Thread: Two SAC queries - (i) conversion of SAC files to PITSA-ASCII and (ii) SAC library issues for multi-channel cross-correlation

Started: 2008-03-08 02:13:09
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I have 2 SAC-related queries that are causing me problems on a couple of
fairly urgent projects currently:

i) I inherited a Matlab program for surface wave analysis. The seismogram
files that it reads are in PITSA ASCII format. Is there any existing
software to convert standard SAC to PITSA ASCII? Or will I have to convert
SAC binary to alpha, and try to reformat the resulting ascii files?

ii) Another inheritance: this time I have been given the source code
(fortran) for John VanDecar's "mccc" multi-channel cross-correlation
program. The program contains a lot of SAC functions, such as "rsach",
"getnhv", "rsac1", "getkhv", "getfhv", "setfhv", "setkhv", "wsac0"... (and
probably a few others I haven't spotted yet). Along with the Fortran codes I
was given a couple of SAC libraries of the type "libsac.a". The problem is
that this set worked OK for a SUN system, but I am on Linux (CentOS 5). With
the SAC library that I was given, and the SAC library I obtained when
downloading SAC executables for my current system, I was unable to compile
the code. I have a really old SAC library (old enough that I can't remember
even which version it comes from) and that one allowed mccc to compile...
but not to run (segmentation fault). Can anyone advise me on using SAC
libraries correctly and/or making changes to the fortran code that will
allow me to run this program?

I should add that I'm a rather poor programmer - just about literate in
Fortran, okay in simple shell scripts, but not too great with any other
programming languages! Any advice greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

Fiona Darbyshire.

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