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Started: 2020-12-16 11:20:42
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2020-12-16 11:20:42
Hello DAS mailing list subscribers,

We recently made the recordings for two Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS)
events available via YouTube playlists for a more permanent home:

- 2020 AGU Workshop on DAS held December 1st from 1-7pm ET

- Links to slides and recordings are posted on the workshop website:
- 2020 DAS Workshop and Tutorial held August 10th, 12th, 17th from
12-4pm ET
- Auto-captioned videos are also linked on the agenda along with

We'd like to thank all of our speakers at both events for their excellent
presentations, and all of the guides, tech experts, and others who provided


2020 AGU DAS Workshop Organizers - Scott Tyler (University of Nevada,
Reno), Rachel Hatch (University of Nevada, Reno), Herbert Wang (University
of Wisconsin-Madison), Kasey Aderhold (IRIS), Robert Woodward (IRIS)

2020 DAS Workshop and Tutorial Organizers - Eileen Martin (Virginia Tech),
Nate Lindsey (Fiber-Sense), Kasey Aderhold (IRIS), Herbert Wang (University
of Wisconsin-Madison), Dante Fratta (University of Wisconsin-Madison),
Scott Tyler (University of Nevada, Reno), Robert Woodward (IRIS)


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