Thread: IRIS-WS Java Library (v2.0.4) has been released. Please update your copy.

Started: 2013-11-20 23:34:41
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Hello Web Service users,

If you rely on Java or MATLAB access to web services, then please replace your existing IRIS-WS library with the latest version (v2.0.4) to avoid service interruptions. This release is backwards compatible with the previous release and should be a drop-in replacement for most applications.

Download page:
Stand-alone jar direct download: (MATLAB users, choose this)

The FDSN web services, event, dataselect, and station, are being updated to conform to the FDSN v1.1 specs. ( Regrettably, older versions of the library will cease to function once the services are updated from version 1.0.x to version 1.1.0.

The new IRIS-WS jar has these changes and features:
- It is compatible with version 1.1.x of the FDSN services (coming soon!)
- It fixes an issue that prevented users from accessing their restricted data.
- It is backwards compatible with the previous version.

The Web Services Team

Reminder: By now, all web services should be accessed from Services at will no longer be accessible by the end of this year.

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