Thread: Seismology: Basic Training for SeisComP3 at gempa in Potsdam, Germany, 9 -12 September, 2019

Started: 2019-05-03 13:38:12
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Dear seismological community,

We are announcing the next round of our popular Basic Training for
SeisComP3 at gempa GmbH in Potsdam, Germany in autumn this year, 09 - 12
September, 2019.

This beginner course is perfect for new SeisComP3 users who wish to get
quickly started with a productive SeisComP3 system. Since training will
be held by experienced staff from gempa - the development and service
company for SeisComP3 - you can directly learn from the developers!

Find more information online [1] and on the SeisComP3 community forum [2].

See you in Potsdam!

Your SeisComP3 team at gempa


Dirk Roessler (Dr. rer. nat.), Senior Geophysicist
gempa GmbH, Heinrich-Mann-Allee 18/19, 14473 Potsdam, Germany
fon: +49 331 288 28797
  • Dear SeisComP3 community,

    our Basic Training for SeisComP3 in Potsdam in September has again received a significant interest and we need to close our call for registration. This time we were proudly able to provide sponsorship to one participant. We wish that the sponsorship will allow another highly motivated seismologists to learn about SeisComP3.

    Those who could not make it to our training this time are welcome to apply to our next regular trainings in spring and autumn 2020 [1].

    See you soon in Potsdam!


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