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Started: 2008-03-31 18:58:55
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Andreas Wuestefeld
2008-03-31 18:58:55
Hi everybody

As of SAC version 101.1 the SAC development team made some adoptions to
ease installation under CYGWIN (

If you want to compile SAC under CYGWIN, you mainly need to have
installed several packages. Use the CYGWIN setup utility!

I list the necessary packages here by category (as of CYGWIN1.5):
1) Packages which *need* to be installed
* gcc-g++
* libncurses-devel
* make
* readline
* sunrpc
* xorg-x11-devel

2) some nice-to-haves (but *not* required!!!)
* nedit
* nano
* rxvt (terminal with copy-paste function)
* util-linux (collection of linux utils, e.g. "more")

After you installed these, you should be able to compile SAC as
described in the readme.buildsac file

$> cd /path/to/unzipped/sac/
$> ./configure
$> make
$> make install

SAC is now installed under /usr/local/sac
The only thing left, is to set your environment variable in the .bashrc
according to the readme-file (Attention: SACAUX=${SACHOME}/winaux under

export SACHOME=/usr/local/sac
export PATH=${PATH}:${SACHOME}/bin
export SACAUX=${SACHOME}/winaux

Now, to run SAC, you need an XWindow server running in the background.
This is already installed, you just have to start it. I have set an
alias in my .bashrc
alias X='XWin -multiwindow -clipboard -silent-dup-error -logverbose 0 &'
(type XWin --help for more information)

Be sure, you also have the DISPLAY environment varible set in your .bashrc:
export DISPLAY=

Now, the first time you start sac in a session type
$> X
$> sac
Try it:
SAC> fg
SAC> plot

At least, that worked for me :-)

Good luck
Andy Wuestefeld

15:03:12 v.eb79165e