Thread: seeking help regarding HYPO file format

Started: 2011-07-08 06:30:47
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2011-07-08 06:30:47
Dear Sir/Madam

I am using SAC for seismological analysis for last two years. Recently I am using sac101.3b and got a problem in HYPO file format, I am unable to follow the format of case1.

case1   AMT IPU0  9 3161424338.00       345.3ISN0   0   0.0     (SAC101.3b)

case2   GDP IPU0  20116134145.99       46.31ISN0   0   0.0        (early version)

In case1, what last  three digit reflects (ie 338.00).
I wish to obtain HYPO file format as shown in case2.

Please help me out ...

sudesh kumar
11:24:21 v.01697673