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*What Bumped the Richter Scale?*

A new animation, Exploring Moment Magnitude, describes the Richter Scale
and how new calculations help to quantify larger earthquakes. Scientists
have developed far-more sensitive seismometers that, with faster
computers, have enabled them to record & interpret a broader spectrum of
seismic signals than was possible in the 1930's, when the Richter
magnitude was developed. The moment magnitude uses seismograms plus what
physically occurs during an earthquake (which can also be derived from
seismograms), known as the "seismic moment".

**Earthquake Focal Mechanisms**

This new animation demonstrates how the so-called "beach balls" used by
seismologists help to determine the type of ground motion that occurs
during an earthquake. These can show offset often not visible at the
surface of the earth. In his farewell performance, Dr. Geoscience uses a
bowl to show how the focal sphere is segmented into four quadrants.




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