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Alan Jones
2007-03-15 23:31:38
When I sent this note on March 12, I hadn't realized that the earthquakes were about a month out of date. I contacted Andrew Rogers who is in charge and he fixed the problem. So you can see them as they appear in time. Click on the arrow at the top of the screen. It is easier to see the time arrow if you blow away the CBS News logo. You do that on the left by clicking "Logos and trademarks." At one time you could see a ShakeMap for any earthquake but I can't seem to get that to work so I have another e-mail to Andrew about that.

Note: the red earthquakes all happened within the last hour!

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Last year I worked with CBS News, Google Earth, and a programmer, Andrew Rogers, who works for Neopolitan a company associated with Google. The result is now available. You first have to install Google Earth ( which is free. Then click on:

If you don't see earthquakes at first, go to the top of the screen and click on the right-end of the time arrow to make them appear in time sequence.

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