Thread: PhD positions in Computational & Global Seismology at Colorado School of Mines

Started: 2020-11-21 17:39:44
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PhD positions are available in the Computational & Global Seismology group of the Geophysics Department at Colorado School of Mines. The potential research projects center around investigating the multi-scale structure of the Earth’s mantle and outer core with 3D wave simulations and full-waveform inversion including, but not limited to,

- big and sparse data problems (i.e., demonstration and implementation of machine learning algorithms, assimilating emerging data in full-waveform inversion),

- imaging challenges (i.e., (an)elastic full-waveform inversion, assessment of the robustness of imaging techniques and tomographic models, uncertainty quantification),

- visualization of full-waveform inversion models in virtual reality environments and planetariums as part of the collaboration with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

The required qualifications are;

- BSc or MSc in (geo)physics, applied math, and computer sciences, or other related departments,

- strong math and physics background, and interest in geosciences,

- self-motivation and enthusiasm for scientific research.

The application deadline for graduate school is January 1, 2021. Applications must be done through the University website:

For further information, please contact Professor Ebru Bozdag (bozdag<at>
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