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Started: 2017-06-27 09:02:34
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Francisco Javier Núñez Cornú
2017-06-27 09:02:34
Institution: Centro de Sismología y Volcanologia de Occidente, Universidad de Guadalajara. Puerto Vallarta.
Open Until: 2017-10-01

The Centro de Sismologia y Volcanologia de Occidente (SisVOc) of University of Guadalajara (Mexico) at Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico, invites applications for four postdoctoral research fellowships in the areas of seismology or volcano seismology, magnetotelluric methods, applied geophysics and geodesy (GNSS) to carry on studies at the Jalisco Block region. The candidates will participate actively in the Geophysics graduate program. The position is for one year with option to renewal for a second year or to apply for a for a tenure-track faculty position. Fluent spanish is desirable.
Qualified individuals should have a PhD in Geosciences, Physics or a related field at the time of appointment. Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.
Applications must include:
- CV
- copies of university transcripts (unofficial is fine)
- one-page cover letter
- brief statement of teaching experience, philosophy, and goals
- brief statement of research interests, experience, and goals
- copies of up to five selected publications
- contact information for three professional references
Please send application electronically as email attachment to sisvoc<at> and reference Postdoctoral position in Seismology, Magnetotelluric methods, Applied Geophysics or Geodesy, respectively, in the subject line.
SisVOc is a research center focused on Earth Sciences, in particular, seismology, volcanology and geothermal energy, to study permanently seismotectonic and volcanic processes ocurred in the Western Mexico and evaluate their associated potential hazards by local and regional scientific projects. Moreover, we are specialized to connect public, private and social sectors to the provision of services related to natural resources prospection. Our Master’s Program in Geophysics has both national and international teachers and belongs to Padron of the National Postgraduate Program of Quality (PNPC).
The scientific equipment of this center consists of a seismic and accelerometric telemetric network deployed around the Jalisco Block (RESAJ) with more than 20 permanent stations. Also, we have 25 portable seismic stations, 11 Trimble NetR9 GNSS Reference Receivers, one differential R4 GNSS, applied geophysics instruments (2 magnetometers, 2 ADU, resistivimeter, Scintrex CG5 gravimeter, 48-channels shallow seismic equipment) and five 4x4 vehicles.

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