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Started: 2007-03-25 19:17:15
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2007-03-25 19:17:15

In a message dated 25/03/2007, AlanJones<at> writes:

Last night there were two earthquakes in the Pacific two and a half minutes
apart. One was:
_25-MAR-2007 00:40:02_
( -20.60 169.41 7.2 35.0 VANUATU ISLANDS
and the other near Japan:
25-MAR-2007 00:41:57

37.27 136.60 6.7 5.0 NEAR WEST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN
This will make the records merged but since the Vanuatu Islands is larger,
it should dominate. I haven't examined the records yet but it should be

Hi Alan,

In the UK we were 'shaking' for about 2.4 hrs! We got traces from quakes
going in opposite directions around the world, I suspect twice. See Long
Period and Very Long Period traces at
_ ( Sorting
it out may be more difficult!
It would be interesting to look at the vlp eigenmode traces.


Chris Chapman

06:55:06 v.22510d55