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New Madrid Seismic Zone

Mid-Continent Earthquakes in the United States?

This animation set commemorates the 200th anniversary of the most
destructive earthquakes on the North American continent east of the
Rockies that began suddenly on December 16th, 1811. Three >7.5 magnitude
earthquakes, and countless aftershocks, caused damage over an area of
600,000 km², and was felt over an area of 5 million km².

Explore our suite of animations and interactive rollovers to learn about:

1) Eye-witness response to the events (from journals and newspaper
accounts), including depicting how a river can run backwards as reported
by witnesses. Scroll to see how growing U.S. populations would be
affected if it occurred at any time after that.

2) Geology and geologic evolution of the region that is simplified and
consolidated into easy to digest bits. From 500 million years ago to
what we see now.

3) How seismologists analyze the subsurface and study evidence for past
earthquakes to understand the tectonic history of a region.




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