUSGS19971997Y
08-009 Evergreen Basin, San Jose EVERGREEN.SanJose2003SEGYUSGS20032003Y
08-008 Flexarray Along Cascadia Experiment for Segmentation... FACESRAWUS-FA20072010YN
08-003 Seis.Meas. of Magna Flux Arc Composition & Lower Pla... COSTARICA1SEGYOBSIP20082008Y
08-002 TAIGER (active source land refraction)TAIGERSEGYPASSCAL/OBSIP20082008Y
08-001 Mid-Ocean Volcanoes & EarthquakesMOVESEGYPASSCAL20072007Y
07-030 COLZA Cruise W0807 ACOLZA-OBSSEGYOBSIP20072009N
07-029 Metropolitan Museum of Art Vibration MonitoringMETARTSEGYPASSCAL20072007Y
07-028 Wallow MountainsWALLOWARAWUS-FA20032003YN
07-027 Deep Structure of the Northeastern Tibet Collision Z... INDEPTHIVSEGYPASSCAL20072007YN
07-026 GPS-Displacement Measurements-JapanJAPAN2003SAC/MINISEOTHER20032003Y
07-025 Chesapeake Meteor Impact Crater ExperimentCMICESEGYPASSCAL20002000Y
07-024 Deep Structure of the Northeastern Tibet Collision Z... INDEPTHIVPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20072007Y
07-023 MDS - AKA KIRKLAND and MDSKirtland-MDSPH5 (SEGY)PIC-FA20072007Y
07-022 Boise HydrogeophysicalBOISEHYDROSEGYPASSCAL20002000Y
07-021 Borax LakeBORAXSEGYPASSCAL20032003Y
07-020 SE Caribbean SeismicVENCORP04SEGYPASSCAL20042004Y
07-019 Southern Oklahoma Aulcaogen 3-D TestRaw_SOADRAWPASSCAL20072007YN
07-018 Refraction Survey at Fort BlissFTBLISSSEGYPASSCAL19961996Y
07-017 Northern Nevada-Utah TransectNNUTRAWPASSCAL20052005Y
07-016 Sierra BlancaSIERRASEGYPASSCAL19981998Y
07-014 GPS-Displacement Measurements-DenaliDENALI02SAC/MINISEOTHER20032003Y
07-013 Experiment 0413 Central Walker Lane aka 2004 Idaho-N... INC-TRANSSEGYPASSCAL20042004Y
07-012 Mt St Helens Temporary Array - 2005MSH_TRANSECTPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20052005Y
07-011 St. Helens ArraySTHELENS1998TASEGYOTHER19981998YN
07-010 Seismic Reflection Profiling across the Seattle Faul... SRP-SEATTLESEGYPASSCAL20042006Y
07-009 GlyVestGLYVESTSEGYSEISUK20072007Y
07-008 Project SPAT - DSSSPATSEGYPNE19811981Y
07-007 Project Meteorite - DSSMETEORITESEGYPNE19811981Y
07-006 Southern Oklahoma Aulcaogen 3-D TestSOADPH5 (SEGY)PASSCAL20072007Y
07-005 Morongo Imaging Project - San Gorgonio PassMORONGOSEGYUSGS19971997Y
07-004 KOLA92: Kola Superdeep Borehold ReflectionKOLA92-VSPSEGYDSS19921992Y
07-003 SE Caribbean Plate BoundarySECARIBSEGYPASSCAL20042004Y
07-002 Seismicity, Structure, and Fluid Flow of the TAG Hyd... STAGSEGYOBSIP20032003Y
07-001 Active Faults in HoustonAFHOUSTONSEGYPASSCAL20062006YN
06-041 Raw Data for Armenia Quake (06-006)RAW.ARMENIARAWPASSCAL20042004YN
06-040 Raw data for SNEP (seed XE 2005-2007)RAW.SNEPRAWUS-FA20052007YN
06-011 Flexible Array Mendocino ExperimentFAMERAWUS-FA20072009YN
06-010 Cascadia Arrays for EarthscopeCAFERAWUS-FA20062009YN
06-009 SE Caribbean Margin Active Experiment 2004SECASEGYOBSIP20042004YN
06-008 GEO-DESIRE Wide-Angle Reflection / Refraction experi... GEODESIRESEGYPASSCAL20062006Y
06-007 Hill Air Force Base 3-DHILLAFBSEGYPASSCAL20002000Y
06-006 Armenia QuakeARMENIASEGYPASSCAL20042004YN
06-005 Vatnajokull 98VATNAJSACPASSCAL19981998YN
06-004 San Francisco Peninsula Passive ArraySFPEN95SEGYPASSCAL19951995YN
06-003 ANtarctic Geological DRILLing (ANDRILL)ANDRIL SEGYPASSCAL20062006Y
06-001 Ground Geophysical Program at the Onset of Ice Strea... GGOICESEGYPASSCAL20022003NN
06-000 Calibration of Long-Period Seismographs at Thirteen ... CHILE-1960EQVAXOTHER19601960Y
05-045 Hole 1256D VSPHole 1256D VSPSEGYWHOI20052005Y
05-044 Raw Data for Cascadia Tremor Array 2005RAW.TREMORRAWUS-FA20052005YN
05-043 Raw data for Parkfield Trapped WavesRAW.PTRAPRAWUS-FA20042005YN
05-042 Raw data for PASO-TRES experiment minised data YH ... RAW.PASOTRAWUS-FA20042006YN
05-041 Raw data for HUALIA (seed XG-2002-2005)RAW.HUALIARAWPASSCAL20022005YN
05-040 Raw data for NW Nevada, seed and segy dataRAW.NWNEVRAWUS-FA20042004YN
05-028 SAFOD-Small Offshoot Shots: Paulsson Geophysical Dat... SAFOD-SMSHOTSSEG2SAFOD20052005Y
05-027 San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth(SAFOD): Pauls... SAFOD_EVENTSSEG2SAFOD20052005Y
05-026 Seismic Imaging of Fractures Hengill, IcelandSIFHISEGYPASSCAL20052005Y
05-025 Flat Slab to Steep Subduction Change of Nazca Plate ... CHARMESEGYPASSCAL20022003Y
05-024 Potrillo Volcanic FieldPOTRILLOSEGYPASSCAL20032003Y
05-023 LITHOPROBE SNORCLE Refraction ExperimentSNORE97SEGYOTHER19971997Y
05-022 San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth(SAFOD): Pauls... SAFOD-PGDSEG2SAFOD20052005Y
05-021 Bazalt-2: Long-range Deep Seismic Sounding Profiles... BAZALT2SEGYPNE19901990Y
05-020 Bazalt-1: Long-range Deep Seismic Sounding Profiles... BAZALT1SEGYPNE19891989Y
05-019 Lajitas Seismic ArrayTXARCSSUS-FA19882500YN
05-018 Parkfield Seismic Imaging Ninety Eight (PSINE)PSINESEGYUSGS19981998Y
05-017 San Bernardino Seismic Imaging Experiment 1999 (SBIE... SBIESEGYUSGS19991999Y
05-016 Cherry Valley Seismic Imaging Investigation (CVSII)... CVSIISEGYUSGS19981998Y
05-015 Arizona Seismic Imaging Experiment 1996 (ASIE)ASIESEGYUSGS19961996YN
05-014 Delaware Seismic Imaging Experiment 1998 (DSIE)DSIESEGYUSGS19981998Y
05-013 Santa Clara Valley Imaging Experiment (SVIE)SVIESEGYUSGS20002000Y
05-012 NW Nevada Seismic Experiment: Crustal VibroseisNWNV_CRVIBSEGYUS-FA20042005YN
05-011 NW Nevada Seismic Experiment: Crustal ShotsNWNV_CRSHOTSSEGYUS-FA20042005YN
05-010 NW Nevada Seismic Experiment: Hi Res VibroseisNWNV_HIRESVIBSEGYUS-FA20042005Y
05-009 Eastern Black Sea Seismic ExperimentBLACKSEASEGYSEIS-UK20052005Y
05-008 CHIX05 - 3D Tomographic Imaging of the Chicxulub Cra... CHIX05SEGYSEIS-UK20052005Y
05-007 Western Unaweep Canyon ColoradoUNAWEEPSEGYPASSCAL20042005YN
05-006 Xinjiang China Test Sites Nuclear ExplosionsXINJIANGIMSBLACKNEST19671996Y
05-005 Mururoa Nuclear ExplosionsMURUROAIMSBLACKNEST19661996Y
05-004 Parkfield California Dense Seismograph Array (UPSAR)... UPSARSEGYUSGS19892005NN
05-003 Batholith-2 PNEBATH2SEGYPNE19871987YN
05-002 Batholith-1 PNEBATH1SEGYPNE19801980Y
05-001 GSE Second Technical TestGSETTCSS3.0OTHER19911991Y
04-030 MIT-China RAW data only. see YA-2003-2004 seedMITCHRAWPASSCAL20032004YN
04-021 Kenya Rift International Seismic Project (KRISP) 199... KRSP94SEGYPASSCAL19941994Y
04-018 BajaBAJASEGYOBSIP20022002YN
04-017 ALP2002 (aka as DANUBE)ALPSEGYPASSCAL20022002Y
04-016 Coyote CreekCOYOTESEGYPASSCAL20042004Y
04-014 Erta Ale 2003ERTA03SEGYPASSCAL20032003Y
04-013 Delta ForceDELTASEGYPASSCAL19941994Y
04-012 Holloman 2HOLLO2SEGYPASSCAL20012001Y
04-011 Holloman 1HOLL01SEGYPASSCAL19971997Y
04-009 Celebration 2000CELE2000SEGYPASSCAL20002000Y
04-008 Polonaise 1997POLONAISE97SEGYPASSCAL19971997Y
04-007 DOBREfraction 1999DOBRE99SEGYPASSCAL19991999Y
04-006 Tyrone New Mexico mine field testTYRONESEGYPASSCAL19991999Y
04-005 Sierra Blanca-2 Texan Field TestSIEBLANC2SEGYPASSCAL19981998Y
04-004 Monhans Oilfield, TexasMONHOILSEGYPASSCAL19911991YN
04-003 Contrasting Styles of Continental Breakup: The Exmou... EXMOUTHSEGYOBSIP20012001YN
04-001 Amazon Cone ExperimentACESEGYSEIS-UK20032003Y
03-011 Baikal Lake Seismic Refraction-Reflection Profile Us... DSSRIFTSEGYPNE19821983Y
03-010 Kimberlite-DSS PNEKIMBERSEGYPNE19791979Y
03-009 Mammoth 2003MAMM03SEGYPASSCAL20032003NN
03-008 Seattle Seismic Hazard Investigation of Puget Sound ... SEASHIPSSEGYUSGS20022002Y
03-007 Georgia Basin Geohazards Initiative, NW WA and BC (B... BELLSHIPSSEGYUSGS20022002Y
03-006 Far-Offset Airgun Imaging of the MantleFAIMSEGYOBSIP20012001Y
03-005 Campi Flegrei Experiment, Italy, Part 2 1984CAMP2SEGYOTHER19841984Y
03-004 NE Caribbean Project 1979-1983NEC-AHAHUSGS19791983Y
03-003 Hydrate Ridge, Oregon MarginHYDRATESEGYOBSIP20022002Y
03-002 Kenya Rift International Seismic Project (KRISP) 199... KRSP90SACPASSCAL19891990Y
03-001 Marmara Sea Reflection Profile DataMARMSEGYOTHER19971997Y
02-011 Southeast Indian Ridge, EW-0114SEIRSEGYOBSIP20012002Y
02-010 CRATON-DSS Deep Seismic SoundingCRATONSEGYPNE19781980Y
02-009 Elephants Communication ExperimentECEXSEGYPASSCAL20022002Y
02-007 Northern Walker Lane Refraction SurveyNWLRSEGYPASSCAL20022002YN
02-006 LARSE MultiChannel Seismic ReflectionLARSEMCSSEGYUSGS19941994Y
02-004 1999 Los Angeles Region Seismic Experiment- Part ILARSE-IISEGYPASSCAL19991999Y
02-002 TOMOG 3D (Cerro Prieto)TOMO3SEGYPASSCAL19971997Y
01-009 QUARTZ-DSS Deep Seismic Sounding Data SetQUARTZSEGYPNE19841987Y
01-008 Borovoye Digital Seismogram ArchiveBOR-DSACSSLDEO19661996Y
01-007 Santa Rita 3D Experiment 1997RITA3SEGYPASSCAL19971997Y
01-006 Santa Rita 2-D Experiment, 1997RITA2SEGYPASSCAL19971997Y
01-005 Greenville, PA RAMP Deployment GPAR (RAMP)SEGYPASSCAL19981999YN
01-004 Bedrock Delineation by a Seismic ReflectionTOOELESEGYPASSCAL19991999Y
01-003 1985 Kenya Rift International Seismic ProjectKRSP85SACPASSCAL19851985Y
01-002 Kamchatka 1997 Test DevelopmentKAM97SEGYPASSCAL19971997Y
01-001 Indepth III Reflection/Refraction ExperimentIND3SEGYPASSCAL19971997Y
00-049 Imperial Valley IMPERIALSEGYUSGS19791979Y
00-048 Northeastern CaliforniaNECALIFSEGYUSGS19791985Y
00-047 The 1978 Yellowstone Snake River Plain Seismic Profi... SNAKERIVERSEGYUSGS19781978Y
00-046 Oregon CascadeCASCADESEGYUSGS19781978YN
00-045 Saudi ArabiaSAUDISEGYUSGS19781978Y
00-044 Onshore/Offshore Wide-angle Seismic recordings of Sa... BASIX1SEGYUSGS19911991Y
00-043 San Francisco Bay Peninsula ProfilesSFPENINSEGYUSGS19911991Y
00-042 Seismic Reflection Profiling by the S.P. Lee Offshor... LOMAPRIETASEGYUSGS19901990Y
00-041 TACT Brooks Range AlaskaTACTBROOKSSEGYUSGS19901990Y
00-040 Onshore/Offshore Wide-Angle Seismic Recordings from ... OREGONSEGYUSGS19891989Y
00-039 Onshore-Offshore Wide-Angle Seismic Recordings of th... EDGESEGYUSGS19891989Y
00-038 TACT Prince William Sound AlaskaTACT1988SEGYUSGS19881988Y
00-037 Stanford Crustal Geophysics Project Columbia Plateau... COLUMBIA2SEGYUSGS19881988Y
00-036 NYNEX 1988 Grenville-Appalachian Seismic Refraction ... NYNEXSEGYUSGS19881988Y
00-035 TACT 1987 Alaska Range - Fairbanks North and South a... TACT1987SEGYUSGS19871987Y
00-034 PACE 1987 Seismic Refraction Survey, West-Central Ar... PACE1987SEGYUSGS19871987Y
00-033 Whittier Narrows ShotWHITTIERSEGYUSGS19871987YN
00-032 San Luis Obispo, California, Seismic Refraction Surv... SLOSEGYUSGS19861986Y
00-031 TehachapiTEHACHAPISEGYUSGS19861986YN
00-030 Chalfant Valley AftershocksCHALFANTSEGYUSGS19861986Y
00-029 PASSCAL Basin and Range Lithospheric Seismic Experim... NEVADASEGYUSGS19861986Y
00-028 Chemehuevi, Vidal, and Dutch Flat Lines PACE, Seismi... PACE1985SEGYUSGS19851985Y
00-027 High-resolution Seismic Investigation of the Medicin... MEDICINESEGYUSGS19851985Y
00-026 Seismic-Refraction Experiment at Yucca Mountain and ... YUCCASEGYUSGS19851985Y
00-025 TACT Seismic-Refraction Survey, South-Central Alaska... TACTPWSSEGYUSGS19851985Y
00-024 Maine-Quebec Cross-strike Seismic-refraction Profile... MQCROSSSEGYUSGS19841984Y
00-023 1984 Maine-Quebec Along-srike Seismic-refraction Pro... MQSTRIKESEGYUSGS19841984Y
00-022 Newberry Caldera 3-DNEWBERRYSEGYUSGS19841984Y
00-021 Columbia Plateau ICOLUMBIA1SEGYUSGS19841984Y
00-020 TACT Richardson HighwayTACTRICHSEGYUSGS19841984Y
00-019 TACT ChugachTACTCHUGSEGYUSGS19841984Y
00-018 Central Oregon ProfileCENTRALORSEGYUSGS19831983Y
00-017 Long Valley 1983LONGVALLEY1983SEGYUSGS19831983Y
00-016 Earthquake-Source Refraction Profiles Crossing the E... COALINGAREFRSEGYUSGS19831983Y
00-015 Seismic-Refraction Profiles Crossing the Epicentral ... COALINGAAFTSEGYUSGS19831983Y
00-014 Long Valley 1982LONGVALLEY1982SEGYUSGS19821982Y
00-013 Seismic-Refraction Investigation: Morro Bay to the S... MORROBAYSEGYUSGS19821983Y
00-012 Great Valley axial 81-82GREATVALLEYSEGYUSGS19811982Y
00-011 San Juan BautistaSJBSEGYUSGS19801982Y
00-010 Seismic Refraction Surveys in the Livermore Valley a... LIVERMORESEGYUSGS19801982Y
00-009 Seismic-Refraction Experiment at Yucca Mountain, Bea... NTSSEGYUSGS19801983Y
00-008 Mississippi EmbaymentMISSEMBSEGYUSGS19801980YN
00-007 Seismic-Refraction Profiles in the Western Mojave De... MOJAVESEGYUSGS19801981Y
00-006 GilroyGILROYSEGYUSGS19801980YN
00-005 Anchorage Alaska Site Response ExperimentAASRSACPIC19941996Y
00-004 Explosion and Earthquake Data for the 1999 SHIPS Exp... DRYSHIPSSEGYPASSCAL19991999Y
00-003 Glendora Seismic ExperimentGLENSEGY PASSCAL19981998Y
00-002 Offshore Oceanside, California Seismic Data SetOCEANSEGYUSDOI19881988Y
00-001 1979 Bucaramanga, Columbia ExperimentBCESEGYPASSCAL19791979Y
99-007 Mississippi EmbaymentMISSSEGYPASSCAL19911993Y
99-006 Chicxulub Seismic Experiment 1996CHICSEGYPASSCAL19961996Y
99-005 Redoubt VolcanoREDOUBTSEGYPASSCAL19891990Y
99-004 Kilauea Rift ZoneRIFTSEGYPASSCAL19821982Y
99-003 Camp FlegreiCAMPSEGYPASSCAL19841984Y
99-002 Wide-Angle Seismic Recordings from the 1998 Seismic ... WETSHIPSSEGYPASSCAL19981998Y
99-001 Mammoth Wave Propagation ExperimentMAMMOTHSEGYPASSCAL19971997Y
98-007 Icemelt Broadband DataICEMELTSAC/TARPASSCAL19951995Y
98-006 1995 Deep Probe Active Source ExperimentDEEPASEGYPASSCAL19951995Y
98-005 1994 Mendocino Onshore-Offshore ExperimentMENDOSEGYPASSCAL19941994Y
98-004 1995 Hawaii Site Response ExperimentHAWAIISEGYPASSCAL19951995Y
98-003 Seismic Soundings of the Barents Sea shelf-mainland ... KOLA95SEGYPASSCAL19951995Y
98-002 Seismic Images Beneath the Bottomless Pits Area of F... FLAGSEGYPASSCAL19971997Y
98-001 1992-1993 SouthEast Caribbean South America Broadban... SECSACPASSCAL19921993Y
97-012 Ruapehu Volcano, New Zealand, 1994 039 - 1994 069RUAPEHUSEGYPASSCAL19941994Y
97-011 1994 Northridge Earthquake Aftershock DataNEARSEGYPASSCAL19941994Y
97-010 Bear Valley Passive Experiment 1994-95 - EventsBVPESEGYPASSCAL19941995YN
97-009 Mendocino Triple Junction - Multi channel Lehigh Uni... MMCS-MTJSEGYPASSCAL19941994YN
97-008 Southern Sierra Continuous Data - 1993SSCDSEGYPASSCAL19931993Y
97-007 Bear Valley Active Experiment 1995BVASEGYPASSCAL19941995Y
97-006 Bear Valley Passive Experiment 1994-95BVPSEGYPASSCAL19941995Y
97-005 1994-95 Tanzania Passive Source Seismic ExperimentTANZSEEDPASSCAL19941995Y
97-004 LARSE Passive ExperimentLARSE.1PSEGYPASSCAL19931994Y
97-003 Askja/Bardardalur, IcelandASKAHPASSCAL19961996Y
97-002 Cajon Pass Borehole Seismic RecordingCAJPSEGYPASSCAL19931995Y
97-001 Colorado Plateau Great Basin CPGBSEGYPASSCAL19941995YN
96-022 Noise Estimation SoftwareNESTMATLABOTHER19961996YN
96-021 Earthquake Data Acquired at Onshore Stations during ... LARSE.1CSEGYPASSCAL19941994YN
96-020 Explosion Data Acquired at Onshore Stations during t... LARSE.1BSEGYPASSCAL19941994Y
96-019 Air-Gun Data Acquired at Onshore Stations during the... LARSE.1ASEGYPASSCAL19941994Y
96-018 1993 Mendocino Triple Junction ExperimentMENISEGYPASSCAL19931993Y
96-017 Mendocino Triple Junction: 1994 Onshore/Offshore and... MENIISEGYPASSCAL19941994Y
96-016 Aleutian Arc Seismic ExperimentALARSEGYPASSCAL19941994Y
96-015 The Toba Seismic Experiment, Northern Sumatera, Indo... TOBASEGYPASSCAL19951995Y
96-013 INDEPTH-2 Wide-Angle Experiment, Tibet 1994IND2SEGYPASSCAL19941994Y
96-012 Seismic Velocity Structure of the Greater Mount Rain... RAINIERSEGYPASSCAL19941994Y
96-011 Jemez Tomography Experiment at Valles Caldera, NMJTX94SEGYPASSCAL19941994Y
96-010 Antarctic Crustal ProfileACRUPSACPASSCAL19931994Y
96-009 New England Broadband ExperimentNEWESEGYPASSCAL19951996Y
96-008 Mendocino Array ExperimentMENASEGYPASSCAL19941994Y
96-007 Seismic Explosion Experiment at LandersLANESEGYPASSCAL19921997Y
96-006 Landers After ShocksLANDSEGYPASSCAL19931993Y
96-005 PMP Reflections Beneath the San Bernadino Mountains,... PMPRSEGYPASSCAL19931993Y
96-004 Cascadia, 1993-94CASCSEGYPASSCAL19931994Y
96-003 Reflection/Refraction Experiment in Southwestern Was... SWWASEGYPASSCAL19951995Y
96-002 Rocky Mountain Front ProjectRMFSAC/TARPASSCAL19921992Y
96-001 Onshore/Offshore Experiment in the Bering-Chukchi Se... BSEASEGYPASSCAL19941994Y
95-006 ICE-2ICE-2SEGYPASSCAL19911991Y
95-004 Jemez Tomography Experiment at Valles Caldera, NMJTEXSEGYPASSCAL19931993Y
95-003 Onshore/Offshore Experiment at Cape Blanco, OregonCBOSEGYPASSCAL19941994Y
95-002 1994 Krafla Undershooting ExperimentKUEAHPASSCAL19941994Y
95-001 Little Skull Mountain Aftershock DeploymentLSMASEGY/TARPASSCAL19921993Y
94-018 Non Proliferation Experiment Product Chemical Kiloto... NPESEGYDOE19941994YN
94-017 Central Asian Waveform ProductCAWCSSJSP19921992YN
94-016 Caucusus Network Information ProductCNETSACJSP19921992Y
94-015 Central Asian Bulletin and Catalog Information Produ... CABCSSJSP19921992YN
94-014 1993 Oregon Snake River Plains ExperimentSRPSEGYPASSCAL19931993Y
94-013 PACE 1989 Seismic Refraction Survey --- Northern Ari... PACE89SEGYPASSCAL19891989Y
94-012 San Francisco Bay Area Broadband TransectSFBAYSEGYPASSCAL19931994Y
94-011 BASIX 1991 Wide-angle Fan ShotsBASIX2SEGYPASSCAL19911991Y
94-010 Baikal 1991&1992 Seismic Array ProjectBSAP3SEGYPASSCAL19911992Y
94-009 Wide-angle Seismic Imaging in the Peninsular Ranges... PRANSEGYPASSCAL19901990Y
94-008 Boulder Batholith 1992 ExperimentBLDRSEGYPASSCAL19921992Y
94-007 Baikal 1992 Seismic Array ProjectBSAP2SEGYPASSCAL19921992Y
94-006 Minnesota River Valley 1990 Wide-angle ExperimentMRVESEGYPASSCAL19901990Y
94-005 1989 Greenland Seismic Survey 1989 Greenland Seismi... GRN89SEGYPASSCAL19891989Y
94-004 Cape Mendocino Calibration ExperimentMCKSHSEGYPASSCAL19931993Y
94-003 1992 RISC Experiment in the Southern Basin and Range... RISCSEGYPASSCAL19921992Y
94-002 1992 Pakistan Himalayas Passive Source Broadband Sei... PAKHSEGY/TARPASSCAL19921992Y
94-001 1990 Beaufort Ambient Seismo-Acoustics Beneath Ice C... BASICSEGYPASSCAL19901990Y
93-010 VSP at Hole 504VSP_504BSEGYWHOI19931993Y
93-009 Kyrgyz Network Information ProductKNETSAC/UNIXJSP19911992YN
93-008 Joint Verification Experiment-Nevada Test SiteJVE2SACJSP19881988YN
93-007 Eurasian Tomography Information ProductEUR-TOMOSACJSP19881992YN
93-006 1990 EDGE Experiment off of Virginia CoastVAEDGESEGYPASSCAL19901990Y
93-005 Tibetan Plateau Passive-Source Seismic ExperimentTIPLTSEGYPASSCAL19911992Y
93-004 1990 PASSCAL/USGS/GSC Brooks Range Seismic SurveyBROOKS2SEGYPASSCAL19901990Y
93-003 BAIKAL 1991 Seismic Array ProjectBSAP1SEGYPASSCAL19911991Y
93-002 Seismic Experiment Ross Ice ShelfSERISSEGYPASSCAL19901991Y
93-001 Mendocino Aftershock ExperimentMEND1SACPASSCAL19921992Y
92-008 SAVANNAH River Project - GSNSAVANNAHMSEEDGSN19901990Y
92-007 Borovoye Geophysical Observatory, Northern Kazakhst... BOROVOYEAHLDEO19691990Y
92-006 Kazakhstan Natural Resources Defense Council Seismic... NRDCSACOTHER19871987Y
92-005 Santa Cruz Mountains, Dense ArraySCRUZSEGYPASSCAL19911991Y
92-004 1991 Fogo Island On-Shore Off-Shore ExperimentFOGOSEGYPASSCAL19911991Y
92-003 Pinon Flat Small Aperture Array ExperimentSAA2-HFSEEDPASSCAL19911991Y
92-002 South Iceland Seismic Refraction Experiment of 1990... ICELANDAHPASSCAL19901990Y
92-001 1988 PASSCAL Brooks Range Seismic SurveyBROOKSSEGYPASSCAL19881988Y
91-004 Arrays for Lithosphere Observations in HAwaiiALOHASEGYPASSCAL19901990Y
91-003 1989 Archean-Proterozoic transition ExperimentAPTSACPASSCAL19891989Y
91-002 Pinyon Flat High Frequency Array Data SetPF-HFASEGYPASSCAL19901990Y
90-014 Phillippine Islands Luzon Earthquake July 16-18 1990... PHISEEDGSN19901990Y
90-013 Westen Iran Earthquake June20 - June 21WIRMSEEDGSN19901990Y
90-012 Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Package, (ALSEP), An... LUNAR.AncillaryNONENASA19691977YN
90-011 Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Package, (ALSEP), LU... LUNAR.WTNONENASA19691977YN
90-010 Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Package (ALSEP) A16-... LUNAR.A16NONENASA19691977YN
90-008 Loma Prieta Aftershock Earthquake DatasetLPFSEGYPASSCAL19891989YN
90-006 Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Package, (ALSEP), A1... LUNAR.A11NONENASA19691972YN
90-005 Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Package, (ALSEP), Ev... LUNAR_EVENTSNONENASA19691977YN
90-004 GLIMPCE, Experiments 1986, Off-End Multichannel Acqu... GLIMPCESEGYOTHER19861986YN
90-003 Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Package, (ALSEP), A1... LUNAR.A12NONENASA19691977Y
90-003 Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Package, (ALSEP), A1... LUNAR.A15NONENASA19691977Y
90-003 Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Package, (ALSEP),PSE... LUNAR.A14NONENASA19691977Y
90-002 Passcal Basin and Range Passive-Source Seismic Exp. ... BRE2SACPASSCAL19881989Y
90-001 Passcal Basin and Range Passive-Source Seismic Exp. ... BRE1SACPASSCAL19881989Y
89-003 Low Frequency Acoustic Seismic ExperimentLFASESEGYWHOI19891989Y
89-002 Macquarie Islands Earthquake May 23rd through May 25... MCQMSEEDIDA/USGS19891989YN
89-001 Loma Prieta Earthquake Oct 18-19 1989 LPRMSEEDGSN19891989YN
88-005 Argo Abyssal Plain VSPARGOSEGYWHOI19881988Y
88-004 GSN stations for 1988 Spitak Armenian EarthquakeARMENIA88MSEEDGSN19881988NN
88-003 Ontario-New York-New England Seimic Refraction Exper... NYNEX_86SEGYUSGS19881988Y
88-002 MaineMAINESEGYUSGS19881988YN
88-001 Kalapana, Hawaii KALAPANAMSEEDGSN19751975YN
87-003 SouthWest Indian Ridge VSPSWIRSEGYWHOI19871987Y
87-002 Northern Nevada Basin and Range Vertical Component S... BRE86SEGYUSGS19861987Y
87-001 1986 OUACHITA Lithospheric Seismology ExperimentOUACHITASEGYPASSCAL19861986YN
85-001 Son of BOSE Oblique Seismic ExperimentSOBOSEGY WHOI19851985Y
83-001 Costa Rica Seismic ExperimentCRSESEGYWHOI19831983Y
79-003 Galopogas Oblique Seismic ExperimentGOSEsegyWHOI19791979YN
79-002 Gulf of California Oblique Seismic ExperimentCOSESEGYWHOI19791979YN
77-001 Bermuda Oblique Seismic ExperimentBOSESEGYWHOI19771977YN