Thread: Agenda Posted for DAS Workshop (Friday, August 13, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm ET) - Register by August 1st

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Distributed Acoustic Sensing: Scientific Frontiers and Community Needs

Friday August 13 (11:00 am – 3:00 pm ET)

This 4-hour DAS workshop is a Short Course that is part of the GAGE-SAGE
Community Science Workshop that will take place August 9-13 and August
17-19. General information about the GAGE-SAGE Science Workshop is
available at

Registration is free for Short-Course attendance only, but there is a $35
fee per course.

*Registration deadline is August 1.*

*The full agenda is now posted at, including the following

1. *DAS Primer, Deployment, Data Acquisition (with demo code), and Data
Processing *
2. *Lightning talks about research topics followed by breakout rooms
with presenters and a moderator.*
3. *Research talks describing state-of-the-art DAS applications in a
variety of environments.*

We will open a Slack channel for DAS Short Course registrants a week prior
to the short course until the end of August.

DAS Short Course Conveners:

Eileen Martin <eileenrmartin<at>>

Kasey Aderhold <kasey.aderhold<at>>

Ariel Lellouch <ariellel<at>>

Rachel Hatch <rhatch<at>>

Dante Fratta <fratta<at>>

Scott Tyler <styler<at>>

Bob Woodward <woodward<at>>

Herb Wang <hfwang<at>>


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