Thread: TOMORROW - DAS RCN WEBINAR: Distributed Acoustic Sensing at the Ocean-Bottom, 4/29 at 12 PM Eastern

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Please join us on *Thursday, April 29th at 12:00 PM Eastern* for...

*Distributed Acoustic Sensing at the Ocean-Bottom*
*Presented by: Dr. Itzhak Lior*
Moderated by: Dr. Nate Lindsey


*Abstract: *Distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) holds great potential for
underwater seismology by transforming standard telecommunication cables,
such as those currently traversing our world’s oceans, into dense seismic
arrays. By probing the fiber from its on-shore end, this technology allows
for ground deformation measurements across tens-of-kilometers of underwater
fibers. Since most seismic observations are obtained on-land, these new
measurements fill a severe observational gap. Several underwater DAS
applications will be presented, including the detection capabilities of
earthquakes and ambient noise, the comparison between DAS and seismometers,
the ability to resolve subsurface geological structures, earthquake early
warning applications and more.

Use of Distributed Acoustic Sensing is rapidly expanding in our community,
prompting the initiation of an Distributed Acoustic Sensing Research
Coordination Network to facilitate workshops, tutorials, and other
opportunities for sharing ideas and resources. This webinar is one in a
planned series on different topics within Distributed Acoustic Sensing.

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