Thread: New version of fdsnws-station (1.1.18) released

Started: 2015-07-17 18:27:23
Last activity: 2015-07-17 18:27:23
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Robert Weekly
2015-07-17 18:27:23
Hello Web Service users,

The fdsnws-station service has been updated to version 1.1.18.

This update includes several changes to the service including the addition of a new parameter, a bug fix related to restricted data, and minor changes to the StationXML content to conform to the schema.

The full list of changes are included here:
* A new search parameter called ‘sensor’ has been added to the service. This parameter will filter output according to instrument type. The parameter is case-insensitive and matches any part of the string contained in the StationXML <Sensor>::<Description> element.

* The sensor description previously contained in StationXML element <Sensor>::<Type> has been moved to <Sensor>::<Description>. This is the same information reported in SEED metadata in Blockette 52, field 6 (instrument identifier).

* Fixed a bug where specifying ‘includerestricted=false’ with wildcarded expressions for network selection resulted in incomplete results being returned.

* The StationXML element <InstrumentSensitivity> is removed if it is empty to conform to the schema.

* The StationXML element <NumeratorCoefficient> contains an indexing attribute, which has been changed from “number” to “i” to conform to the schema.

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