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Earthquake Early Warning

[image: ShakeAlert]

*ShakeAlert* is an experimental earthquake early warning system that alerts
you when an earthquake occurs and informs you how many seconds you have to
get to safety. Even five seconds can make a difference to Drop, Cover, and
Hold On. The app was developed by the U.S. Geological Survey and their
partners (

This animation demonstrates how *ShakeAlert* works by showing how P & S
waves are used to locate and measure earthquakes, then a notice is sent to
your device about arrival times of potentially damaging waves. The 2014 M6
Napa earthquake showed how even a few seconds can be life saving. The
animation also shows how ShakeAlert would work for a large M7.8 earthquake
on the southern San Andreas fault.

Explore this animation!
Available in Spanish!

*[image: IRIS]*

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