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Oliver Boyd
2020-07-22 19:51:07
Dear Colleagues,
Please join us at this year's GSA 2020 Connects Online annual meeting and consider contributing to the topical session "Three-Dimensional Geological Mapping to Support Societal Development". Contributions are welcome on 3D modelling methodology, standards, and case studies from offshore and onshore practitioners. A description and rationale for the session appear below. Note that abstracts are due August 4th.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

T141: Three-Dimensional Geological Mapping to Support Societal Development

Three-dimensional geological modelling facilitates the communication of subsurface relationships and aids decision-making for resources, geotechnical support, and public safety. Contributions are welcome on 3D modelling methodology, standards, and case studies from offshore and onshore practitioners.

Three-dimensional geological modelling is the technological realization of the cognitive knowledge carried by geologists. It facilitates the communication of complex subsurface geological relationships and enhances the analysis and interpretation of geological data. In the digital era it is quickly becoming the preferred form of geoscience communication, while also providing enhanced accessibility to increasingly large and intertwined data holdings of governments, regulators, geotechnical firms, utility and exploration companies. The session organizers welcome contributions from the full breadth of the 3D geological modelling community to enhance information communication and support science-based decision-making, particularly where there are competing interests of resource allocation within the subsurface volume and pore-space. Furthermore the organizers encourage participation from groups contributing to modelling the subsurface of the urban environment, and infrastructure engineering. Participation is also welcomed from practitioners interested in the development of data standards for exchange and integration of disparate information applied to 3D geology and the linking of 3D subsurface information to the standards that are in use for above-ground data. Three-dimensional geological models are increasingly used by governments and other community stakeholders to inform land-use planning decisions and are used extensively by industry to guide exploration and development decision making. Integrated 3D models also represent a key stimulus for sustained economic development in urban areas where planners and infrastructure builders require progressively more detail and timely product delivery and in resource dependent regions trying to attract new investment. The target audience includes geoscientists from all themes represented at the conference, with a reliance on understanding of the natural geological environment. The session(s) is open to modelling methodology, standards, and local, regional, and national case studies.

Hazen Russell, NRCan
Brain Todd, NRCan
Kelsey MacCormack, AGS
Oliver Boyd, USGS

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