Thread: Access IRIS-DMC stored data from within MATLAB

Started: 2012-02-07 16:22:41
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Celso Reyes
2012-02-07 16:22:41
Hello webservice users,

The DMC is pleased to announce you can now directly access IRIS-DMC stored data from within your MATLAB environment, thanks to IRIS Java Web Service Library (IRIS-WS Library) which has just been released into beta*. No knowledge of java programming is required.

Using the irisFetch.m file, you will be able to retrieve station metadata, time series data and event parameters. You can also retrieve trace data, which contains both time series data with associated station metadata, roughly the equivalent of SAC data files. Detailed information from the underlying services are available within MATLAB as structures, ready for additional processing.

You can also retrieve waveforms into the Waveform Suite (r339 and later) directly from the DMC, with no-to-minimal changes to existing code.

To learn more using MATLAB to access IRIS-DMC stored data and to see examples please visit

To learn more about the IRIS-WS Library, see examples, and download the current version, please visit

Web services team

* Due to the anticipated update of the underlying services this beta release will cease to work properly in the future, and users will be required to download and use the final release of the library. We anticipate that the final release should be a drop in replacement, backward compatible with this beta version.

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