Thread: problem with sacio.a when I compile using gfortran under x86_64

Started: 2010-05-30 22:41:59
Last activity: 2010-05-30 22:41:59
Topics: SAC Help
Hi All,

I have a compilation problem (look at the bottom). Is that because I have got the binary sac version for OSX (Version 101.3b) that is compiled for a 64 bit architecture? I have to use -m32 because otherwise I get " missing required architecture x86_64 in file". Should I get the source code to be compiled for 32 bit so that I have the right library? Or maybe there is another solution?

Thank you for the help.


bash-3.2$ gfortran -m32 -C Masterprogram.o /usr/local/sac/lib/libsac.a /usr/local/sac/lib/sacio.a -o Masterprogram
Undefined symbols:
"_cmmem", referenced from:
_cmmem$non_lazy_ptr in sacio.a(writevfile.o)
_cmmem$non_lazy_ptr in sacio.a(putvvstring.o)
_cmmem$non_lazy_ptr in sacio.a(getvvstring.o)
_cmmem$non_lazy_ptr in sacio.a(initializevar.o)
_cmmem$non_lazy_ptr in sacio.a(initvlist.o)
_cmmem$non_lazy_ptr in sacio.a(nextvlist.o)
_cmmem$non_lazy_ptr in sacio.a(putventry.o)
_cmmem$non_lazy_ptr in sacio.a(increasenlist.o)
_cmmem$non_lazy_ptr in sacio.a(encodevnil.o)
_cmmem$non_lazy_ptr in sacio.a(setvreadonly.o)
_cmmem$non_lazy_ptr in sacio.a(readvfile.o)
_cmmem$non_lazy_ptr in sacio.a(deletev.o)
_cmmem$non_lazy_ptr in sacio.a(existsv.o)
_cmmem$non_lazy_ptr in sacio.a(createvlist.o)
_cmmem$non_lazy_ptr in sacio.a(findvnil.o)
_cmmem$non_lazy_ptr in sacio.a(deletevlist.o)
(maybe you meant: _cmmem$non_lazy_ptr)
ld: symbol(s) not found
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

06:30:13 v.22510d55