Thread: MUSTANGular version 2.0 is released

Started: 2018-09-14 22:44:38
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2018-09-14 22:44:38
We are happy to announce the release of MUSTANGular version 2.0. MUSTANGular is a web-based application that plots MUSTANG metric values on an interactive map and it is available at

New features for version 2.0 include the ability to:

- select multiple metrics in the web form and easily switch between them in the map viewer
- plot the minimum, maximum, mean, 5th percentile, or 95th percentile value for the time period selected
- bring up a timeseries plot by selecting the station on the map
- select new map color schemes
- download metric values from the application

MUSTANGular was created at the University of Washington by talented individuals in the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network. Many thanks go to Kyla Marczewski (primary developer), Jon Connolly (project lead), and Paul Bodin (Network Manager) for making this available not only to IRIS, but also as an open source project on GitHub.

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