Thread: DAS Workshop, Friday, August 13 (11:00 am – 3:00 pm ET)

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Distributed Acoustic Sensing: Scientific Frontiers and Community Needs
Friday August 13 (11:00 am – 3:00 pm ET)

This 4-hour DAS workshop is a Short Course that is part of the GAGE-SAGE Community Science Workshop that will take place August 9-13 and August 17-19. General information about the GAGE-SAGE Science Workshop is available at

Registration is free for Short-Course attendance only, but there is a $35 fee per course.
Registration deadline is August 1.

The preliminary agenda includes the following sessions, which will be between an hour and 75 minutes long.

1. DAS Primer, Deployment, Data Acquisition (with demo code), and Data Processing
2. Lightning talks about research topics followed by breakout rooms with presenters and a moderator.
3. Research talks describing state-of-the-art DAS applications in a variety of environments.

We will open a Slack channel for DAS Short Course registrants a week prior to the short course until the end of August.

DAS Short Course Conveners:
Eileen Martin <eileenrmartin<at>>
Kasey Aderhold <kasey.aderhold<at>>
Ariel Lellouch <ariellel<at>>
Rachel Hatch <rhatch<at>>
Dante Fratta <fratta<at>>
Scott Tyler <styler<at>>
Bob Woodward <woodward<at>>
Herb Wang <hfwang<at>>

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