Thread: quakeML schema

Started: 2011-11-07 19:08:03
Last activity: 2011-11-07 19:08:03
Topics: Web Services
Philip Crotwell
2011-11-07 19:08:03

The QuakeML schema seems to be on a https site that has an invalid
certificate (both no issuer chain and is expired). I know that I can
bypass this and still get the schema file, but it is a little
disturbing. It seems to me that the schema for something that is
supposed to be an open standard that IRIS is supporting should be
available in a more public and easily accessible way. In particular,
this https with expired certificate makes it harder to write a client
that will pull the schema file automatically.

Is there any chance of hosting this file locally at IRIS or another
non-https web site? Or perhaps nudging the ethz folks to fix their web

It would also be nice if the output xml from the event web service
could include the version of quakeML that was used in some manner.
Especially given that the web service currently uses a "1.2rc3"
version of the schema. I am guessing this means that changes are
possible and so an quakeML file from today may no longer validate
against a newer quakeML revision that might come out later.


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