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Please join us on *Wednesday, May 19th* *at 12:30-2:00 PM Eastern* for…

*Distributed Acoustic Sensing and Engineering*
Moderated by: Dr. Dante Fratta, U of Wisconsin


*Distributed acoustic sensing: on-going research and data
visualizationPresented by: Meghan Quinn, P.E. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers*

Use of distributed acoustic sensing is increasing in geophysics and civil
engineering communities. While rapid improvement in interrogator technology
and data processing has accelerated potential applications of the
technology, many research basics remain such as day-to-day performance and
long-term performance. To study this, two field-testing programs (in
different geographic areas) were established in 2019. At both locations, a
new portion of fiber optic cable was spliced into an existing array
installed ten years earlier. New portions of array were installed in
various methods and in various materials in trench sections. A calibrated
source was used at set locations to excite the DAS arrays periodically, and
surrounding significant weather events. Performance variance and changes
over time were documented and will be discussed.

*Civil infrastructure monitoring using distributed interferometric
measurementsPresented by: Peter Hubbard, UC Berkeley*

The development of quantitative distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) has
paved the way for extremely sensitive dynamic displacement and strain
measurements of civil infrastructure. When coupled to the system of
interest, an inert fiber optic cable can be used to measure deformations on
the order of the wavelength of laser light being passed through the fiber.
In this webinar, two demonstrations of coupled DAS for civil infrastructure
monitoring are presented. First, a model wind turbine is monitored for how
its dynamic structural behavior changes when flange bolts loosen. Second, a
hot-mix asphalt roadway is monitored for its dynamic strain behavior when
events occur on the road surface decreasing in size from a pickup truck to
a small dog.

Use of Distributed Acoustic Sensing is rapidly expanding in our community,
prompting the initiation of an Distributed Acoustic Sensing Research
Coordination Network to facilitate workshops, tutorials, and other
opportunities for sharing ideas and resources. This webinar is one in a
planned series on different topics within Distributed Acoustic Sensing.

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