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Hi all,

Please join us for an open community forum on distributed acoustic sensing
(DAS) and surface processes tomorrow*.*

DAS RCN: EPSP Community Forum
Wednesday, June 9 2021
08:00 AM San Francisco / 11:00 AM New York / 17:00 Berlin / 23:00 Beijing

Register to attend (and please answer the optional questions!) at:

DAS systems use fiber optic cables to provide continuous records of ground
motion comparable to those obtained by a large-N array of single-component
accelerometers or geophones. Compared to traditional seismic arrays,
however, DAS can offer unprecedented spatial coverage and resolution for
monitoring and characterizing surface processes: fiber optic arrays can be
tens of kilometers in length with spatial resolution of meters and
frequencies from millihertz to kilohertz. Use of this potentially
transformative instrument is rapidly expanding in the geoscience and
engineering communities, and the NSF-funded DAS Research Coordination
Network is tasked with identifying opportunities, needs and challenges in
DAS science, as well as facilitating development and training of the
growing DAS user base. The RCN’s Geomorphology Working Group has
established the following specific objectives to advance these goals within
our own community:

- Identify potential applications of DAS to geomorphic problems
- Identify potential challenges and needs associated with DAS
applications in geomorphology
- Identify and facilitate synergies between DAS and other geomorphology
- Increase interest, engagement and accessibility of DAS in the
geomorphology community

*Please join us to learn more and share your thoughts and feedback about
the resources and initiatives we’re working on, as well as broader
opportunities, needs and challenges regarding DAS usage in the
geomorphology and surface processes community!*

DAS RCN Geomorphology Working Group

You can find more information, sign up for the DAS RCN mailing list, and
view recordings of previous DAS RCN events (including our May 26th EPSP
Connects Panel Q&A on DAS and environmental seismology) at:

Danica Roth
Assistant Professor
Department of Geology and Geological Engineering
Colorado School of Mines

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