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Thank you very much for your answer. The usage of saclst tells us it could output more than one variable at a time.
Usage: saclst header_lists f file_lists
ex. saclst delta npts kstnm f sacfile1 sacfile2
saclst help - outputs a list of possible values
In fact I can use it to list headers for some data I downloaded before. But it cannot work for data I downloaded yesterday. It is very strange. I try to output only DIST at a time, but it still not works. It seems that the command cannot work only for DIST. Is there anything I should set before I use the command?
For the BELL of ppk, I don't care much but I am afraid there may wrong for the software. I just want to confirm whether or not.
Thank your attention and help!

Best wishes!


At 2014-01-08 01:34:59,"Januka Attanayake" <jattanayake<at>> wrote:

1. saclst HEADER f sac_filename.
saclst outputs only one header variable at a time. Execute it 3 times, replacing header name at each run. If you want to have them in memory, execute something like the following 3 times replacing sac header name at each run.
date=`saclst kzdate f sac_filename | gawk '{print $2}'`

2. Don't know much about oapf, sorry.

3. You have to click on an active plot window within the plot limits. Try not spending too much
time on BELLS (and whistles for that matter) though :)

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Dear all,
I am a new user of SAC and the version is 101.6. I learn it myself without any guidance from anybody else, so I get some troubles for your help.
saclst First When I use to list the epicenter of DIST, it can . not work For example:
dist oaf saclst 2039471.CI.LUC.EHZ.sac 2032039471.CI.LUC.EHZ.sac 2039471.CI.PLS.ELN.sac9471.CI.PLS.ELN.sac
2039471.CI.LUC . EHZ. sac 7,779 -12 345 0
-12 345 0 -12 345 2039471.CI.PLS.ELN.sac
But when i use listhdr command, it works.
r 2039471.CI.LUC.EHZ.sac 2039471.CI.PLS . ELN. sac
lh oa dist
FILE: 2039471.CI.LUC.EHZ.sac - 1
---------------------------- dist = 4.579102e +01 o = 0.000000e +00 7.779000e +00 a = FILE: 2039471.CI.PLS.ELN.sac - 2 ----------------------- ----- dist = 6.266563e +01 0.000000e +00 o = I do not know why. Could anybody tell me the reason? 2 The second problem is about the oapf I do not know what have been written to the file in . Could anyone tell me? 3 For Plotpk, there are a option of BELL. But When i bell on September, I never hear any sound of it when I click my mouse. Is there any problem?
your kind attention and help.

Thanks you very much for
all your kind attention and help.

Best Regards


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