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Started: 2019-08-16 12:05:04
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Diana Roman
2019-08-16 12:05:04
Dear Colleagues,

Do you work in volcano seismology in the US? If so, participate in a
short survey that will help to guide the volcano seismology component
of the CONVERSE Research Coordination Network:

Survey link:
Responses due October 1.

CONVERSE is an NSF-funded initiative aimed at supporting coordination
between USGS and US academic scientists to collect high-quality data
during future key US eruptions, and involves multiple sub-disciplinary
groups developing plans to this end. You can find more information on

This survey is the first step towards producing a community-driven
report outlining protocols for rapid response by the volcano seismology
community to key US eruptions.

Please forward this link on to your students and postdocs, and to
anyone else working in volcano seismology in the US.

Thank you for your participation.

Diana Roman (Carnegie Science)
John Power (USGS/Alaska Volcano Observatory)

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