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Started: 2018-08-08 00:19:24
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Jim Smith
2018-08-08 00:19:24
The US Geological Survey has 1 open position for a Physical Science
Technician within the National Strong Motion Projectet (NSMP). The position
is located in Pasadena, California.

The National Strong Motion Project installs and operates instrumentation in
structures such as buildings, dams, and bridges whose response to strong
shaking is of interest to the engineering community.

The Physical Science Technician incumbents are responsible for the design,
installation, operation, and maintenance of the field equipment of the
NSMP. This work is performed in collaboration with USGS and other partner
personnel. The incumbents are responsible for a wide variety of equipment
used for seismic monitoring, data acquisition, power, computer networking,
and communications. This equipment is located throughout the United States
and its terroritories, including at remote sites in a wide variety of

If you are interested, apply online at More
detail about the positions is available there. The vacancy announcement
will be open from August 13, 2018 until August 24, 2018. Please be sure to
submit all the requested materials, including transcripts by August 24,
2018 – and do not wait until the last minute to apply. If you have
questions about the application process, please contact Earl Emerson at

The NSMP positions are under two announcement numbers and close at midnight
August 24, 2018:

· SAC-2018-0319 for current and recent federal employees,

· SAC-2018-0318 for all US citizens.

The positions are GS-1311-09/11. US citizenship is required.

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