Thread: Workshop Announcement: Securing Seismic Legacy Data to Enable Future Discoveries September 18-19, 2019

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Securing Seismic Legacy Data to Enable Future Discoveries
September 18-19, 2019
Albuquerque, New Mexico
New seismological data mining methods are enabling discoveries and cross-disciplinary research across Earth system science. Research is challenged by the relatively short time period of observation for which digital records are readily available. Historical data recorded on paper and other physical media when suitably converted into machine readable formats, extends the time period of Earth observation and research back many decades. For legacy seismic data to be made available to support Earth system science, compelling challenges must be addressed in handling, preserving, and creating and maintaining archives of digital renderings of this "dark" data.

This workshop seeks to bring together stakeholders across organizations and scientific domains to discuss the science drivers and challenges facing community use of legacy seismic data. We actively encourage participation among users and maintainers of these data collections as well as experts in their usage and potential applications. We welcome contributions as they pertain to NSF 10 Big Ideas including climate change research, machine learning, and big data analytics. This workshop will clearly identify the scientific importance of securing these data as well as provide a clear statement and prioritization of community needs and interests.

The workshop will be a mix of invited, contributed, and lightning talks; posters, and breakout session.

We welcome contributions of 1-2 page science briefs on the topic to include in the workshop report. You do not have to attend to contribute.

Registration will open in June.

More Info:

Meeting Organizers:
Lorraine Hwang, UC Davis, Chair
Tim Ahern, IRIS
Cynthia Ebinger, Tulane University
William Ellsworth, Stanford University
Garrett Euler, Los Alamos National Lab
Emil Okal, Northwestern University
Paul Okubo, HVO US Geological Survey
Bill Walter, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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