Thread: Graduate Studentships in Seismology at Saint Louis University

Started: 2020-10-05 15:49:16
Last activity: 2020-10-05 15:49:16
The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Saint Louis University seeks MS and PhD candidates for graduate studies in Geoscience and Meteorology. The Geoscience program offers concentrations in Environmental Geoscience, Geology, and Geophysics. 

Geophysics faculty are interested in applying the tools of seismology to study deep earthquakes, regional tectonics, and earthquake hazards. Prospective students should have a strong quantitative background in geophysics, mathematics, physics, and programming. 

Financial support is available through TA positions and the Nuttli-Chan fellowship. To be considered for financial support, applications should be completed by January 2, 2020. Applications, which must be submitted online at, include a professional goal statement, resume, 3 letters of recommendation, transcripts, and, for international applicants, demonstration of English proficiency; GRE scores are not required.  More information on program and admission requirements can be found at

For additional information, please contact Dr. Linda Warren (linda.warren<at> or Dr. Lupei Zhu (lupei.zhu<at>
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