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Ginny Elliott
2008-04-22 03:17:20
I was with some friends when the piece on you came on Channel 9. They were all quite impressed both with the experience and how wonderfully you communicated what was going on.
I was pleased to say I knew you!

On Sunday, April 20, 2008 11:46 AM, Sue Vogel <sjvogel<at>> wrote:

Hi Cris and all IRIS,  I, too, had great trace images of the EQ
and after shock.  I was lecturing about 70 people when the
aftershock came through.  The small stuffed objects suspended
on a wire across the top of my classroom (all 29 of them)
swayed in harmonic motion.  It was great!  Two local TV
stations showed up to come film.  They already know I have the
seismograph in my classroom so I don't have to call them anymore.

Thank you to IRIS for the great educational experience for the
children and the positive PR in the community.

Sue Vogel
Science Depart. Chair
Jefferson HS, Cedar Rapids, IA

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Really? I just looked at recent earthquakes at the USGS site
and it is there.

As it was felt by people in the Grand Rapids area - and some in
our county, I sent an image of our station's seismogram to
Channel 13 in Grand Rapids. They used it in their web-based
story on the quake and came up to do some filming as I did a
lesson relating to the quake with one of my classes.

It was great to see the amount of coverage the science behind
earthquakes got. They aired versions of the story using this
footage at 6, 11 yesterday and 7:30 this morning.

It was ironic that our "local" station out of Cadillac did not
even respond to my e-mail.

Now if I can just get my school to let me past the firewall
again and get my station back on the IRIS site......

Cris L. DeWolf
Editor, The Michigan Earth Scientist
Michigan Earth Science Teachers Association
NAGT Central Region State Contact

We picked this quake up strongly on our AS-1, but now it has been
deleted by the USGS. Why would this be?


Jay Sinclair
Past President
Michigan Earth Science Teachers Association

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