Thread: vEGU2021 - Dynamic, structural, and compositional evolution of Earth and rocky planets

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Dear colleagues,

Attending EGU21? Please consider our session titled, "Dynamic, structural, and compositional evolution of Earth and rocky planets". See the abstract below for details (link:

Invited speakers: Mark Jellinek (University of British Columbia) and Lindy Elkins-Tanton (Arizona State University).

A note that the conference will be virtual. The format is pre-recorded talks alongside short, live streamed summaries by the speakers, and discussion sessions between speakers and the audience. Please see the EGU website for details


Best wishes,

Ingo Stotz, Tim Jones, Paolo Sossi, and Simone Pilia


The present state of Earth and other rocky planets are an expression of dynamical and chemical processes occurring throughout their history. The rock-record, through geochemistry and magnetism, is used to interrogate changes in the tectono-thermal regime of Earth's interior through time, while seismic imaging and gravity data, for instance, provide a snapshot of processes occurring in the contemporary mantle, crust and core. These classes of observations may be linked through geodynamic models, whose accuracy is underpinned by the physical properties (e.g., viscosity and density) of its constituent phases (minerals, melts and fluids). Information on the fundamental thermodynamic and physical behaviour of phases is subject to constant advance via experimental and ab-initio techniques.

This session aims to provide a holistic view of the dynamics, structure and composition of Earth, from core to atmosphere, and their evolution through time. We welcome contributions that address questions surrounding Earth's major geological transformations and initial conditions that include, but are not limited to, plate tectonic

behaviour, magma ocean dynamics and planetary oxidation. Studies using a multidisciplinary approach are particularly encouraged.

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