Thread: TOMORROW: DAS RCN WEBINAR: Applications of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) for monitoring and verifying geological storage of CO2, 3/24 at 1 PM Eastern

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Please join us on *Wednesday, March 24th at 1:00 PM Eastern* for...

*Applications of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) for monitoring and
verifying geological storage of CO2*

*Presented by: Dr. Don Lawton and Dr. Jan Dettmer of University of Calgary
and the University of Calgary-CMC DAS team.*Moderated by: Dr. David Eaton


*Abstract:* The Containment and Monitoring Institute (CaMI) of CMC Research
Institutes Inc., in conjunction with the University of Calgary, has
developed a comprehensive Field Research Station (FRS) in southern Alberta,
Canada to facilitate and accelerate research and development leading to
improved technologies for monitoring Carbon Capture, Utilization and
Storage (CCUS) projects. Of particular importance is the ability to detect
vertical migration of CO2 out of the storage complex and a change in phase
of the CO2 from liquid to gas as it enters the shallow subsurface. Key
goals for the FRS program are to develop and refine monitoring technologies
to determine the detection threshold of gas-phase CO2 in the subsurface and
to develop geophysical and other monitoring technologies to de-risk CCS in
general. Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) is actively being used to
monitor CO2 injection at the site, with a 5 km loop of optical fibre
installed in 2 observation wells and in a 1.1 km long trench. A schematic
layout of the fibre is illustrated in Figure 1. The webinar will show the
setup of a DAS interrogator at the site, acquisition of vertical seismic
profile data using an envirovibe source, and examples of DAS monitoring
data collected from the fibre loop. In addition, we will touch upon other
DAS applications that the University of Calgary DAS team is working on,
including monitoring of hydraulic fracturing, geothermal studies and
geotechnical monitoring of dams.

[image: Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 11.17.44 AM.png]

Use of Distributed Acoustic Sensing is rapidly expanding in our community,
prompting the initiation of an Distributed Acoustic Sensing Research
Coordination Network to facilitate workshops, tutorials, and other
opportunities for sharing ideas and resources. This webinar is one in a
planned series on different topics within Distributed Acoustic Sensing.

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