Thread: Two year postdoctoral research associate in seismology at the University of Cambridge

Started: 2021-03-05 12:01:35
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Dear All,

We are looking to appoint a postdoctoral research associate in
seismology at the University of Cambridge for a period of 24 months in
order to support the NERC grant "Seismic imaging of the Macquarie Ridge
Complex: A search for incipient subduction". This project is in
collaboration with the Research School of Earth Sciences at the
Australian National University, and involves the deployment of land
stations on Macquarie Island and Ocean Bottom Seismometers (OBSs) in the
surrounding ocean.

Specific tasks include:
-> Participate in a 3-4 week cruise to collect OBSs deployed around
Macquarie Island in November 2021, subject to any COVID-19 restrictions
that may be in place.
-> Preprocessing and arching of OBS data.
-> Application of seismic imaging methods, including one or more of
ambient noise imaging, receiver functions and body wave tomography.
-> Implementation of automated detection and location methods for local
-> Publication of papers in international peer-reviewed journals, and
presentations at conferences.

-> A PhD (either awarded or in submission) in seismology or related
discipline by the start date of the position.
-> Experience in seismic fieldwork.
-> Expertise in seismic imaging methods and/or earthquake seismology.
-> Must be able to commence position by October 1, 2021.

For further details and to access the on-line application form, please

Alternatively, if you have any questions related to this position,
please email Nick Rawlinson at nr441<at>


Nick Rawlinson

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