Thread: [DAS RCN] Alaska M8.2 DAS opportunities?

Started: 2021-07-29 15:37:14
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Jean-Paul Ampuero
2021-07-29 15:37:14
Hi All,

A M8.2 earthquake occurred in Alaska today. There is a submarine fiber
optic cable with several landing points in the area, shown in the map
below. This could be a great opportunity for this DAS RCN community to
quickly instrument some of these cables with DAS to monitor aftershocks
and to hopfeully catch a M7-ish aftershock. That would be the first time
a subduction aftershock sequence is recorded by a rapid DAS deployment.
The owner of the cable is GCI (

I hope someone finds this idea actionable (available DAS interrogator,
access to GCI infrastructure, etc).


Pablo Ampuero

Jean Paul Ampuero

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